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  1. Thats abought the same time scale as we where 3yrs, is it not to early to start claims or not.?
  2. Will be very interested in seeing how this news unfolds. Derbishire home loans where charging me £50 pr month for being in arrears
  3. Just to clarify, I payed the debt in full last week, so will thay still have my details on file re charges.? thanks caroline.
  4. Thats great news Hallow, i,ll send off for them tomorrow and see whats on it. I cant seem to find the wpo, i,ll have a proper look around later.
  5. Have sent you PM. wd Thank you wd, only just got your message, We payed the debt just to get them off our back, he was very arrogant and cocky, I told him you people pray on the vunrable and one day the vunrable will fight back and bite you on the but. Any way id like to thank eveyone who has been so helpful and aided me in not to worrie as much as i was. your all diamonds. love caroline.
  6. Hi wd, its taffs wife caroline, The total amount is including the £90 extra charges. To be honest im not 100 % sure what is outstanding to the council. Thay have tv, hi fi, settee and chairs,micro,and a few other things.
  7. Thank you Ell-enn for all your help and everyone else, dont know what i would have done on my own, thank goodness for this site you are all very helpful. I shall make a note of the serial no,s on the £20 notes and my neighbour next door has said she will be with me in the morning. thank you all again. Caroline.
  8. I shall be in contact with them tomorrow as i shall only be working half day, My husband works early hours and wont be here in the morning again but he has told me not to let him in tomorrow but to pay him through the window .
  9. Its our 2 young girls i feel for , they where upset this morning when he called saying he would be back later to take the tv settee and chairs he even said he would take the girls wii. i told him he could only take what was on the list and that was,nt on it. he said get me the money or i,ll be taking your goods today. the council would,nt listen i asked if i could pay them direct tomorrow thay said it was out of their hands now. He wanted the money by 12 this afternoon but i could,nt get it until 5pm so he,s coming tomorrow morning at 7am.
  10. I just think they did,nt want to bother helping us. He,s back tomorrow morning at 7am just hope the charges are not going to be any more, We now have the £284 to pay him. Makes me wonder how these people can live with themselves, Thay must have no conscience. This guy seemed to enjoy every minute off his actions.
  11. They called yesturday while we where at work and again at 7am this morning. Dont have any breakdown of charges. Called council today and they said it was out of their hands.
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