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  1. Well I think I will go for it, although reading some of the threads about the court bundles etc, it seems like a huge amount of paperwork for someone like me, who is totally rubbish at stuff like that, still it is a BIG amount of money and no pain no gain ! :o
  2. Hello Bramble, be brave and fight the bank and get your money back - go Bramble!!
  3. I finally got my offer from Barclays today, they offered me £3055, as opposed to the amount, which is still rising of £4235 with recent charges to be added plus possible interest, initial feeling was to take it - but I know I should go for the full amount, what do you all think? How long could I be waiting for my money if I go for the full amount? Should I wait it out?
  4. Thank you for your confidence and support!!
  5. Today I sent my charges and request for payment to Barclays £2345 is the total so far, but I have more charges since then so the skies the limit, I didn't include any interest I hope that I have done the right thing - WISH ME LUCK!!!
  6. But how do I find my thread without searching through the pages, is there anyway that I can save it somewhere? Thank You !
  7. Can you tell us at what stage Barclays have agreed to settle in full with you?
  8. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My statements arrived today on on a quick tot up the charges come to over £4000!! I cannot believe that they have taken all this money from me, so now the hard work begins as I guess as this is a large sum that I don't have a hope in having this settled quickly or amicably! I must now get my head around the spreadsheets and start punching numbers
  9. I had a look at the library of template letters and I can't seem to find to find a non compliance/ chasing up one? Is there one or should I put one together myself - sorry if I am being really thick!
  10. Still no statements from Barclays so I got them on the phone today and they are stalling apparantly I have been really unlucky with not receiving my statements or figures yet - despite sending my request on 13th April - only excuse is that there are too many of us claiming!! I will be sending out letter number two tomorrow. And on the good side Halifax have accepted my Easy cash account and they even sent an electron card out to me today so once this is sorted Barclays can get fu**ed!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!
  11. I have been lurking for some time - well here goes!! I sent my first letter to BB by regular post (but forgot my £10 cheque! Ooops!) 3 weeks later I sent a copy letter but enclosed cheque this time, this time by recorded delivery. Over 40 days now and nothing, so phoned Barclays who were on the surface very helpful/friendly on the phone - BUT said that they hadn't received either of my letters (sent to Churchill Place), the lady said thatI will receive a letter this week acknowledging my claim and that I needn't have sent my statement request letter - does this sound familiar and am I being fobbed off?
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