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  1. Could really do with an answer to these questions please.
  2. I don't think it can be that though cos the meter box is connected to the outside wall of the house. For someone to tap into it wouldn't they have to tap in from the wires as they leave the meter? In which case we'd see some kind of wire wouldn't we? I assume that tapping into a supply before it hits our meter box would not make a difference to our bill as we only get charged for what is used through the meter? Make sense??????????? We live on 4 acres of land and there is no buildings past us anyway, we're the last.
  3. Right, we have a dispute going with scottish hydro and I really don't know where to take it next. I have emailed the ombudsman but have not recieved a reply. (could someone give me the email address so I can check I had it right). Basically we were on a meter since 2000. This meter was gobbling up money even though we weren't living here and the house was empty. We moved up here in 2003 and always thought we were paying too much but struggled to get any info of our account as Scottish hydro never issue statements for the meters. We found the no statement bit especially strange as we were always in credit when we had an elec meter in England. Anyway we decided to tell them to get rid of the meter and we'd pay by quarterly bill. The man comes along and changes the meter and informs us that we were paying for E7 even though the heaters were taken out years ago. Never mind! Anyway we got a bill 2 months later for over £400 for 2 months elec. So we queried the bill and they sent a man out to put a meter next to ours and check it 6 weeks later. When this was done they said the meter showed ours to be correct and running fine. So we cut down everything possible. The heating is a log fire anyway, no other heaters are used, the tumble dryer wasn't used, all outside lights stayed off, nothing left on standby etc etc. 3 months later we got our next bill - over £600. We rang Scottish Hydro and the people we spoke to all agreed that that seemed an excessive amount but because the meter was fine, they washed their hands of it. No way can we pay all that so we've asked them to put a card meter back on. Where can we go from here? There is no way our 3 bedroom temp accomodation is using all this electric. We are really careful of what is left on, we've put energy saving bulbs everywhere and do as much as we can to conserve energy. Friends in the area using electric heaters, power tools etc etc are paying a fraction of what we are. Any ideas???????
  4. I'm just starting to sort out a claim against Lloyds for a business account and a credit card (seperate accounts). I sent a SAR letter to both and recieved a letter back for the business account but nothing for the credit card (both had £10 postal orders attatched). The letter re the business account stated that they couldn't send me the statements as I didn't know any account details as it was an account closed about 4 years ago. I was in the process of writing a stroppy letter but the debt collection company we're paying this debt off to came up trumps, rang Lloyds for me and got the details I needed. Yay! I have now re-sent the letter and am waiting. Question1: When do I make the claim from? The date I sent the first SAR, this 2nd SAR or when I recieve the statements? Question2: The account was held in England but I've now moved to Scotland. Can I still make this claim through English courts to benefit from the higher amount and more time? I have also sent a letter off re the credit card(which is also being paid off through another DCA) as I have heard nothing after 40 days and have not had the postal order returned. Question1: How long do I give them? I've demanded a response in 2 weeks as they've already had the 40 days. Question2: Can I insist that they should be able to find our credit card details with the personal information we have given them? (Also don't know this account number) Finally, if I can get statements going back further than 6 years as I have requested, should I attempt to reclaim the charges going back tot he start of our account? Thanks for any advice.
  5. The check meter was installed and removed purely for the test. No business rate and it hasn't been a farm. Haven't got a clue what's going on here.
  6. The property is temp accomodation while we start to build a house. The front room is a ctually a living room, kitchen, diner in one room and that is heated by a log burner which also burns coal and heats up the whole room plus the hallways. Our bedroom has a heater on the wall but we never ever put it on and my daughters both have a heater on the wall (electric) but as their rooms interconnect they only use one fire for a few hours at night and keep their doors open so it warms both the rooms. No heating other than the log/coal burner and one heater for a few hours at night. We're certainly going to switch off the electric and check out the meter. Before when we were on a card meter we used to put £50 in it and then go home to England. Everything would be switched off at the fuse and yet we'd still have to put the meter onto emergency and fill it up again when we'd come back 2 weeks later even though everythings off and no one lived here (the house was derelict) Doesn't make any sense to us really.
  7. We're not connected to main sewerage but septic tank doesn't use electric. Immersion heater never ever ever goes on - daren't! We take showers.
  8. Okey dokey. To check the meter they put another meter at the side and checked that they ran together. Up till 5 months ago we paid by card meter and we thought then that something was wrong with the amounts we were paying. The man came out and said that our derelict was hooked up to eco7 for the storage heaters. These storage heaters were taken out a couple of years ago and there is absolutely no electric in that derelict and hasn't been for a couple of years but apparantly we were still hooked to eco7. So, we got rid of the card meter and the eco7 and our bills have doubled. we really do have nothing that should be using it to this extent. We had a couple of strip lights so we've taken those out, put normal lights and have put energy saving bulbs everywhere. Iheard from a local once that the previous owners had some deal going with Scottish Hydro with the eco7, even though they never used the storage heaters. Damned if I know what's going on here. We thought by cutting down or out the things that we know use alot of electric such as the one heater, tumble dryer, outside lights etc etc we'd make a saving. Nope! The bill seems to stay the same no matter what - £200 per month.
  9. Apparantly so! Sounded a bit ott to me as well!
  10. Crumbs! Approximately beginning 2004. Plus we've moved home since then. They claim they need the account number and sort code. Sort codes easy enough but I just can't find anything related the account numbers of either the account or the credit card account. I tried the debt collection agencys but they say they don't have that info.
  11. We currently use Scottish Hydro Electric and we're querying our electric bills. What should we do? We've contacted the supplier who checked the meter and said it's fine but even they are astounded by how much electric we're supposedly using. We have a normal 3 bed bungalow (it's actually temp accomodation while we're building), it's heated by logs or coal, only 1 of the electric fires is ever used and has the other normal electric appliances. We were on a card meter but changed this to paper billing as we thought we were being charged too much - prices have almost doubled since changing. Our first bill for 2 months was over £400. After we got this one we stopped using the tumble dryer, made sure nothing was left on, didn't use the 1 fire that was used on timer and turned off any outside lights etc. Our 2nd bill for 3 months came in at just over £600. We've never had these kind of charges and there are friends in the area who use a darn sight more than us and are paying a fraction of the two hundred a month we're paying. Scottish Hydro won't help any further as they've checked the meter, although they did ask if someone was tapping into our electric. Pretty impossible as we live on 4 acres. Any ideas?
  12. Hopefully someone can help me with this. I sent a letter to Lloyds asking for statements for a business account we had. This account was handed over to a debt collection agency and we have no records showing our account number. The letter to Lloyds has come back with my £10 postal order saying that they need account numbers. We also have the same problem with a Lloyds credit card. Does anyone know where I can get these details?
  13. I'm just sorting out my first letter to a now closed Lloyds business account and although I've read many, many threads on here, I'm really overwhelmed now and haven't a clue where to start. Can someone help please? I need to write a letter requesting statements to Lloyds TSB and although the branch is in Boston, Lincs I don't know where to send the letter to. The account was closed about 3 years ago and as I now live in Scotland am I restricted to only going back 5 years. I have the same claim to make to Woolwich in the same town although this account i still active. Please, please help.
  14. We are paying off debts to an old bank account (Lloyds) that we had for many years and ended about 4 years ago. We ended up thousands in debt (business account) not helped by astronomical charges. We're currently paying this off though a debt collection agency. Although the bank account started and ended in England, I now live in Scotland so do we only have the 5 year rule? Is there any way around this? Could anyone point me in the right direction on this forum as i've looked at various threads but I'm getting quite confused now? Also can we do the same kind of claim with credit card companies?
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