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  1. We just had our OR interview after worrying ourselves silly she was really nice and we get to keep our car and no IPO. Thanks to everyone for your advice it feels like a ton weight has been lifted off my shoulders
  2. We have our OR telephone interview tomorrow but have not been asked to fill in a questionare is this normal?
  3. Me and OH have telephone interviews next week with the OR and I have a couple of questions if anyone can help? 1. They haven't asked for any bank statements even though I have them, will they get this info themselves and how far do they go back? 2. I have an overpayment from tax credits which they are collecting off me through future installments - should I have wrote this on my debts? I read somewhere they can reclaim their money during your bankrupcy periord but as I am the only one working and part-time I rely on tax credits to buy food every week. 3. How much excess income do you have before they make you pay a payment order? Thanks:)
  4. I have just got my bill in from Virgin media for phone line, internet and tv from before I went bankrupt. Would this bill be written off if I rang them? would they be allowed to cancel my services? Thanks
  5. I went BR on Thurs and spoke to the OR on fri - have a telephone interview on 24th March. She said I should be able to keep the car if it is valued below £2k as it is needed for work. I was just wondering what price they would value it at as when you go on websites it gives a price for trade, private, part ex ect - value for private exceeds the £2k so I am worried we might lose it.
  6. Ive finally filled in all the forms - it has taken me all weekend! I am going to try and apply for the court fee remission but not sure which grounds to claim them on. Hubby no longer works but does not get any benefits, I work part-time and claim them in my name. Where it has claims on grounds of annual income he was working until the end of Jan, would I need to put this down on the forms as it shows on my tax credit award??
  7. Thanks for all the advice Im busy filling in the forms on-line and a bit stuck on a couple of things - any ideas? Im doing hubbys first and have listed his debts - some of these are in both our names, do I need to write joint debt or half the amount he owes? His credit card accounts were all transferred to DCA do I put the DCA in the creditor box or who we originally owed the debt to? On the creditor type will it be enforcement agency? My hubby is not working at the moment and not claiming any benefits - we had a benefit check up and were told we would be better off claiming in my name as I work part-time rather than him having to sign on ect. So the only thing he gets in his name is WTC which is paid into my account, do I need to say yes he gets benefits and put the details in even tho they are in my name or should I put the amount in other members household contribution along with my wages? We live in a council house and though I am listed as living here the tenancy is in my wifes name and as she recieves the housing benefit, she pays the rent which section do I need to fill in? Please help if u can my head is done in x
  8. thanks - gonna redo my budget now - will the OR not find out we have sky tv and internet?
  9. Thanks for your replies. The car is worth £1700 and I use it to get to work and take the kids to school also my hubby is looking for a job so needs to use it too - do you think we will be allowed to keep it? Should I redo my budget and increase the food or clothing to compensate for the sky tv, kids pocket money ect - do you think we would get a payment order?
  10. Hi all, me and my hubby are going bankrupt next week - would someone please have a look at our income/expenditure and let me know if it will be ok? Do I need to put my housing and council tax benefits down separately then increase my rent and CT payments? Thanks Your Income Amount Your take home pay £580 Your partner's take home pay Rent/board received Pension received Any other income received Income Support Jobseekers Allowance Your Income Amount Incapacity Benefit Disability Living Allowance Working Tax Credit £22 Child Benefit £143 Child Tax Credit £416 Child Support Total income £1,161 Additional information Comment No of adults 2 Dependants 2 Totals Amount Total income £1,161 Total expenses £1,160 Surplus (Deficit) £1 Housing Amount Comment Rent £31 (remainder paid by housing benefit) Mortgage Secured loans/2nd mortgage Mortgage endowment premium Service charge/ground rent Water £30 Council tax £9 (remainder paid by CT benefit) Gas £40 Electricity £45 Other household fuel Household services Building and contents insurance £9 Telephone, mobile & internet £63 TV licence £12 Satellite £20 Repairs and maintenance Household appliance rental Child maintenance Childcare Fines, CCJs, Decrees £1 Life insurance/pensions Medical/accident insurance Hire purchase Transport Vehicle spares and servicing £10 Road tax £17 Motor insurance £30 Vehicle breakdown cover £10 Fuel & parking £108 Public Transport Food & housekeeping Food, toiletries, cleaning £470 School meals/meals at work £80 Pets, pet food/insurance £25 Tobacco £ Misc. goods & services School trips/activities £10 Medicines/prescriptions Dentist/opticians Hairdressing £24 Union/professional fees Laundry/dry cleaning £5 Education fees Personal & leisure Clothing & footwear £52 Newspapers/magazines £4 Sports, hobbies, entertainment £20 Children's pocket money £20 Church/charity donations Sundries/emergencies/other costs Sundries/emergencies £15 Loan from family/friend Total expenses £1,160
  11. Our german shep Max cried and howled whenever we went to bed or popped to the shops. We had to move him into our room as we were worried about the neighbours but as he was too little to be toilet trained it was a nightmare we had papers all over the floor and the carpet was ruined, not to mention he was up and down all night wanting to play. He came from a litter of 13 so it is understandable he was lonely we ended up getting another puppy the same age - Shadow, the first night we had him we put them both to bed together and he did not even whimper all night and they are the best of friends, plus when you go out or cannot take the puppy out they will play together and wear each other out - hard work but good fun!
  12. Hi wonder if anyone could give me any advice on behalf of my lil sis. Her and her hubby moved down south, bought a home then decided to move back up here as they were homesick. They tried for a year to sell their home but couldnt so decided to rent it out to cover their mortgage. As they thought they would sell the house down south, they bought a house up here to live in. As they hadnt sold the house and had to pay a shortfall between their mortgage and what they were charging in rent, they couldnt afford to live in the house up here either so have to rent that out as well. So basically they own two homes on interest only mortgages and even though they are rented out, there is a £1k shortfall every month. They were living in my mam and dads tiny 2bed flat for three years - sis was working full time from home and her hubby doing building jobs here and there to pay their mortgages. However my sis lost her job and had a baby she is getting maternity pay which is due to run out soon and child benefit. Her hubby invested all their savings in buying stocks and shares and put them all into one company which has crashed meaning all his money is frozen. I have told them they should be entitled to some benefits but he is proud and wont even look into claiming anything, he thinks as he has the two houses he wont be entitled to anything as they will be classed as assets but I have told him they are probably worth far less now then what he paid for them and as his mortgages are interest only he will make a massive loss if he managed to sell them. Any advice?:?
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