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  1. ok willl do i have a simular situation with hbos and hsbc. thanks for your advice.
  2. I was offered 6 years not in full only part payment. As a seprate enquiry I started to gain access to the transaction for the lifetime of the account. The Abbey said they had them and would forward them which they never have. Should I persue getting the lifetime of the account records? I would love to take the abbey to task as the cancelled our overdraft last week. the claim to have given us notice but we have no record of any coresspondanace. It has incurred more charges and a lot of stress.
  3. Yes refussing the 6 years offer because it is only 70% and Still persueing lifetime of account.
  4. 12thdomino like that! I would agree.
  5. They have offered about 70% of the 6years claim I am disputing with them. Sepratley I have started claiming for the lifetime of the account by requesting for statements/charges. They have offered to send me these but so far 6 weeks approx after they agreed they would be sent, i have on recieved a set for the last 6 years. May be I should have started a seprate thread for this claim. Sorry
  6. Sorry 2 claims 6year claim they have offered 70% I have rejected and have a date for court. 2nd claim I am awaiting a full list of charges pre 6 years but the have agreed the have them. I have recieved advice from jshtr3 vbmenu_register("postmenu_857395", true); that I am not communicating well sorry and thanks for the help.
  7. NO about 70%, sorry jshtr3 vbmenu_register("postmenu_694241", true); has given me the harsh word about poor communication skills, and lack of updates! I'll take your advice Dusary vbmenu_register("postmenu_971202", true);
  8. Still not recived anything given them another 14days.
  9. Lifetime of the account claim charge/sattlements promised but nothing recieved.
  10. On 15th June(Recieved Saturday 16th) HAlifax offered £335.85 and gave me 7 days to respond. On Tuesday 19th a letter arrived dated 18th June with a cheque for "full and final settlement." Offer rejected.
  11. I have been offered £1769.35 which I have REjected. I my persuiit of lifetime of account charges/statments have been promised approx 5 weeks ago. Ihave then recieved 6 years again but nothing else I wrote to them asking for them in 14 days , that expires today.
  12. Here's the defence 1. Defendant denies each and every allegation in the POC 2. Admits claimant had account 3. At all times the account has been subject to the applicable T7C's which form part of the contract (and gives 3 examples of the terms) 4Throughout the period that he/she has had the account claimamd has recieved updated T&C's and tarrifs of charges etc.... 5Any o/D facility was subject to these conditions 6. The claimant has overdrawn or exceeded authorised OD limits an the account on a number of seperate occasions, full details of which will be provided on disclosure. Therefore by virtue of the conditions reffeerred to in para 3 above such overdrawing was an unauthorised breach of the contract and the clkaimant became liable to pay fees to the defendant in accordance with tarriff of charges, T&C's etc. etc. 7 In view of matters refferd to in para's 3,4,5,6 defendant denies £xxx.xx or any other amount is payable 8 Claimant contention that said fees are penalty charges is denied. Fees reflect and are proportionate to administrative costs and are a geniune pre estimate of damged suffered by defendant for breach of contract. 9 In the alternative if said fees are not proportionate the claimant remains liable to pay such fees as may be found proportionate and the claimant is not entitled to the full a,ount of each charge made to the account 10 No admissions are made as to the amounts claimed and the claimant is to put strict proof of the same It's not word for word but it's the gist. Think it's a pretty standard shooting themselves in both feet defence! AQ now completed with draft order for directions and abbey abuse stuff. Going in tommorow.
  13. I had no responce to my 14 day letter and have file N1 claim in county court
  14. Got a letter this morning agreeing to send copies of the statements "for the period requested" that's to 12/02/93. They have said because it is duplicate statemnets and they will be with us shortly. They are waiving any fees and destoryed our cheque, aren't they helpful!
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