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  1. Can anyone please tell me the right address I need to send to Lloyds? It is to request statments. Thank you
  2. Thank you both for your help. I have been reading all the message. It looks hard. I have looked that the court forms. Its looking for a court number at the top. What is this or will I get it after I have sent in papers?
  3. I sent my last letter to Lloyds on the 30/05/07 asking for the money £1396. I gave them 7 days before I would take them to court. I have not heard from them. I phoned and was told it would take up to 28 days to get back to me. Now I dont know what to do. I feel like giving in. I dont know wheather to carry on and go to court which is hard work for me or do in on line ( money claim). I dont want to do the wrong thing. £1396 is a lot of money to me. I could do with it now but know they will take it as soon as I get it (if I do). I would be greatful for any advice Sorry about spelling
  4. Hi I started on the 22th Feb asking for statments. I sent the £10. I got the statments starting from 2002. I then asked for full history which I recived last week. I added up what I thought they owed me which was about £2200. I sent a letter asking for the money. I recived a letter this morning saying. Thank you for getting in touch with us. I am sorry you are unhappy about your account charges. Like any business we do make a charge for some of our extra services. When custmores dont have enough in their accounts to cover a payment, this always means extra work-and it has to happen very quickly. We have to agree to make the payment by setting up or increasing an overdraft, or tell customers we cant agree it. We feel its fair to charge for this service. Of course its only fair too, that we'er completely open about any charged-for services before you might need them. that's why we take care to give every new customer the latest guide to our charges. You can also get up-to-date details about fees and borrowing rates at all our branches, through our helpline and on website. Just as importantly, we do everything we can to help our customers and avoid these charges. You can get up-to-date balance at any of our cash machines, over the phone, on line and by weekly text to your mobile. If you know a payment is going to take you over the agreed limit. your welcome to see if there's anything we can do. The Office of Fair Trading has published a new guideline on credit card default charges. We'er still talking it through with them, but the important point is that the guideline are about "default" charges that people pay when they break an agreement with us. This doesn't apply to your charges as these were for dealing with your request to go over yyour agreed overdraft limit. They are not default charges because you havent broken your agreement. They are our prices for the service we provide in these situations. I do hope you can see that we make our charging system as fair as possible-and why I can't agree to cancel your charges. I hope this fully answers the point you raised with us. If we cannot come to an agreement, I will provide you with details of the Financial Ombudsman Service so they can consider your complaint independently. If you are happy with the way I have dealt with your complaint there is no need to reply to my letter. If I havent heard from you by the 30th July I shall close my file. What on earth do I do now. Please help
  5. Can anyone please tell me the address of Lloyds to send my claim to? Thank you
  6. Hi I dont understand? are you trying to download T&c. I tried it didnt work but I highlighted it copied and and pasted it into an e-mail to myself. I justed printed it out. Dont know if that helped
  7. Hartanii


    Thank you for taking the time to answer me. That is very helpful. Ann
  8. Hartanii


    Thank you very much. I did not know that it was the Direct orders and standing order only. You have been very helpful.
  9. Hartanii


    Hi I started the ball rolling Feb 22th. I did get statments from Lloyds, just the o/d excess/account charges/o/d intrests/un paid d/d/unpaid s/o. They all have different amounts. This is just an exampel O/D intrest £.38, £0.10,£ 0.28,£3.09. O/D Excess £20, £30, £60. Unpaid D/D £120,£64,£ 96. They are all within a few months of each other. Is it right? I sent for my full history on the 16th April. I havent heard from them yet. Any advice
  10. Hi I highlighted it, copy and pasted in an e-mail to myself. It works
  11. Thank you very much. Yes, it was Penny Berryman. I sent a letter off to Lloyds on the 22th Feb asking for my statments. I recived statments from 2002. I sent a letter on the 16th April asking for my full history I havent hard from them since. I wanted to know what is happening. I hope you can help. Thank you
  12. Hartanii

    Now what?

    I tried to speak to someone at lloyds today I think it was Penny Berr something or other. Voicemail came and said she was on holidays if I want to get in touch I was to e-mail. I didnt get the address it sounded like [email protected] and I didnt get the rest. I am a bit hard at hearing so not able to the the address. Can anyone help?
  13. Hi again thank you for reply. I have an overdraft and loan which I am paying off monthly through Financial Management Programme. Thank you
  14. Thank you so much for your reply. I have another question I owe Lloyds about £5000 if I get the £3000 they owe me will they take the money from me?
  15. Hi can anyone please help me? Lloyds have put £217 into my account They owe me around £3000. I sent a letter asking for a full history of my bank statments on the 16/04/07. I have not recived the statments. I would like to talk to them but cant get a phone number where I will be talking to a person? I hope someone can give me a number. Thank you
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