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  1. Well, yes it is annoying having to wait that long to get our money back - I started my case in January. On the other hand, as long as I DO get the full amount back, I am happy to wait a bit longer. I think I'd always have regretted it if I had accepted the part-offer for settlement of 65 %. No thanks.
  2. hi littlebea, my case is also pending with Bow County Court, but I haven't got a court date yet. How long did you have to wait for a court date after sending off the allocation questionnaire? I will keep you informed about my case and Barclays' reaction....
  3. Phoned the court - they said it will probably not be before end of July until I get a court date (weren't very helpful and a bit short, I must say - but they must be dealing with a lot of calls now)
  4. Received notification - along with B's standard defence - that my case has been transferred to Bow County Court. Does anybody know how long it approx. takes to get a court date? Have been waiting for 2 weeks now. Is it worth contacting the court? By the way, I haven't received a reply from B's to my last letter (refusal of second offer), which I sent about 4 weeks ago. They could at least have the courtesy to answer letters. When I have finished this case, I will start a new claim re unwanted Additions Account to get my account fees back. B's hasn't responded to my letters in this regard either.
  5. Hi fluffybunny, I had the same scenario. Deadline had expired and B's hadn't filed their defence. So I went online and tried to apply for judgement by default. This was declined, as B's had filed their defence in the last minute. Some days later I received the (standard) defence by post together with a notice of MCOL that my case has been transferred to Bow County Court, and I am since then waiting for a court date or letter from Bow County Court.
  6. Anybody there who could advise me? Do I just wait for a letter from MCOL and B's letter of defence? Do I need to take any action? What I don't understand is: Since my online claim I haven't received an official letter of defence from B's, but on the MCOL Website - when I tried to apply for judgement by default after 28 days - it suddenly said that a defence was put in 3 weeks ago (it didn't say on the MCOL Website before - and I did not get a letter)...???
  7. Applied for judgement by default online, but it was rejected - as expected. B put in a last-minute defence. What do I need to do now?
  8. thanks oneofakind - just tried it, MCOL system didn't let me, as you said. So - does 28 days mean I have to wait until midnight? Or even longer?
  9. My MCOL-Claim was served on 18 April - Barclays has had 28 days to defend. I have heard nothing since, received no further papers, no official defence. Today is 16 May (today is the 28th day). Should I wait until tomorrow to apply for judgement by default or can I do it today? Do I need to allow further time for postage? Thanks for your help.
  10. oops thanks bookworm
  11. Just discovered that he has created his own "case" Website www.tombrennan.co.uk
  12. Thanks, bookworm. Has anyone heard of the case Tom Brennan against NatWest? He is a lawyer and managed to take his case to the courts, but so far the hearings have been postponed... I sincerely hope he will win, which would make things much easier for us claimants. I've heard that the hearing will continue on 21st May, with a decision on whether it can proceed coming later that week. Can't wait...
  13. Thank you all! I have mentioned the account fee issue in my recent bank charges reply to their "final" offer - awaiting their response to both issues. Hope it won't take ages again...otherwise will pop into my branch. Still haven't received B's formal defence paper (deadline 17 May, so they still have plenty of time I'm afraid). Have there been any court hearings in the meantime??? Is Barclays still not attending?
  14. re: Additions Account charges On my statements it just says "account fee", so how can I find out since when they have charged me for the unwanted Additions account? When I opened my account, it started with £6, then it increased to £7.50, then to £9.50, then to £10 and £12.50, now it's £11,50. Thanks for your advice.
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