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  1. Hi Nattie, Thanks for the reply. I have sent S.A.R, Prelim and LBA. I have two account one active, one closed. I have had a response regarding the closed account charges approx £1100, O/D interest £80ish (no other interest added as yet) I have had an offer on this account of the charges ONLY. Was planning in writing to them to say i would place on hold my court proceedings if they pay up the full amount including OD interest only. I have the figures for this as i have started my N1 form and was going to enclose the completed version as proof that i will go to court. The other a
  2. Hi everyone, I have started this process a while ago and have been delayed some what on the way... i know i know stick to your dead lines Now I have sent two LBA's to natwest, they have made me an offer on one but not the other (larger one). My question's are: 1) Can i correct and ask for contractual rate being as i have already submitted my shedules? 2) being as the 6 year limitaion is now a bit iffy can i go back and request the other information to alter my claim? Any info gratefully recieved!!! Dangle
  3. Hmmm.... Now i have had the same kinda thing and am debating whether to write to natwest to say I will only accept their offer if they include the overdraft interest they have charged me NOT the 8% or contractual rate. My reasoning behind this is they have earned interest out of the money they have removed from my account in this time. my offer was £1151 which is the total of the charges ONLY with O.D interest the total is £1229.74...... only £80 (ish) difference, but that money means alot to me!!!!
  4. TY deller1! will try searching around
  5. HELP! Have had my account statements thru and twice during the 6 year period on my main account Natwest have forced me into a position of taking a loan out to "refinance" my overdraft facility. Now inpart this is due to charges received. where do i stand with this? Am i entitled to argue that the loans need to be repaid aswell as the bank threatened me with defaults unless i took the loan? Any help appreciated!!!
  6. BUMP. want to follow this too as my charges are likely to be very high and i have on old loan (settled) plus a current loan used to pay bank charges.
  7. Hi all, Have just post my very first SAR. Bit nervous and hand was shaking a bit as letter was posted, but looking forward to the outcome. Only now i will have to start looking through my mountain of other paper work to see who else this applies too!!! All the best Dangle
  8. Hi Guys, Has anyone tried using the Freedom of Information Act to obtain statement information at all? If not is there a reason why we can't? Dangle
  9. Hello one and all..... Well I have started on stage one. Opened another account with a different bank. Now all i have to do is wait for payday so i can write a cheque for the S.A.R. due to bank charges i can't send one now!!!! Will let you know how i get on.. The thing i am dreading is actually finding out how much i have been charged over the last 6 years... Due to being in debt bank charges have hit me hard. There was one occasion where my entire months wage was sucked up in charges.... how are we every supposed to get out of debt when this goes on? To cap it all when i went to
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