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  1. I have now received an offer after filing my claim with the court. I am claiming £846 (£662 + £184 statuatory interest) . The Halifax have now written to me offering me £429 in full and final settlement. Unless I phone them the mony will go into my account in full & final settlement. I did debate whether to accept and now think I should just persue it to the end. Has anyone else received an offer like this and been refused an award by the court because you have received an offer?
  2. Silly question alert. When you filled in the form(s) 1 & 1b which option did you choose in the action for section? I bank with Halifax but am in Scotland. Will it be ok to name the defenders as Halifax and Bank of Scotland? Doesnt seem like there is any local Halifax branches up here. Thanks
  3. Silly question alert. When you filled in the form(s) 1 & 1b which option did you choose in the action for section? Thanks
  4. Sent my original LBA on 18/5/07 and that has still to be registered as delivered by the Royal Mail. Resent yesterday and it was signed for this morning. 14 days to go - Yay!
  5. Hi Daisygirl, I also work for a bank. My bank is also the one that I am claiming against. I have already had the subtle threats about being a staff member - "All complaints have to go through your Manager". That was until I subtly pointed out that I was also a shop steward for the Union. Oh and by the way HBos staff can be quite rude but apparently they cave quickly to claims as the complaints staff have been told to get through the cases quickly
  6. Your credit report will show the date the default was registered. It can only remain on file for 6 years after. You should contact the credit company if it has been kept longer than it should. Make sure it is off all the credit agencies as well ie equifax / experian & call credit.
  7. Well I finally received all my statements (took them 12 weeks!!!). Sent in my prelim letter on 9/5/07. Received my response this morning which basically say that the OFT have found against credit cards not bank accounts - our charges are legal & by the way heres a leaflet about managing your money better! The buggers owe me £662 - so do I send my LBA now or do I have to wait for the 14 days to expire???
  8. Don't worry the statements have not been altered - can you imagine them doing that and you then find the same statement in paper form but altered. That is a criminal offence under data protection act. Simple fact is that every time you move your address is changed for all HBOS accounts and when they reproduce your statements it is all done from the main computer - where your address has already been changed. They are not copying a paper statement held on file somewhere.
  9. It is because they archive all of your account details once a year. You can view last two years accounts online in the statments and letters section but only last twelve months in recent transactions. Saves space on the computer servers.
  10. Little tip for all of you - Blair Oliver Scott are not a real firm of solicitors. It is Bank Of Scotland in disguise
  11. Thanks for your advice. I know of a colleague however that was given a file note for making a complaint about the service they received from Halifax. Apparently all complaints should go through your line manager.
  12. Hi folks, First time poster so please be gentle . I am an employee with HBOS and having viewed watchdog tonight I found this site. I too have been stung by bank charges but am apprehensive about claiming these back as an employee of the firm - do you think it is wise to do so? I can only view the last two years accounts online but so far have £186 of charges in these two years. I am going to go into a branch to request the previous 4 years statemets as I know that I have been stung for a lot more than that. I had no option but to open an account with halifax as a member of staff and have found them to be inflexible to the extreme - even to the point where I had a direct debit taken from my account without my permission I was forced to travel 20 miles to my branch with a broken leg to claim a direct debit indemnity as they could not do it over the phone. Any opinions welcome.
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