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  1. Been in a bit of financial difficulty in the last 12 months and we have not been able to keep up with our payment plan at BG so now they are saying that we can either have the prepay metre installed or if we ignore it then they will give us a warrant and we'll have no choice to have one installed and we'll have to pay an extra £300. I told the guy on the phone that we are pretty much just left with clearing up our BG account and we can offer them some money p/m but he said it will not do and we have to pay up in full or have a metre fitted but with the metre option we cannot afford to pa
  2. Since sending them my second letter about taking them to court (and not getting a reply) they have conveniently sent me a letter telling me they want all of my overdraft paid back in full with in the next week. I was paying them back xx each month but as they kept on charging 30 quid due to overdraft interesting tipping me over the edge it never went down. Is there anything I can do to stall these lot until I get my charges back (fingers crossed) because I am in no way able to pay them back in full.
  3. I have my charges down, both overdraft interest and unauthorised overdraft excess fee and I am not sure how to put them in to the templates I have. Now do I add my total O/D interest and my total excess O/D fee separately like for example "I believe that the following £30 overdraft interest fee's and £100 unauthorised overdraft excess fee's are unlawful" - then I combine both interest/excess fee as a total? Also can I add an unpaid DD charge in the above or do I have to add that separately?
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