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  1. Just received this morning the following response from Lowells to my letter: Now that is what I call a result
  2. Don't let them in and ask them to leave. If they do not, call the police
  3. It is my landline. But we are not exdirectory and the phone is in my name. So all they would need to do, is go to the BT site and perform a lookup for my number on there, as they have my name and address. If it was them. Then it is truly pathetic. If they do respond in writing to my letter or phone me stating that it is Lowells. I am going to go for the jugular and will enjoy doing so. This site truly rocks and is a great resource of information.
  4. Thanks Danny. I never volunteer much info on the phone to people I dont know anyhow.
  5. I sent the letter to Lowell's which I quoted above in my first post in this thread, via email courtesy of my gmail account and also 1st class post last night. I just received a very strange phonecall. Maybe I am being paranoid, but I suspect it was Lowell's trying to use underhand tactics. It was supposedly from my local liberal democrats party, who asked to speak to me. They then enquired whether I would be voting Liberal Democrat in the next local elections - I responded that I didn't even know there were any coming up and I certainly had not received my ballot card. Anyhow, the lady then enquired who I voted for in the last election. I replied that I didn't as I was living out of the country and that the last election I voted in, was the General Election of 97 whereby I voted Labour. She then quickly finished the call and hoped that I would vote Lib Dem in the forthcoming locals. Now I have just done a 1471 and the number was with-held Why on earth would a political party do that? Also, I am not aware of any party being allowed to cold call over the phone, especially as we have signed up to the BT thing, which prohibits us receiving cold calls. I am now thinking it could well have been Lowells, who could quite easily get my phone number off the BT Site ( we are not ex directory ) - to try and see if I was lying about the fact that I had lived in Spain for over 6 years, prior to our return in October. Perhaps I am being paranoid. Yet I have not had a response other than an auto generated reply to my email which I sent yesterday afternoon - and by now they would have received the actual letter that I sent yesterday. This kind of tallies up with a weird phone call I got just over a week ago. Whereby a BT coldcaller phoned up asking if I had broadband. This was after he asked to speak to me and I confirmed my name. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but why would BT phone me trying to sell me broadband, when we have already got BT Broadband :? I really do think that the above 2 phonecalls actually came from Lowells. One to check I actually lived at the address and the call just now to get confirmation that I have actually been out of the country for 6 years, having just returned in October 06. Otherwise, why would both calls have been number witheld. Anyhow, I am chomping at the bit for them to try any more crap with me, having already prepared my next letter which will be fired off as soon as a written response is received from them. Has anyone else got a view on these calls? Do DCA's stoop so low as to impersonate other organisations to try and coerce information out of people they are harrassing. Or am I just being overly paranoid? Thanks!
  6. Thanks. Is the letter I have written which I have put at the top of the thread ok to send?
  7. To be honest it was so long ago I can't really remember. Regardless, am I right in thinking that they cannot enforce said debt. Also would the next move should they contact me again, be for me to threaten legal proceedings for harrassment.
  8. I don't think it is ID Fraud. My experian file is clear and nothing strange on there. It could be a card I had prior to moving to Spain but like I say that was 6 and a half years ago. So any card or debt would be nearly 7 years old now.
  9. I received the following letter from Lowells this morning out of the blue. My Wife and I were living in Spain, having returned to the UK back in October last year, after 6 years being abroad. I am quite confused about what they are going on about here, as I cannot remember ever having a Capital One Account - and we most certainly did not have any credit cards during our time abroad and we still don't now. I also have a very good credit rating with my bank and am concerned that this Lowells outfit, may have an adverse affect on my credit rating. Their Letter: It then includes an address for correspondence and a number in big red ink to call immediately to discuss my account. Now two things. What account and also who's chain are this outfit trying to pull? I have done a bit of reading up on this site this morning and have typed up the following letter that I intend to send to them. Could someone experienced here, give it the once over and let me know if I should add anything or remove anything from this letter. I notice many on here send the CCA Template, but do I need to do this in my case - as I dont know what they are going on about as I cant remember ever having a C1 account and also even if I had, it would be statute barred by now. Many Thanks
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