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  1. When I received a letter from them regarding partial settlement - they confirmed in the letter that they would not be looking for the rest back
  2. Hi the same thing happened to me with MBNA back in 2005 I negoiated with them to clear my debt- but they marked it on my credit file a a partial settlement ( I received the exact same letter as you) At the time I was desperate and just paid the money - and they marked it as a partial settlement - Which to be honest is as bad as a default. Anyway Last year I got my charges back and asked for a copy of my CCA they couldn't produce it and after alot of to twoing and frowing whereby i requested that the information be removed from my credit file they sent me a letter to say they couldn't find my CCa that they had made it clear when i made the settlement it would be a partial settlement but that now they would mark my account as fully settled from the date I made the partial settlement payment They haven't done it yet - but this is partially my fault because I never chased them So basicially you should do what I did and ask them to confirm in writing that they can't provide you with a copy of your cca and tell them that you will only be paying back the money if it is marked as full settlement PS because i had the partial settlement registered against me before I claimed back my charges - I received all my charges and interest on those charges back- they didn't deduct the amount I still owed them from the total amount they refunded
  3. hi there and thanks for the reply the property sale has just gone through so my folks still have the business bank accounts opened in their names no the company wasn't worth anything when it was sold they raided their savings took out loans, refinanced the property and their house to keep the company going but this was to keep cash flow going not just to pay bank charges but the charges sure didn't help matters
  4. hi was wondering if someone could give me a few pointers my parents had a limited company which they have just sold - well actually what they sold was the premesis and the company name as there was no value in the actual business itself doing a quick scan of their charges the are in the region of £25,000 and the claim is in northern ireland I read on a previous post that if the company was dissolved then any successful claim would be paid to Gordan Brown but the company is not dissolved so if they made a sucessful claim would they get they money they were both directors in the company the company turnover was close to £2,000,000 per year it suffered substantial losses any tips or advise would be greatly appreiciated
  5. ok steven I have sucessfully got one from them will scratch my head for a while and decide whether to go for 3 thanks again
  6. hi youngman I posted a prelim got no resonse filed lba phoned them on the deadline day they daid they were working to a 28 day deadline not 14 as I requesed I waited instead of filing court papers got a goodwill gesture rejected it then phoned them after rejection letter deadline they again said another 28 days I said ok, no sign after 28 days I rang them and mentioned also that they hadn't sent my cca got a seelement in the post a couple of days later its up to you I wasn't in a massive hurry for the money so I waited the extra time but maybe filing court papers will give them a jolt - and maybe with this test case from OFT and banks possible stalling of paying bank charges you should try and get it fully settled as quick as possible
  7. ok folks sign this petition to stop banks from stalling on paying out on bank charges also can you post the petition on your own thread Petition to: Ensure UK citizens have the right to recapture illegal bank charges up until the day a UK court find them legal.
  8. isn't it interesting that they can insist that telephone lines of communication can remain open for them to harrass you but when we try to harrass them on the phone they tell us they will only communicate by letter try the legal department Will Waring i've posted the number somewhere on the thread
  9. I steven thanks very much for your reply - I was trying to claim compounded contractual interest untill the date of my claim but it seems a bit tricky - I don't know whether to leave it as it is or reject the offer In the second scenario that you gave me do you think it is worth fighting for because as MBNA have also admitted that they can't find my CCA i was considering going down the route of standing and wednesday ie that as they cannot provide the agreement they cannot prove what interest i agreed to pay there fore I want to claim it all back but I don't want to completely take the **** out of mbna any advise or input would be grately appriciated and thanks again
  10. hey there dizzy long time no speak accept it as partial settlement tell them you want the rest Its up to you if you want to file court papers I didn't just sent them letters and waited they told me it would be 28 days before they could respond to my partial settlement letter - I was happy to wait that time but stick to your own deadlines if you want and file court papers you mght get there a bit quiker than I did jackster
  11. LOL Wednesday when I spoke to them yesterday and wanted to know why I wanted my CCA I told them that it was my intention to use the lack of it to get the information to removed info from my credit file So she was going to speak to the legal department and write to me regarding this and also confirm that they have no CCA The number below is very useful if you are trying to chase a response to your letters from them Tel 01244 672348 ask for Will waring but only his assistant will you ring back still it gets the job done hey there standing just trying to sort out some confusion over compounded contractual interest then I'll be putting my full weight on that bandwagon :D
  12. hi there mbna should not be hassling you and they know this!!! try this number Tel 01244 672348 - ask to speak to will waring and when they ask tell them why his assistant will ring you back tell her that the account is in dispute blah blah and that you have are sending a harrasment letter to them
  13. hi pookeymonkey just subscribing xxxx - - stick at it you'll get there in the end
  14. Hi I succesfully claimed compounded contractual interest from MBNA however they say I can only claim it untill the account was closed in 2005 I wanted to claim it until my claim date in 2007 There is a £1000 deficet and I'm trying to work out if they are right or am I thanks in advance Jackster
  15. Hi there I saw that you won your claim with MBNA for charges and CI - where you able to claim CI untill the date of your claim or only untill you closed your account in 2006?? thanks
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