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  1. Hi, I am currently insured with Direct Line, My premium is quite high at the moment as I am just building up my no claims. Driving For Many years but was always a named driver. Was told that If I didnt make a claim in the first Year I would get 5years no claims that I could use with any other insurance company. My Car was stolen back in january, car was involved in a crash with another vehicle. The car stolen by an uninsured driver who was arrested and charged. Now 4 months on I have been informed that a claim has been made regarding this incident and that even though the driver wasnt insured the car was so that makes Direct Line liable to pay out on any claim made by the third party! So I was told today that because of this I have lost my 5years no claims that I would had after being with them for a year! Feel like this isnt right though! The incident had nothing to do with me . thankfull to anyone able to give a little advice. Sharon
  2. I Understand your problem. I have had such a bad experience with this store! doubt very much I will ever step foot in the place again. sharon x
  3. hi I bought a shirt from primark last week costing £7.00 Tried it on when I got home found it didnt fit so a few days bought the shirt back with receipt for a refund. I was told by the cashier that I was not able to have refund as the shirt did not have any wash label inside. This was news to me as all I done was try it on and put it back into bag ready to be returned! I was then told that this shirt would not have been sold in this condition as all products are checked and would not have been sold without a was label and in so many words I was told that it must have been worn by myself and I had cut out the label! Knowing my rights and also knowing that I had not worn or removed any labels I stood my ground and was adimint that I was not leaving shop without a full refund. After sometime the floor manager was called and yet again I was told the same thing. I was getting quite irritable by this time knowing 100% that I was right. My husband asked the floor manager if we could deal with someone higher in management as we was getting nowhere with this problem and we felt humiliated as there was a que of people witnessing this and also a security guard standing behind us, my 5 year old daughter also was with us and things were getting a little heated.... Whilst waiting for another manager to see to us I decided to take a look at the other shirts that were out on the shop floor!! I couldnt believe it when I actually found a shirt similar to the one I returned with no was label.... After being told we were given the benefit of the doubt by the manager I was refunded with the £7.00 After returning home and realising what we just went through for the sake of £7.00 I was so upset and we decided to return to the shop the next day to obtain the names of the manager etc... who was involved with this matter. As we entered the store I looked at the rack of shirts that I orginally chose the shirt from and something told me to go check it out. I could not believe what I seen not only numerous shirts with no wash labels but the orginal shirt I returned(I know this as when I returned it there was a slight mark on collar ) I was told that the product I returned could not be resold as far as they was aware I had worn it Need I go on here..... I have all the names of managers involved, is it worth me writing to head office to complain or just leave it be. Grateful for any advice thank u for reading sharon x
  4. hi my letter was sent to Customer Services 25 gresham street. I sent it recorded delivery.
  5. Hi to everyone, I think I have sent my preliminary letter to the wrong address, it was returned back to me this morning after me sending it just over 2 weeks ago (what a waste of time) I sent it to the Gresham Street address, anyone able to give me correct address. thanks to anyone able to help shal
  6. thanks for advice from goldlady. We did not have to take previous claim to court so we were lucky there, hope are second attempt for refund runs as smoothly!!! Cannot see it somehow (lol) thanks again shal
  7. hi, thanks for advice. I have just been looking through the papers regarding our claim last year to halifax. I am confused about the letter we recieved when we accepted there offer. It states the following: "offer is goodwill gesture and is in full and final settlement of your complaint". By making another complaint to them for further charges from same account, I am just wondering what their wording, full and "final settlement " actually means? Has anyone here had any problem with this. thanks everyone shal
  8. Hi my o/h and I claimed our charges back last year from halifax. In the past 10 months the charges have yet again been taken (I know this is our own fault but we are having many fianancial problems right now) I am thinking about trying to claim these new charges (approx £1000) in less than a year. Anyone able to advice us on us making a 2nd claim? It makes me angry as they refund you in one hand and slowly just get it back in the other. I know that when our claim was settled, we never signed anything regarding making future claims to them. Thanks to anyone able to advise us. shal
  9. hi everyone! fairly new to this, just been browsing around, I have sent my LBA to lloyds and recieved a reply, this being, bla! bla! and more bla d bla!!! This is a joint account my partner and I had about 2 years ago. paragraph of this letter states: "Of course its only fair, that we are completely open about any charged-for services before you might need them. That's why we take care to give every customer the latest guide to our charges." This goes on to say, "The office of fair trading published new guidelines on credit card default charges. We are still talking through with them, (bla bla bla bla) The letter then states that, "this doesnt apply to your charges on account as these were for dealing with your agreed overdraft limit. They are not default charges because you have not broken your agreement. They are our prices for the service we provide in these situations." Can anyone tell me if they have had this type of letter sent to them! Just like to know if this is just standard b******t they tend to use. Thanks to any advice shal
  10. Hi I have just started my claim against lloyds, but my brother has asked me to help with his claim against abbey. He has been messed around by them since his claim began back in february, he is claiming charges from a account that is closed.This account is in the hands of the debt management and abbey have just wrote to say that they are offering a good will gesture of £145 and they have payed it to this debt department, just unsure what to do next. Can abbey do this without my brother agreeing to it? The main reason this account has arrears is due to them offering an overdraft to help him pay of the charges they had been taken off him!!!!! thanks to anyone able to help shal
  11. Hi everyone just like some info on what I am able to claim back from ge money. got many charges listed on our mortgage statements. admin fees, default notice fees, direct debit recall fees, counselling fees, additional interest fees, all these have been added to our mortgage they come to around £1,280. There are also solicitor fees which I have not added to this, am I right in thinking these fees are not re-fundable, these added in january when we was taken to court for repossession, this resulted in paying extra every month on top of mortgage payment! thanks in advance to anyone who can give me any advise. shal
  12. hi gaz, Sorry I cannot advise you on this but I can relate to the situation you are in with these rip offs!! we have a re-morg with these and we are just starting to get the ball rolling to claim these charges back. Only been with them for about 2 years and the charges they have added to our mortgage are just pathetic. They took us to court in january for repossession, we are now paying extra on our monthly payments for the arrears. so stressful every month trying to make payments! We really have to get out of this mortgage soon as we can, you probably will agree with me on that!!! One thing I can say is just be aware that you may be charged for debt counselling because arrears have occured, we were charged for this even though we did not have any counselling at all, this fee is £47.00 just another charge you could do without. good luck !
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