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  1. Hi Thanks for that so what is it i do next ? Cheers
  2. Hi I sent my LBA off on the 28th April which gave them till the 11th May for the 14 days up but i received a letter stating the normal "please be assured our fees are reasonable and competitive ect" Firstly what do i do next Secondly do i have to wait till the 14 days are up Im so glad people oin this site know what they are doing i would be lost with out it. Thank You
  3. Hi Can any one help i have been reading a few peoples threads today and one was on addresses for A&L i was just wondering if im sending my stuff to the right address. Im using the Bootle, Merseyside address but ive seen there is another address in Liverpool and also Leicester. Please could someone confirm for me which address i use as i am sending my LBA off today as the 14 days are up and guess what no reply! Hope someone can help me.
  4. Hi I finally got my statements and I sent my charges off yesterday by recorded delivary so i now have to wait 14 days, then im not quite sure which letter i send next and do i add the 8% on to my charges then or not Hope you can help? How is your claim going!
  5. Hi Thanks for that that helps a great deal ill send it registared post today and wait and see what happens. Thanks
  6. I have sent off my letter and charges today so i have 14 days to wait, after reading other peoples threads i see they will take me all the way to court to pay me my money, but i have the time cos i know they have the money, Is any one else at this stage and what is it i should do next after the 14 days has ended any ideas Thanks
  7. HI I have been told by some one else that you can't claim back the monthly overdraft charge only the unautharised charge, can anyone confirm this for me as i don't want to look like i don't know what im doing or miss out on the money. Thanks
  8. HI Im just about to send my statment charges off and expect to get the same letter but carry on with it as i think it is just a standard letter they send out. Does any one know about the £5.00 OVERDRAFT CHARGE CAN WE CLAIM IT BACK OR NOT any help welcome as i want to send it off today
  9. Hi I need advise, i am listing all my charges, can someone tell me if i can claim back the £5 monthly overdraft charge or not, but looking back through my statment they have charged me any thing from £5-£15 per month i think they just do what they want. I don't want to send it off and give them any thing to question me on. Thanks
  10. Hi I think mine will be around the £800 mark do you think they might pay rather than take it to court or is it standard that you have to go down the same route as every one else. Cheers
  11. Hi Yes they sent me the full 6 years statment and a really nice letter saying if i need any further help to contact them, they know whats about to happen.Ill let you know what happens next im going to send in my figure in the next few days. Speak Soon
  12. HI It took A&L the full 40 days to send me my statments im now just going through them so hang on in there they will send them i know you just want to get this all started i couldn't wait after reading all the stories on here it's great the little guys are fighting back for once the banks don't know what has hit them. Can any one help me with what i do next now i have received the statement and which charges can i claim back. Thanks
  13. Hi, yeh we still haven't received the statments yet but we received the standard statments and guess what with charges on again, when will these banks learn, anyway i will keep you up to date on my progress. Thanks for all your comments
  14. Hi I have sent the letter asking for statment ect, i'm hoping they wont close the account down yet but my parents have just opened a new account else where, so that is covered, my mum is a bit nervous about doing this but after reading all the info and feed back on this site i have told her it should be o.k, I havn't heard any thing from the bank yet!!!! Ill let you know
  15. Hi everyone ive just joined up im doing this for my parents, as i thought they deserved some good luck. I have sent the first letter and was just wondering how long it normally takes to get a response, my dad is panicing a bit as i did read that some people have said that Alliance & Leicester will closed bank accounts down, could any one shead any light on this for me. Cheers Ill let you know how i get on.
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