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  1. WE WON!!! Got an offer letter yesterday for the full amount!
  2. Hi Dangler8 Unfortunately the 8 week deadline started from the 17th April as Sandy stated in her email that this was the acknowledgement and therefore it's 8 weeks from that date, even though she said a letter had been posted on 6th April. Never mind, 8 weeks is until 12th June, so not long really!! Enjoy your money!
  3. Hi ayrshirelass thanks for your post. I have now emailed them (Sandy Watt) and have to accept the email as acknowledgement, so they said that under FSA regulations they have 8 weeks to investigate!! That means up until 12th June, so it's a waiting game. Hope you get your sorted out soon. Good Luck
  4. Congratulations Dangler8!!:grin: We are still waiting, I emailed Sandy Watt and have waited but she stated that they have 8 weeks to respond so we wait! Hope we are as lucky as you. Congrats again
  5. PS Good luck with your claim!
  6. Hi Dangler8 Just wondered if you would mind telling me please what address you sent your letters to, as like yourself am at LBA stage and have had no replies whatsoever! I sent to ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND PLC CUSTOMER SERVICE/COMPLAINTS 36 ST ANDREW SQUARE EDINBURGH EH2 2YB Noticed you emailed a Sandy Watt and got a reply, do you think i should do this? If so could you please give me her email address please. Thanks for your help
  7. 14/03/2007 ~ Request for repayment of charges ~ Signed for 16/03/2007 NO REPLY 02/04/2007 ~ LBA ~ Signed for 05/04/2007 NO REPLY
  8. Hi Just starting to get a bit worried as we have had no replies from either letter we have sent, can anyone please let us know if they used the address we sent to and if they had replies! Thanks for reading and your time and help much appreciated.
  9. Hi After reading all the facts etc we sent our 1st letter on 15th march 2007 to the following: Royal Bank of Scotland plc Customer service/complaints 36 St Andrew Square Edinburgh EH2 2YB We have had no reply but the letter was signed for on the 16th march, so we have now done our LBA letter, ready to post tomorrow. Hopefully we willl get a reply this time.
  10. Thanks for all your replies. We are now starting our claim against the Royal Bank of Scotland! Looking forward to it! Will keep you up to date.
  11. Hello. Just registered with this site, as have heard many great things from Moneysavingexpert website about reclaiming bank charges. We are now going to read through the site FAQ's and get all the information we need to get ours back! Looking forward to it:-)
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