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  1. So... I have sent off the prelim letter and got a standard response on the 14 day. Next went the LBA letter and I've waited about 3 weeks now and nothing doing. Due to my claim being around £4800 inc interest and the fact I live in Scotland, I've decided to proceed via the N1 form route and use an English Court. The advice given on here is to use a court near the defendant's head-office, in the case of Natwest, somewhere near Bishopsgate, London. I'd be grateful if someone could give me an address.
  2. I would be tempted but you're right lol!
  3. hehe, put it in a high interest account and forget about it! if no-one has approached you in a couple of years - drinks are on you!
  4. Hi peeps, Again I find myself going through the motions to reclaim money taken from my ex. She won £600+ from Abbey a little while ago and now it's time take on NatWest. I'll keep posting to let others know how I get on but first, a summary of where I'm up to with Natwest and my exes Advantage Gold account. 1. sent dpa letter for statements. One thing to note when I received them. the Unarranged Borrowing Fee is lumped together with the Advantage Gold service charge. I've discovered that you're not allowed to reclaim this service charge so i've deducted this. Service charges in the past have been £6, £9, £10 and £12. Unarranged borrowing fees have been £14, £20 and £28. They keep going up! So typical end of month charges, might look like this: a) 30 Jun 2003 - Charges - 30May A/C 12345678 - £20.00 b) 30 Sep 2003 - Charges - 29Aug A/C 12345678 - £26.00 c) 28 Feb 2005 - Charges - 04Feb A/C 12345678 - £37.00 d) 28 Feb 2006 - Charges - 03Feb A/C 12345678 - £38.00 made up from: a) £14.00 + £6.00 b) £20.00 + £6.00 c) £28.00 + £9.00 d) £28.00 + £10.00 2. I've downloaded the spreadsheet where I've listed all the charges by category unpaid d/d, chq and s/o referrals card misuse unarranged borrowing Next step - download the prelim letter from the library and send that off. l8r.
  5. Don't worry. They take forms 1 and 1b off you and send you back a return date, prelim hearing date and form 11 as you say. They might give you a photocopy of the forms 1 and 1b back too. (I got a photocopy of the front page of form 1 back).
  6. Yes, the full amount and the £39 court cost a whole month before the return date. My thread here They said, "In view of the amount that you are claiming and the legal costs that Abbey would incur in arranging defence... in court, the decision has been made... your claim will be settled in full." This is claptrap though. If they were to defend, they would have to justify to the court how their charges are made up. This, they'll definitely not do. So if you've followed the procedures layed out in the forums, you'll have nothing to worry about. Pete
  7. Hi Bexy, Hopefully it won't get to the return date. It didn't in my case and my return date was the 25th of May, but if it does, you attend to see if they have contacted the court to see if they have expressed a wish to defend or not. If they do pay out before the return date, which I'm sure they will, they will send you some forms to execute to terminate proceedings. Pete
  8. Thanks lori, j1mgg - I've altered my signature (in red) below to show the steps I took. No, they didn't make any offer. I just got the standard replies from them, filed my forms at Falkirk Sheriff's court and 2 weeks later a cheque from abbey head office was paid in to the account, a whole month before the return date! I'm not sure about your amounts problem. I'm sure if you posted in detail the bit you're stuck on in your thread, someone will have been there already and can advise.
  9. Today, 19th April '07, my friend checked her account only to find that abbey have paid her the sum claimed for plus the court cost of £39 (made available 26th April '07). Victory! I'm now going to tackle her natwest account too. I'll open a new thread next week. -- Pete
  10. Today (Wed 4th/4/07) I visited my local Sheriff's Court with my Form 1 and 1b. The clerk was very nice, gave my forms a once over and I handed over a cheque for £39. Took about 3 minutes. Apparrently they're quite busy and she told me it could be as late as the end of May before the hearing. I'll post more when I hear more. Pete
  11. I got 8 weeks too. I file today. I'll post about my experience later. Pete
  12. Hi Bexy, you're slightly ahead of me but not by much. I too am at the 1b stage although the http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/scotland/6165-scottish-procedure.html says we need to fill out form 1 too. Form 1 is included in the 1b.pdf link. I'm a tad confused as to why the 1a.pdf link is there. 1a is a form for claims giving the defender 'time to pay'. I don't think this is the case for a big institution like a Lloyds but more like for an individual. Maybe someone can clarify if this is wrong. The way the 'title' is bracketed on form 1b is slightly confusing too. DEFENDER'S COPY: (Claim other than claim for or including payment of money where time to pay direction or time order may be applied for). I think the opening bracket should after the word 'than'. This may seem picky to some but for someone like me who is very nervous about these matters, it means a great deal. I'm going to run down later on to the Sheriff's Court later to just confirm what I have to do. More information here http://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/sheriff/small_claims/forms/taking_claim_to_court.pdf see section 2.04 How to complete the summons The form of summons (Form 1) to be used is basically the same in all cases... Once you have completed the summons, you should go on to complete the defender's copy of the summons... section 2.07 Tells you how to fill in 1b. (same as form 1) Pete
  13. Well I sent my Letter Before Action (LBA), and 2 weeks later I have received their reply (below). I'm a bit nervous now. I have now printed off form 1 & 1b Scotia kindly stuck in the forum http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/scotland/6165-scottish-procedure.html and I'll visit the local sheriff court clerk tomorrow and get some more advice on how and what to fill in (just to make sure I don't make any mistakes).
  14. Had this sent to me and thought I'd share wd - Google Video
  15. Hi, I've sent my prelim letter to abbey and recieved my 'we need to investigate - wait 4 weeks' letter. I will wait for the 14 days to be up before sending my lba. My claim is just over £600. I hope to keep you informed of my progress and any advise from anyone else v abbey in Scotland would be much appreciated. Thanks pcb
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