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  1. oh and as it is the courts fault is there any way of having the original debt of £6,994 restored?
  2. Hi there, just to update this case, yes I know it's an old one but it's just bit me on my bum! The case was adjourned due to the flooding all those years ago. I turned up, gave them my name to the court gentleman and after waiting till I was last the gentleman asked me my name and they saw the case without me, even though I was there. They said I could apply to have it reopened due to it being their fault but i never did anything about it. The plan was to come to some arrangement and pay it off but I thought they can have their £6,994 when I sell the house. It's all just caught up with me. I've just received a call from Mortimer Clarke saying that it now stands at over £12,000 with interest of £57 going on every month. Oh god I've got myself in a right old pickle here. All for a debt that is now 10 years old. Is there anything I can do? Is it too late to have it reopened due to the fact that it was the courts fault for not seeing the case with me present? Will they still even have this fact that it was their mistake from all those years ago? This is the 1st I've heard from them since 2007. Gutted
  3. Another update! I sent off a N244 form and the hearing to set aside the CCJ is to be heard at the same time. Any advice on what to do or say or apply for would be really appreciated. Richard
  4. Hi, thanks for all your advice. Here's a little update for you. I've telephoned the solicitors that are dealing with the case on behalf of the creditor and tried to settle the matter without it going to court and getting a charging order. I offered £1000 pluss £100 per month and she said that they wasn't interestd and that it was still going to court. I did ask the solicitor if I could have details of the creditors taking control of the debt (I think she called it a Deed of Assignment or something) and that she would let her clients know and they would get it in the post to me. What is this Deed of Assignment and what does it mean? Is it relevent? My case is on the 20th July, will I get in time? I'm totally lost now again.
  5. Hi, yes I've got a copy of the police report already, as have my insurers, and there are no descrepencies at all. My insurance company is called paymentshield, part of the halifax.
  6. Oh. Forgot to tell you that I have supplied all receipts for the items stolen all of which are in my name.
  7. Hi, yes it was the former, I told them that I'd had a plasma, camcorder and a bit of money stolen and when was the loss adjusters coming out to see me as I wanted to get the claim moving. It wasn't a matter of fact telephone call, neither was it listing the whole amount of items stolen. I have put an official complaint in so I recon I've got about 6 weeks left of that proccess. Will I get my money? This along with other stuff going on is really damaging my health.
  8. Hi. I've just got back from the courts. The court was closed due to flood damage and all cases are adjourned. I will be recieving a new date in due course. Does this give me enough time to scrape a case together to even get rid of the CCJ too? Can I get rid of a CCJ once it's been posted or is the best I can hope for to stop the charging order?
  9. Oh and what's the chances of the solicitors for this turning up? They're from Nottingham. Do they often not turn up? Would it help my case if they didn't?
  10. Thank you for your replies. You really are a great help. I do spend 5 nights a week in Leeds with my soon to be wife. Might this be a reason for not recieving the court letters?
  11. Hi, thanks for your replies. Well I can still get a 80% mortgage with the CCJ which is why i need the equity. I'm getting married in August and we're both selling up and with the equity getting a house together. Yes I'm attending the hearing but didn't attend any of the others.
  12. Hi all. I really hope you can help me on this please. I got a letter from the Northampton County Court stating that. On ** May 2007, District Judge ****** considered the application of the claimant ('the judgement creditor'), from which it appears: a) a judgment or order given on ** March 2007 by the Northampton County Court in claim no. ********, ordered the defendant ('the judgment debtor') to pay money to the judgment creditor; b)the amount now owing under the judgment or order is £6,994.28 (including any interest and costs); and c) the judgment debtor is the owner of, or has a beneficial interest in the asset describedin the schedule below; and the court orders that 1. The interest of the judgment debtor Mr **** *** in the asset described in the schedule below stand charged with payment of £6,994.28 together with any further interest becoming due and the costs of the application. 2. The application will be heard at 2:00 p.m on 28 June 2007 at **** County Court when a judge will decide whether the charge created by this order should continue (with or without modification) or should be discharged. AND IT IS ORDERED THAT The Judgement Creditor shall serve the judgment debtor, mortgagee(s), (CPR73.5) The Schedule The address of the land or property charged is *********** the title to which is registered a H.M Land Registry under Title No. ****** _____________________________________________________ PLEASE HELP. I've had this letter for about a month. This is the first I know about this charging order. I need to know: 1. Has the charging order already been made? 2. What is todays hearing for exactly? 3. Can I stop the charge against my property? I hadn't heard about this debt for nearly 5 years until this. I asked for a settlement figure twice 5 years ago but they never got back to me. The car is still on the drive rotting away. I don't use it anymore. PLEASE HELP. The hearing is today. I'm getting married next month and need my equity that's in my house and this will take most of it away. I'm running out of time. Please help.
  13. Hi, I got burgled in January this year and my claim has been declined in full. They say that the items i listed as being stolen in a phone call made a few days later didn't match up to the items on the "official" claim. This said telephone conversation was not a matter of fact conversation at all. I was just mearly saying that I'd had such and such taken and when are the loss adjusters coming out to see me. It was not a list of things that had been stolen if you understand. I now have to wait 8 weeks for the appeal to go through. Any advice? Can they do this or are they trying it on? It's bad enough being burgled without this.
  14. I telephoned them in 2002 asking for a settlement figure and they told me I had to write to get one which I did do. I never received the settlement figure and I then moved house and never heard anything until those couple of letters last year.
  15. Doesn't the fact that the original debt is over six years old have anything to do with it? I'm only going on hearsay so I'm probably wrong.
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