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  1. oh maths just isnt my thing! so 13.42% of £267.15 is £35.85 and thats the figure I put in the amount of charge field????
  2. sorry i'm not being the brightest spark here! in the spreadsheet in the 'amount of charge' field is that themonthly payment i made or the 0.778% of the monthly payment??
  3. yes i have everything, I just dont know where to start with it!
  4. Paragon told us we couldnt get the loan if it wasnt secured with the payment protection, back then we didnt really think about it as we thought thats how we would get the loan. is it worth while claiming or will it just be pennies?
  5. sorry legal and discharge fee was £150 not £15
  6. Hi, Can anyone tell me if I can and even if its worth while claiming back fromParagon PPI on an old settled loan? Loan taken out in Jan 2003 and settled in Jan 2004. Loan for £18,000 Payment Protection £2,790 Total £20,790 monthly interest was 0.778% 9.7apr This was the breakdown of charges and what we paid back- Total remaining loan payable - £29,386.49 Less rebate future interest - £8,967.83 Less payment Protection - £ 436.69 Total amount deductable after rebate £19,981.97 Add legal and discharge fee £15.00 Total settlement payable £20,131.97 Thanks
  7. Yes I will scan it in. Im positive it is statute barred but wanted them to prove what info they had first but they ignored that request for four months and now passed it to someone else. I thought HFO would have really tried more bully tactics!
  8. Hi everyone, Just wanted to update on my hfo hassel. After I sent them the prove it letter Ive heard not one word since october then today I get a letter from HFO to say this debt has now been passed to Roxburghe (UK). Has anyone else had this yet??
  9. 10 days later and I havent heard anything yet..
  10. hi, just sent my prove it letter so watch this space!
  11. i'm in scotland so it should be stat barred but whats the best letter to send HFO if Marks & Sparks dont have any info on me?
  12. hi guys, contacted marks and sparks today to clarify who they had sold the debt onto and the exact date of the last payment, they told me they have nothing on their system with my name and address. Im sure its stat barred as payments stopped in december 05 but i wanted to clarify. What do I do to check this if they cantfind me on their system?
  13. Sorry thought of something else there, when I send the prove it letter what address do I put on it for them to respond to? Is it my current address or c/o my mums address?
  14. Thank you Coledog, I will call Marks and Sparks tomorrow but would that be classed as acknowledgement and will they give me that info over the phone? Also when HFO called my work they asked my colleague to confirm my DOB!!
  15. Hi, Looking for some advice from someone please! My mum came round with 3 letters addressed to me at her address and when I opened them they were all from HFO Services re a Marks & Spencers debt I had back in 2004. Firstly I have not lived at my mums for nearly 7 years and this debt was at my old address not even my mums house! So Ive been on holiday for two weeks then my mum was away for a week so thats why I got them today, letters are dated within these 3 weeks. Anyway the first letter is a Reminder Notice of Assignment say that as ive already been informed (which I havent been) that my account has been sold by Marks and Spencer to HFO Capital Ltd. And they want payment in 7 days. 2nd letter dated 1 week later says ' I have tried to contact you several times your current balance is outstanding and is now overdue please contact us to discuss a repayment plan and failure to do so they will apply for a CCJ against me. 3rd letter dated two weeks later is a Schedule of Litigation saying they will persue this through the courts and they suggest I get a lawyer. Also as Im just back to work from my holiday I have 3 messages to say they have called me. I didnt work for my company years ago when I had the Marks & Spencer account so how did HFO get my works number??? Sorry this is so long winded, anyway I did have this debt years ago but after my husband and I split and sold the house we paid most debts and I continued to pay this one for a while but ended up falling behind with payments and just eventually stopped with them all together. Now I reckon I havent paid anything since December 2005 or January 2006 roughly. I have checked my credit on Experian and this debt is not listed but HFO have done a search on me in August this year. Whats the best thing for me to do just now? I live is Scotland so I think it must be statute barred. My mum is really upset cause this mail is going to her house, again this debt was never at my mums. Help what do i do next!
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