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  1. Your insurance would be most certainly be invalid if you have no tax and indeed if would also be invalid if you did not have an MOT if the car requires one.
  2. I would have though that went without saying the car would be confiscated if it were not insured, and your insurance would be invalid if you did not have it taxed and a current MOT ir required
  3. If you have comprehensive motor insurance you can drive any car (3rd Party only) with the owners permission
  4. I did not state i was the driver, i have asked for proof as to who the driver was, there are a large number of people who are insured to drive my car as i have comprehensive insurance, i think that it is for them to prove who was driving, as in court you have to be able to prove without question that the charge is correct, if that were not the case, a warder could stand on any road junction take the reg number and sent the fixed penalty in the post, and the RK would have to pay it? that could not be right!!!
  5. I have had the same letter perhaps it was the same person the statement is identical to yours. they have written to me some weeks ago telling me it is with there appeal people to review, as yet i have heard nothing. When and if they contact me i will let you know. I cant believe that this would stand up in a court
  6. OK thank you for your advice I will let you know the outcome when and if it goes to court
  7. January 8, 2010 Trafford MBC Environmental Enforcement Service Trafford Town Hall Talbot Rd Stretford Manchester Email [email protected] Attn. Mark Dale. I was not the driver of this vehicle at the time of the alleged offence. Please would you provide a photograph of the driver so that I can identify them? Once you have provided me with this I will inform you of the driver's identity. Yours faithfully, This is the letter i sent them some days ago by email. I have also ,after reading you post, asked them for the proof that this was in fact an Authorised officer. I just don't think that they can issue a ticket through the post without evidence that you are in fact the person who committed the offence. I dont think this would stand up in court?
  8. Hi offence of leaving litter Environmental Protection act 1990 section 88 It says on the ticket Male driver threw pieces of paper from his vehicle onto the road I was never stopped the 1st i knew of this is when the fixed penalty came in the post I just don't see how they can fine you if they cannot prove who was driving the car? I have asked for photo evidence as to who the driver was so as i may be able to inform them who was actually driving
  9. I have just received a £50 fixed penalty for " an authorised officer of the council witnessed litter been thrown by a Male from the drivers side at such and such a street, as i am the registerd keeper i have been issued with this fixed penalty fine" The car was moving i was not stopped so how do they know who was driving and has anyone challenged this type of thing I just dont know how they can say it was me what is the law on this
  10. Hi I know this is nothing to do with your case but i a cant find ant threads regarding litter fixed penalty's so if someone could direct me that would be good as i have just received a £50 for throwing litter from a moving car (by post)
  11. has anyone had anything back from GMAC or has anyone been to court
  12. I have been told if they dont declare that they will recived a commision fee for the sale of the PPI that the agreement is unenforcable
  13. Please let me know how it goes you can contact me by email
  14. I have asked for the solicitors accounts to enable me to have them accessed by the law society or the courts
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