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  1. garfy

    Stay due to end

    Hi My wife's Stay due to end 31st March, not received anything in the post yet suggesting an extension. All help gratefully recieved as not sure what to do?!? Thanks
  2. Well...... My wife went to court and yes rep from solicitors turned up. Judge was very nice explained the position Luton CC are in where all new cases are stayed. However they have a few cases in the system that are being heard as they feel this is the fairest way. However i felt he had already decided to agree to the stay before i went in. Unless i had a good argument for example migrating abroad or terminal illness and i could,nt wait. He felt this was the best way forward. Stay granted till 31st March 2008 allowing test case to procede in January. Good luck anyone else in court at Luton this week! Garfy
  3. Called court yep still going ahead. What if my bundle not up to scratch will i get a chance to add anything else?
  4. Today i have received official letter from SC&M requesting the court agree to a stay, Court tommorrow! Not sure what to do.
  5. Malaga1 What did you write in your objections to the stay. I dont know where to start. Cheers
  6. Hi there Luton court- I called the court to find out if the judge had agreed to the stay. The lady at the court reacons that the judge will decide at the hearing on Thursday!!
  7. My wife got a letter from SC&M today stating they were writing to the court to apply for a stay. The letter goes on to say if she agreed to the stay to put this in writing to the court! Court case this week will let you know what happens.
  8. Hi there My wife has a court date 16th August at Luton court lasting no longer than an hour. Today she received a letter from SC&M dating Friday 7th August. The letter says they have requested a 'stay' until the resolution of the banks proceddings with OFT. HELP... What will she have to do in court. Im not sure if she did a witness statement either will the judge threw it out. thanks
  9. Hi Littlegranie My wife has delt with the paperwork and she is away for two weeks your best bet is to start your own thread off rather than waiting till my wife is home. Good luck
  10. just over a week to go (4th may court date) and to think i was going to take £900 just befor christmas so glad i never !! not been paid yet!!!!!!!!
  11. I have just recived county court papers, just how far will the bank go?? They have already offered me £900 but that was well short of the amount im claiming for. Is there anything i need do now??
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