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  1. This topic was closed on 2019-03-08. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Thanks all, ill press on then! (LOL @ bumping)
  3. Hi all Im just looking for a bit of advice as to the best course of action. A bit of background. I was successful in reclaiming approx £1300 in charges plus interest last year from the Bank of Scotland. However at the start of this year I slipped over my overdraft limit again and piled up over £100 in charges. I telephoned to try and get them to reverse them with no success. Wrote to them threatening to take it to court but they replied that they had said "they wouldnt repay any more charges" when they settled the last time so werent going to play ball. I just hadnt got round to
  4. Update 26/07/06 Received a letter dated 25th July from Halifax Customer Services (wish they would make up their mind who Im dealing with!) informing me that they have already paid £655 of charges back to me and are unable to agree to any further refunds. Oh well, I'll just forget about it then! Forms printed out and heading to Stranraer Court tomorrow. Bert.
  5. Update 13/07/06 - Wrote to court to cancel claim. - Wrote to the customer services manager who dealt with my first claim and the interest problem etc explaining that they had 14 days to give me my second half of claim or I would raise another small claim and look for expenses and interest. Surely it is in their interest just to pay now and save the bank approx £200! Thank goodness I dont have any shares in any of these banks if this is the way they are ran! :grin:
  6. Update 11/07 Telephone message from BOS agreeing to pay "my" calculated interest of £207, which has duly appeared in my account. Therefore got £655 + £39 court fee + £207 interest, so away to work out how to tell the court its been settled. Now for round two. Wasnt going to give them any time but as they are starting to play ball I will send them a LBA for the second half of my total claim amounting to £645 for charges from 2003 onwards. Surely it would be in their interest to pay this before a court case is raised costing them another £39 + £150 in interest? Dont mind eith
  7. Cheers Mairi If I remember rightly the return date was 21/07 and court date was 27/07, but am at work just now so dont have my forms etc. They never got back to me today after I emailed them so I expect a phone call tomorrow. they seemed quite friendly today, which was nice!
  8. 10/07/06 - Got a phone call from Customer Relations regarding my 8%. They couldnt work out where I was getting my figure of £200 + as they calculated the interest at approx £58. Which I found a bit strange? Anyway emailed them a copy of my spreadsheet (far be it from me to teach a bank how to calculate interest, though!)
  9. Oops forgot to ask - What is the procedure for stopping the claim, do I just phone up the court or do I have to notify them in writing/in person.
  10. Well that was the basics of what I told them over the phone - they have had ample oppurtunities to repay me my money when I asked for it in the letters Ive sent before it reached the claim stage. If they had paid me before it reached this stage I would have agreed to ignore the interest but now I expect to receive it as it was mentioned in the claim. They didnt phone me back on Friday but they did say at the time that it might be Monday before they get back to me. Obviously I would like the interest as it adds up to 207 pounds for the first half of my charges alone, but not sure if I woul
  11. Letter received this morning (7th July) telling me they intend to defend my claim, then later saying that it wasnt viable and they were willing to (without admission of liability) reimburse my claim for £655 + £39 court fee. Phoned up the customer services number listed and asked them if this figure would include the 8% interest as per the claim (currently £206.89 according to my calculations)? The woman said she would need to speak to the legal dept and get someone to phone me back so I gave them my mobile number. I then asked about my second group of charges (£645 from 2003 to mid
  12. Congratulations Jmio, sounds like good news! I take it this offer is for the account that you havent filed the action for yet? Are you going to let them off with the 8% interest then as I wasnt sure what to do if they phoned to make an offer now I've raised the action. Im sure I read a post somewhere that someone told them (when they phoned to offer a full refund) that the offer had to include the interest or they would continue to court and the bank caved in, but cant find it again now. Anyway keep us posted
  13. Update: 06/06/06 - Handed in forms and 39 pound fee to Stranraer Sheriff Court caliming first 655 pounds + costs + interest. Followed the notes in the Scotland section and they were very helpful at the court also. Suppose its just a case of wait and see now.
  14. Update: 15th May - telephoned customer services again to inform them that I would not be accepting their new and improved offer of 490 pounds. The girl I spoke to didnt seem too bothered, so I just reiterated I would go ahead with my court action when the time on my previous letter was up, and left her to stare into space. 16th May - Sent them a letter in their kindly provided free postage envelope confirming in writing my refusal Dear Sir/Madam As per my telephone conversations with the advisors yesterday I would like to reiterate that I will NOT be accepting the £490.00 “in
  15. Go for it JMio! No need to worry, you are in the right and you will get your money back!
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