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  1. Hi there:D Money went straight into a/c yesterday (Wed 25th) TWICE!!!! Dear oh dear, left hand and right hand and all that lol! Anyway tempting though it was, I did the right thing and rang Wallyfax up to take back the extra! With regard to their (other) blunder, this is what happened... We got a letter saying they would pay up on one a/c but not the other (which had the majority of the charges on) because they said my husband wasn't a joint a/c holder. Although I was sorting out the claim, I put the court papers in his name because he gets benefit - just thought it made it easier to get exemption from fees. Anyway, for some bizaar reason the bank had completely removed him from one of our a/cs, no trace of him being a joint a/c holder. So they said he wasn't eligible to take them to court and they would defend the case. When I phoned I was told I would have to start court proceedings again in my name:-x. Anyway I sorted it, they apologised for removing him from the a/c and didn't know why it had happened (if they don't know I'm damned if I do!). Dealt with a great bloke in the end who really worked hard to sort out the whole mess for us. Panic over, money received, I'm happy!
  2. Xtra Xtra, I've got Xtra! I've won today yahoo wahey, hoorah hoorah hoorah! Xtra Xtra, cauht Howard by the *!*!$$ So happy, I'm bouncing off the walls. Now don't get me wrong ain't gonna waste it all (NO!) Just booked a little hol, yeah I've just made the call. Gonna fix the leak in the kitchen ceiling Now that I've left Halifax reeling (oh yeah)! Thank you, thank you to the peeps at CAG You have been so helpful and you've listened to me nag. This site is fab, this site is great, Now tell me...how do I donate? Thanks to all here, you're great people! When the money is in the bank I'll tell you what naughty Halifax did to me. Had telephone confirmation today but won't rest till it's in my account, then swiftly moved to a different bank lol!!
  3. Hi Carole44 Many many congratulations. Enjoy your money:-D
  4. By the way, it's nothing to worry about for those of you who are in the middle of claiming. It's a mistake by the Halifax which is unique to my claim. It just so happens it could have cost me the claim through no fault of my own. :x Blithering idiots!
  5. Hi Well, nearly there chaps. Had a letter yesterday (Friday) offering full amount on second account. However, Halifax has made a HUGE error regarding the first account. I don't want to go into details at this stage (feeling a bit paranoid lol) but I have managed to sort it out over the phone. They are sending a revised offer letter which I should get early next week. I so want to celebrate and yet I can't until their blunder has been put right and the new settlement letter is in my sticky mitts! Once everything's been sorted I will let you know what the error was, as well as letting you know I've won of course! Oh so near and yet so far away:x.
  6. Hi Armillariahoneydew Just wanted to say well done for getting this far. Have a great holiday!
  7. Practice makes perfect deadlykiss, I did some 'trial runs' too! The last time I went near a court was on a school trip when I was about 12...scared me to death! Stick with this site and you cannot fail. Letting others check it first is a good idea. It feels great once you hand it in;) . Speaking of courts, I phoned the court this morning and H/fax acknowledged my claim yesterday. So I guess no need for a 7 more days letter! So much for my gut feeling that they wouldn't respond. So by my reckoning that takes me upto 2nd August (deemed served 5th July plus further 28 days to file defence). I'm feeling surprisingly calm. Lol, it won't last!
  8. Lololol you're not wrong there Moneyhelp!! Got a leaky roof to fix at home, wanna book a holiday...wanna wanna wanna..aagghh! *Ahem..* HIIIII Overflow! Crikey what a time you have been having, but I really admire you, honestly I do. I sat up until 4am or there abouts reading and re-reading your thread, and others. I went all wobbly when I phoned the H/fax, and to actually refuse money from them felt SOOOO wrong lol, and yet so right! I don't know too much about CI but the way I see it you most deffo did not shoot yourself in the foot. Gonna wander over to my thread now as I have some news (thanks to your suggestion:) ). Chin up!
  9. Hi Overflow Thanks very much for the info, I am going straight round to your thread right now to have a read! Doh I never thought of ringing the court up. Can't see the wood for the trees at the moment, my head's all over the place! I'll do that in the morning, cheers.
  10. Hi there Helen - just had a look at your thread. You seem to be doing just fine. You are doing right, reading other people's experiences, read as much as you can! I was completely baffled by the N1, but this site is absolutely brilliant. I have followed everything on here to the letter (quite a few letters now actually lol!). I'm feeling anxious (hence my post at 2am, can't sleep!) yet, dare I say excited at the same time. I'll keep an eye on how you are getting on. We will be celebrating within weeks of each other I'm sure;) You've got all the support on here you could ever need. Good luck to you too.
  11. Aww Moneyhelp, you are so right...again! Thanks for support. Just been to walk the dog, had to do something with my day off or I'd go crazy thinking about all this! Right, back to chilled mode:cool:
  12. Just checked accounts. They STILL haven't removed the money from the first a/c. and despite phoning and sending decline letters they have deposited their good flippin will offer into the other a/c! I want the other half plus interest! Do they know what they are doing????? If the money remains in the accounts by Thursday when I send the 7 day letter, do I keep it or what? Do I say in the next letter something like, 7 more days or else but I'm keeping this money in part settlement now? Am returning to stresshead mode this morning!
  13. Morning Dusary Ooh telly sounds fab, you certainly don't want to lose that! Hmm, plasma...maybe I'll add that to my wishlist now lol! Well I've calmed down now, just waiting. Halifax has until Thurs 19th to acknowledge court papers. After that I plan to send a '7 more days' letter if not heard anything. Waddya reckon, a good move?? Think it was Buffy's thread where I read they pay up pretty soon after that. Just hope it works for me. Ah well... Oh and is it ok to send the 7 more days letter actually on Thursday? Questions questions, I know I'm a pain:rolleyes:
  14. Lol Cheers MoneyHelp, I promise I'll chill:cool: Thanks for the encouraging words. Gonna leave it there and wait for 19th see if they respond. I shall now have a nosey at how others are getting on!
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