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  1. Not heard anything since. So it was successful.... Just stick to your guns
  2. The paragraph I'm talking about is this one:
  3. OK. Do you have any advice regarding the "OFT paragraph" on the LBA? We haven't received a reply to that... Monday was the deadline...
  4. LBA was sent on the 6th of July and Received on the 8th.... Their 14 days was up on Monday (23rd).... What happens now? We put on the bottom of the LBA the paragraph about making a complaint to the OFT. We are going the Ombudsman route with this one. Look forward to your replies guys
  5. Not too much to wait for money you thought you'd never see again
  6. Just received this in an email....
  7. At the end of the day, I'd quite gladly wait 8 weeks to get my money back. The Ombudsman have a 100% record so far. Going the Ombudsman route is going to save a lot of paper and ink compared to going the court route. Another reason as to choosing the Ombudsman... It's a "greener" option too... save a tree
  8. I think that most of us would be happy with the charges plus 8% interest. That's what we're going for anyhow.
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