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  1. Doh! sorry! claiming for late payment charges - which are extortionate! cheers Rich
  2. Hi all, help please, i had a contract with singlepoint, whos provider was vodaphone, all invoices were from singlepoint, however i cant seem to find a link to anyone who has claimed against singlepoint, could anyone help as to who i am supposed to be claiming against...vodaphone or singlepoint? your help is much appreciated Rich
  3. Hi all, is it just me or are there a lot of people out there whom the banks have refused to proceed any further without the knowledge of the court case outcome? - i'm quite confused about all this and would like some clarification as to what is going on and what i should be doing next as i sent the request for payment quite some time ago. regards rich
  4. Can I Change My Mind If Ive Already Verbally Accepted An Offer - The Date For Court Action Was Last Friday 13th April Regards Rich
  5. Hi All, i am so confused:???: thanks for your replies but i think i may have made a terrible mistake - i called the bank to re-assess what they were willing to pay me and i accepted their offer of 93% of what i was asking for before i had chance to really think about what it meant - however - i think i shouldn't have? - i didn't sign anything cos all it was was a phone call - so i assume it isnt legally binding? if i were to issue court proceedings would it go against me now that they have a recorded acceptance on there computer and can i still proceed down this route? i need some advice asap pls thanks rich
  6. hi all, i have been sent a letter with an offer of roughly 90% of what i am asking for i the first place. what should i do - they have until fri 13th until i start court proceedings in which i will then add all interests etc... they said to me when i phoned them and told them that i wanted the full amount - their reply was that i must accept some of the costs that i was charges as i was negligent in my financesand that they never repay the full amount!!!!:o pls help - im unsure of what to do now?
  7. Hi all could anyone pls advise me of the relevant address to put on the money claim form for the halifax:???: not sure weather it would be their parent company HBOS or just Halifax plc??? pls help rich
  8. Hi Shellywelly,:grin: thanks for that i think i will cut and run, the lady i spoke to sorted it all out in the space of a week from requesting my statements to getting it back - pls find below her details and contact number: Karen - Visa Services - 01383 842 195 (direct number) very helpful lady:grin: hope she can do the same for you regards Rich:cool:
  9. Hi Shellywelly, thanks for that i think i will cut and run, the lady i spoke to sorted it all out in the space of a week from requesting my statements to getting it back - pls find below her details and contact number: Karen - Visa Services - 01383 842 195 (direct number) very helpful lady:D hope she can do the same for you regards Rich8)
  10. Hi all, i have just had a phonecall from halifax visa and they have made me an offer of £736, however my statement charges were at £650 + £72.97 interest added on (£722.97) when i first spoke to them they told me to "include the 8% interest on to the charges and interest as it would be paid out if it went to court anyway" - their words not mine!! - i did this and it all came out at £897.51 total pls advise on what i should do - they have offered more than i should have asked for in the first place but not quite playing ball with the 8% interest:o was it cheeky to ask for this and should i now hold out for it, or just cut and run with more than i bargained for? thay are insistent on putting the money straight back into paying my account off! boo - but i suppose it will cut my bill in two - is this right to do this any advise will be of great help rich
  11. Hi Aaronsdad, sorry for repeating myself but, i faxed the letter in on 12th March (and have a fax receipt for OK delivery) and also posted that day - do i send the LBA out on the Mon 26th (14 days after fax) or wait until Wed 28th March (in order to give the post office 2 days grace in delivery)??? pls advise cos if i send out LBA for faxing then thats today!!! - which i will also fax and post!!! regards Rich sorry for being stupid!
  12. Hi aaronsdad, i faxed the letter in on the 12th March and posted it out that night so i should post the LBA out on the 28th March???? cheers rich:D
  13. Hi all:D i have just been touch with customer relations to enquire how my claim was progressing (sent in my request for repayment on 12th March by fax and letter, was informed they had logged the complaint on fri 16th March), they informed me that they would be in a position to deal with my claim on 10th April:o boo - that is way past the inital 14 days given to respond in the request letter!! should i send the LBA in 14 days after the 12th March when i faxed the letter originally, or 14 days after the 16th March when they logged the complaint on to their system?????:-| pls advise me someone! rich (not yet but will be soon;) )
  14. Thanks bigmac, i suppose it is worth a try but do you think it could possibly have an adverse effect on my claim? Rich
  15. Hi all, i have received a full list of all my charges only over the last four years which was when i joined the bank. - i dont know how i am now supposed to calculate my overdraft interest charges to reclaim - can i include a sentence in the preliminary request letter indicating to them that i require payment for the charges:- "I calculate that you have taken £XXXXX not including a total sum which you have charged me in overdraft interest for the sum which you have taken - which due to receiving a list of charges only was not possible to calculate, i therefore charge you with undertaking this calculation on my behalf and trust that this will be a true reflection of all overdraft interest charges. Total £XXXXX + overdraft interest or can a standard interest amount be applied to all charges??? pls help:D regards Rich
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