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  1. I came on here looking for a thread about this (it's been YONKS since I was last here!) I'm in the same position - minimum payment does not cover the interest being charged for the following month. I've come across a linkie for The Lending Code which appears to say the it's the card company's responsibility to ensure the above doesn't happen. http://www.lendingstandardsboard.org.uk/docs/lendingcode.pdf See section 129 onwards. I am assuming this is an up to date Code. I'll be interested to hear any updates you have.
  2. Oops, wrong section. Have asked for it to be moved over to traffic etc. Thanks
  3. Hi all. Can anyone throw any light my way pls? My 16 yo has been pulled over today for riding a de-restricted moped. (sigh) The policeman gave him a Fixed Penalty Notice (Endorsable Offence) with the offence code of E160 - Driving otherwise than in accordance with a d/l. I've googled E160 but can't find out anything about it. I wasn't there (obviously) and his dad sorted it out by taking the bike to have it restricted today, and my son has got to show his documents at the local p/station. There is £60 fine to pay (slip at the bottom of the notice). Has anyone heard of an E160 before? I can't see if he will also get any points (although I guess there is a clue in the title of the Notice. Thanks etc in advance..
  4. Maybe Jacobs are feeling the pinch as well then I've done a letter but am so cross-eyed now, I'll post it tomorrow if you don't mind. I've done it to the bailiffs initially, but we can copy it to the council, councillor et al. Altho I've got a bit side-tracked by the questions I've asked about above, I've also had a look at Wrexham Council's website. They have an interesting bit about arranging to pay them direct. Also looked at Jacob's site and they are saying they accept payments by standing order. Have voddy 'n' iron bru for me, H
  5. Can anyone point me in the right direction? In the consumerwiki link posted by scatz above it says that Regulation 45 of the Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regulations 1992 lists the following items as being exempt from seizure: "Such tools, books, vehicles and other items of equipment as are necessary for use personally in employment, business or vocation" "Such clothing, bedding, furniture, household equipment and provisions as are necessary for satisfying basic domestic needs of the person and family". But the copy I've got doesn't go that far in to detail (the OPSI one). Is there some sort of 'expansion' that goes more in to the do's and don't's of levying distress? Also, is there something offical that says about not being able to charge twice for a levy on 2 debts (I'm sure that's what I've read on here)
  6. The original agreement that she signed wasn't a walking possession then? (No, as they didn't charge a fee for that). And to clarify, 2 separate WPs, each one has both the pc & tv on it? Well, thinking out loud, I can't see that that can be right. Just say they were valid and she didn't pay the first debt, they would come and take away the pc and tv to cover the debt. Then she doesn't pay the second debt - what are they going to come and take away then?? I've had a stab at writing a letter, going to have (another) coffee and re-read it to see if it makes sense before letting you have a look. Are you okay for me to post it on the thread? A poster on another thread said that the council had seen that they had been taking advice from CAG (they must have given who they were in their posts). And now just seen your 2nd post - can he levy on something that he hasn't seen?? Need to have a ponder...
  7. And I've just noticed I've made a boo-boo in my last post with the figures, which it won't let me edit. Sorry, I'm flitting around between this site, google, the kids and the kettle! Scatz, keep posting, it's really good to have a different perspective on this
  8. OK so another quick question for the experienced CAGgers. This lady is in Wales and as far as I can see I believe the amended regulations only apply to England. In which case, the originial 1992 fees still apply in Wales. I've picked this up by looking at both rules (see the headings at the top) and also in one of Jacobs Bailiffs own newsletters, which said that altho the amended regulations were being implemented in England, Wales still had to put them in place. The 2 rules are here.. The Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regulations 1992 The Council Tax and Non-Domestic Rating (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2006 Anyone any got any other information on this?? (Of course, if this is the case, Hallowitch, your fees exc VAT were right, which will bring down the total I posted above )
  9. Okay so have a couple of questions for you before we try to do this letter.. the arrangement to pay by standing order - when and how was that set up, for each debt? you say there are 2 levies, both done the same day. What are on the levies - just the pc & tv? And are both items on each levy or one on 1st levy, one on 2nd levy? you have written to the bailiffs, the council & your MP. We've seen the reply from Jacobs to your 1st letter. Did they reply to your one with the proof re the pc? And have the council or MP replied at all? you say the 1st debt has been settled / account closed. Do you know when that was? has the bailiff at any time given your daughter a copy of the fees / charges? I'm in my other role of 'Mums Taxi' this evening so may be hopping on & off the site a bit Karen
  10. Ok so we can drop the £1.75, so the outstanding amount is £67.58. I appreciate you've already written to all and sundry about this, but I think another one, detailling the charges, events, etc, should be sent to the bailiff, council (both the ct department and complaints), your mp, et al. We can state the events, the errors, your position and that's that... no more faffing about by them. They accept it, or all bets are off! I'm not the best at writing letters (tend to ramble on a bit!! as you can see!!) but I'll give it a go if you like. Only it'll have to be a bit later as am at work at the moment. I'll draft one up, post it on here and see what the consensus is. I know you're getting weary of all this, but if you don't nip this behaviour in the bud, it'll go on and on. These blooming people sh be content that they have an arrangement and that you've been sticking to it. The number of posts that are coming on here every day with more and more queries about bailiffs show that times are tough. You have been nothing more than accomodating to them, and it's time they knew it! Rant over.. Let me know what you think
  11. Funny enough, they've just refurbished the Hedge End store in Southampton too. Must have cost a fortune! Can't find a blerdy thing now!
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