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  1. Hi Klumpy...I live in Scotland and filed claim for nearly £2000 at Berwick and Morpeth County Court, by post. Claim was settled in full within 30 days of filing. MCOL is inundated with claims at the moment, you may be quicker doing it by post. Small claims limit in Scotland is £750, or £1500 by summary cause.
  2. Hi...although I understand the legislation in Scotland, the amount of claim was nearly £2000, which meant claim involving solicitors. I couldhave tried to split the claim, but some judges are becoming annoyed with this in SCOTLAND. Therefore I filed in nearest English court for 6 years charges, using my Scottish address, and claimwas settled less than a month after filing ...Hope this helps some other Scots!
  3. You only need an Englisg address to use the online claimservice (MCOL). You don't need one to file by post at Berwick upon Tweed....or any other English court Hi Lizzydripping....you only need an English Address to file your claim online (MCOL)....you don't need it to file at your nearest English Court by post...Hope this helps
  4. Hi Megellen...Yes that's the correct address for defendants details, whether you use MCOL or file at local court:) GOOD LUCK Filed claim 1st May Served 4th May Settled in Full 30th May!
  5. Hi Lauren...I live in Scotland and filed at nearest English Court (Berwick and Morpeth Count Courts). My claim was for nearly £2000, and was settled 26 days after papers were deemed served. Of course, you have to be prepared to go there in a worst case scenario, but it's worth the risk! Give them a phone, you can do it all by post... good luck:)
  6. Hi there..If you file your claim at court you are entitled to Statutory 8% interest and court costs. Depends how much you bank charges are, but I received £235 interest on a claim of £1600. If you use the F.O. you will only get back the actual charges, so it's worth preparing the spreadsheet for the court claim, and filing at your local court. It only took 26 days from claim served until they paid up!.....good luck whichever way you go !
  7. Hi Malx...I live inScotland, but as claimwas for nearly £2000, I filed at Berwick and Morpeth County Courts. (Small claims limit in England is £5000) You can also claim back 6 years this way! Claim settled within 26 days, before they even issued their defence! Hope this helps:)
  8. Hi Lizzydripping...when the time comes you can file by post at Berwick and Morpeth County Court (nearest English court), for last 6 years charges, up to £5000 in small claims. Worked for me, as Nationwide settled last week, before they put in their defence. Good luck:)
  9. Well done TIatia.... I don't know how it works on MCOL, but yes you have to let them know you're settled up....I got my son's money , nearly £2000 back for him on 30th May....isn't it great! :)
  10. Hi Northdesk....don't think we have to wait. However, the F. O. will give Nationwide 8 weeks to sort it out. Im waiting until next week to see if my E mail has done any good, if not I will then contact the F.O. It's only £170, and Im doing this on behalf of my son, so quite happy to wait 8 weeks for the money!
  11. Hi....Claim settled 30th May in full, 3 separate corrections in account. Filed claim on 1st May, deemed served on 4th, and settled on 30th, 26 days later. Letter arrived on 4th June from court,enclosing their defence(Being that they had paid up!), and AQ,although I'd already phoned, and written to court that settlement had been made!
  12. Hi...They've had their 14 days to reply to LBA. So, on Monday you should file with MCOL, or your local county court.....GOOD LUCK:) Served 4th May, settled 30th May...£1597 + costs and interest. :)
  13. Hi...my claim was settled on 30th May. Charges taken since filing at court for £170 on 4th May, and £110 on 4th June. After Emailing them, Charges on 4th June were cancelled, but they are refusing to refund May's charges! Have had letter informing me of this decision. Think Ill go down the Financial Ombudsman route this time!....
  14. Hi Michael....Will send a small donation on my son's behalf. Have PM'd details to Moderator. Will phone Court tomorrow and update them. In the last two months,since filing claim he has had another £300 taken in charges. Think I'll write to Nationwide thanking them for settlement onTHIS claim, and ask for other charges to be refunded...I can only try! :cry:
  15. YES YES YES!.....Three credits in my son's account today, adding up to exactly what I claimed. He is delighted (So am I, might get back what he owes his mum now!) 26 days from deemed served .....gives hope to some others now! Thanks everyone for your help and replies xxx:) :)
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