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  1. Hi, Just to let you know we won today! BEFORE court action. Please see our Mr&Mrs-v-Halifax thread for the ins and outs. Thank you!!
  2. Thank you! I just tried to keep it friendly, I got a little forthright (out of frustration!) with a chap on Monday and he really dug his heels in and gave me the blank 8 weeks response. I thought at one point the guy was going to try and haggle but after asking if I was recording the call ( ) he changed his stance. My call today however was to a senior customer relations manager using the contacts provided on this site. She was great. I also e-mailed [email protected] after each call, stating who I'd spoken to and the outcome of each call and expressing my dissapointment at their being unable to make effort to negotiate prior to Court Action. DOn't know if it all helped nut got there in the end. Hope you do too, keep us posted on your progress!
  3. Worry not. Stick to your time scales. I sent my 1st letter direct to Customer Relations heard nothing within 14 days. I gave it a week before sending LBA. They insisted that my complaint was to be dealt with as if they'd received it on 16th Feb (date of my LBA) and refused to backdate my complaint to the 26th Jan when I posted the 1st letter (which they recievd by e-mail on 16th after they informed me that "they cannot be held accountable for Royal Mail deliveries"). However, I stuck to my time scales and they have settled over the phone with me today-(so that's their 8 weeks out the window then!)-result. Good luck!
  4. Star2544 I got my result today by phoning prior to issuing court papers (which I would have been due to do on Friday). I have been phoning every day since Monday and getting different responses each time but today was a phone call worth making! It's surely worth ringing them, you have nothing to loose. I played it by saying I kept ringing so that I could note my efforts to settle out of court. Maybe contact them again friday if you haven't had any joy?
  5. Hi Noclue Don't know if this helps but I just range the 08457203040 number and they sent me them through the post without having to request in writing. They charged me £5 which they took straight out my account and I received them within 6 days. I sent my pre lim 26 jan, my LBA 16 feb and have just settled today over phone (2 days before due to issue court proceedings) for full £1933 of charges and £250.00 toward interest we would have claimed. Good luck!
  6. Well done!!!!! I think i'll try that when i get to your stage!!! Matt I'm not at home at the mo so can't give you the number/name offhand. I got the number from this site though. It was under the thread giving contact names and numbers for Halifax. The name given (that I asked for) wasn't in but the lady I spoke to was a senior customer relations manager at Leeds. She was very nice actually. She gave me the usual "it's highly irregular for us to negitiate over the phone" and "this is a one off". She also came in with a much smaller offer at 1st but I held my breath and went for it. In actuial fact the interest on our claim had we got that far would have been £604 but I was happy to take the charges and the £250 extra just to have it finnished with to be honest. I was 2 days away from putting in my claim which perhaps gave me some leverage so it may be worth you going down the same route when you get that far. Good luck!
  7. HiCan you pop us in the successful claims section please! Our thread is Mr&Mrs-v-HalifaxThey settled over phone today (paper work pending of course) for full charges at £1933 and £250 towrd interest we would have claimed had we issued court papers on Friday!! Lets hope they stick to their word!Thank you so much...we are really pleased!
  8. WOOHOO!!!! They have agreed to pay full £1933 in charges and £250.00 toward the interest we would have claimed had we issued court papers on Friday!! We are very happy with that. We have to wait for the offer in writing and sign the acceptance so won't count chickens just yet but hey, what a result! Thank you to this forum and it's members for the useful advice and tips...we couldn't have done it without you. Donation will be made once money received!Pre lim 26-01-07LBA 16-02-07Settlement (full charges and partial interest prior to courtaction) 21-02-07
  9. Progress! I hope so. No joy at allwith general customer relations numbers or e-mail...no response or effeort to negotiate from them. Have used one of the senior CRM's numbers as posted on here and I'm on the phone to them now...they are looking into the charges whilst I wait...keeping fingers crossed! Will let you know
  10. Hi Bowmansgreen Good for you for holding out further to their offer. Good luck with the claim...keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  11. Hi Docannie I agree...they are polite and nice but like you say...no joy! I've just sent another e-mail to customer relations urging them to get in touch prior to friday and confirming that at that stage I will be reserving my right to claim interest rather than being willing to negotiate but if your experience is anything to go by I've just waisted my time:D It is more money if they hold out...daunting though eh? I really hope you get a swifty resolve. Please keep me posted on how you get on...good luck;)
  12. Hi, put our story on the welcome page so won't bore you all with it again (I tend to waffle). Having read some of the other postings it seems it may be best to start this thread with our progress. Halifax deny having received our pre lim (so LBA sent Recorded and emailed all letters...we live and learn!). Tried e-mail and telephone communication with Halifax prior to and since LBA but no koy so far (other than "we have 8 weeks to respond"). Due to submit MCOL on Fri 23/02/07 £1933 charges + £604 interest...a little nerve racking! Was hoping they would at least discuss it with us prior to action:sad: Anyone else at the same stage as us with the Halifax? Pre lim sent 26/01/07 LBA sent rec del 16/02/07
  13. Thanks for the welcome Scott and for replying so quickly. Yes, if I don't hear anything prior to Friday the we will go ahead. I know what you're saying about delaying tatics in the hope that you will lose the bottle to proceed. It is a little daunting when it gets to this stage though. Thanks for the encouragement.
  14. Hya, It's quite an evening in isn't it wading through the statements?:o We had 131 pages worth! Just a quick word of warning for you, thought I'm sure you were going to do it anyway. Send your letters recorded. Halifax deny having received our 1st letter. We sent our LBA recorded after they said they hadn't received the 1st letter and low and behold they received it and logged it as a complaint the following day. Good luck with your claim!
  15. Hello everyone. We are newly registered but have been reading many of the threads and postings/advice on here for some time which has really encouraged us to go ahead with a claim of our own. Our story so far is that we had record of our bank charges (sad I know to have records going back that far but couldn't bare to throw it away when we moved home...glad we didn't now!) so we totalled it up to £1933 in charges. Sent letter to Halifax with schedule of charges and calcuated interest 1933 + 604) giving them 14 days to respond on 26th January 06. Didn't hear anything and to be honest panicked a little about the figures so rang to request copy statements on 9th Feb (which was suprisingly easy-they charged us £5.00 on our account and we received them on 15th Feb). Double checked fugures and all in order. Hadn't heard anything from Halifax at all and was due to send LBA giving 7 days for them to respond on 16th February so rang customer relations who say they have no record of our 1st letter! E-mailed copy of both letters and charges schedule on 16th and sent the LBA and copy schedule by recorded post (in an attempt to avoid the "we haven't received anything" hurdle). Still haven't had any contact from them but I rang yetserday and was at least given our complaint ref number. Rang them today to remind them about the timescales in our correspondence. Spoke to a chap who for a moment sounded like he was going to try and negotiate but he spoke to his superviser came back asked me if the call was being recorded by me(??) then went on to tell me about their 8 weeks time scales. Sorry for the long winded story. Our question is this - as they deny having recieved our 1st letter, we are now further behind in their queue. Should we still stick to the plan of MCOL on the 7th day from the LBA (which would be this Friday)? We have afterall I guess tried all avenues of communication to no avail so far so in that respect it's not like they can say we didn't try and resolve the matter pre-action. Thanks folks. Really well done to all those who have had the courage to go for it...it's your stories that have been our inspiration to take the leap. Fingers crossed for us!
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