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  1. Calculator not working..can someone check it's not just me please. (It's all of them btw) Thanks
  2. Thanks Phonesurgeon...sorry for being thick, but where can I find the DPA Non-Compliance form?
  3. Phonesurgeon...can you please confirm which form you filled in to gain access to your information please? I thought it was an N1, got there and the (rude) girl told me it should be an N244 Application Notice (£65). TIA
  4. My post is due in the next 30 mins, I might go court today if it's not here.
  5. Don't flame me...I've tried to understand but still don't get it!!! I sent £1 to Moorcroft on 29th March requesting information about an outstanding balance. They wrote back a couple of days later saying they were writing to the co. for the cca. It's now 20ish days and nada has come to me. I keep reading that if they do not send the CCA, THEY are breaking the law. What steps do I take now? (& don't flame me!!!!!!!!!)
  6. Good luck! I requested SAR on 19th Feb as well...still had NO information:mad: I complained to the Commission on Saturday..just waiting for a reply. I'm only giving them til this Saturday then I'm off down Court. I'm considering putting in a very small claim(~£40) for my time writing letters etc. I read that you need to prove this so will only be claiming for 5 or 6 hours. Barclaycard really are doing as they please. Just read in someones post that Barclaycard have deleted/removed/lost someones info!!! :evil: I might go contractual on their a$$ for all of this timewasting. :evil:
  7. As the title says! A v quick brief.... 1) 19 Feb...SAR/DPA requested 2) 1st March..reply from Gail Gray stating confirmation of request, info to be sent within the 40 days. (strange..this letter took 8 days to arrive:roll: ..received this on the 9th) 3) 31st March..I sent letter stating "you have failed...you have a further 7 days or court order will be served.." 4) Have now given them 14 days 'cus I'm nice! (post just arrived..no Barclaycard info!) Is this enough contact with Barclaycard to please the ICO, or should I send them another letter? I don't see why I should tbh, a huge corp like them should be able to sort it out in 40 days, let alone 55 days. Judging by some of the posts on here, B/C are giving The Shabbey a good run for their money in "Who can be the biggest [email protected]$¬@rd to their customers annual (W)banking Awards!"
  8. Thank you both..I'll chase it up!
  9. Hi all, I recently took out a contract with Orange and returned the phone the next day UNUSED, SIM still sealed etc. I've just checked my bank and Orange have took payment Is there any letter templates on here please requesting companies to refund payments. (I have cancelled my DD by the way....just!!! :oops: ) T.I.A
  10. Hi, hope someone can help. I bought a car on 6th October last year, financed through GE Money. Payments were made through my bank via DD on or around the 3rd of each month. On 17th of this month, I went to look at another car at a dealers. We agreed a deal to px my car and settle the outstandinding finance. I/we received a settlement figure from GE on the same day via fax (I still have this). Now, I was told the outstanding figure was valid until the 10th April (this year!!) We agreed to do a deal on the cars and the dealer settled with GE the same day (I presume) I have just checked my bank and GE took a payment yesterday (3/4/2007) If the settlement was valid until the 10th, am I right in thinking they should give me my last payment back!? I am assuming this due to: a) the final figure being settled on or around the 17th of last month, therefore, no outstanding balance surely (!?) b) can't remember now!!:-?
  11. Doh! Thanks...never thought of that!
  12. Just double checking my statements...anyone know what a 'Credit Balance Refund ' is please? T.I.A
  13. I'd put on some nice Cannibal Corpse or Rage Against The Machine!! :grin:
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