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  1. HSBC very handily offer you your statements online from the last 6 years, saves you having to send the DPA letter. The letter I sent was the first one from the library asking for a refund of charges
  2. Don't forget to send it recorded delivery
  3. Do I know you??? I actually just took the letter into the branch addressed to the branch manager. I asked for a reciept of the letter. It ended up in the office in Sheffield though, so it might be quicker to send it there
  4. Hi Just to let you know, I sent the first letter out to HSBC as I could access my statements online for the last 6 years. I asked for £1190 in charged to b refunded from the last 6 years. I have to confess that I didn't send the second letter, 2 months after I sent the first one, I recieved a letter offering me £1050 in settlement. Due to my current financial situation, that money was a god send, so I have accepted (as it is only 140 quid less than what I asked for. I would consider that a result Now on to Cahoot
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