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  1. Hi People Thanks for your recent posts, i have had advice from c.a.b and have applied to the county court to suspend the eviction...Apparently the judge would 'normally' be in the tenants favour....So hopefully i wont be evicted, but if i am then, well one door closes another opens i have done so much to this house and its in a nice area. Yes it is unfortunate this has happened and im on benefits etc etc, but i'd like to point out i went back on benefits only two weeks ago but it's just so hard trying to manage this bills on wages...I'm not trying to be a sponger and i do think Tony Blair has done alot for lone parents (theres alot of support at job centres etc and they pay most nursery fees)...but theres obviously not enough support because otherwise there wouldn't be so many people in the same position as me.... Quick question chicks...How would i pay for a deposit if i went private i mean is there help?...no way on your nelly would i put my child through going in a b/b he is weeks away from starting school and i've been through that already when i was pregnant it was distressing for me and i wouldn't put myself in that position again.(where would i put my furnitutre) haha
  2. I recently spoke to Lowell and asked them if they could send me a breakdown of the charges and received a letter back from Thames Credit, stating i had recently made contact with them and to call them to make an offer of payment, so it seems to be Thames Credit are in fact Lowell...this debt was with Thames credit 2 years ago.
  3. Hi people Thanks for all your great advice....just a follow up. I am liable for the rent, i have been getting advice from c.a.b also have appointment with housing advice tomorrow. The C.A.B have completed a n244 for with me, i am taking that to the court today...received my eviction notice for 26/03/07!! Fingers crossed.
  4. I offered a token payment to the bailiffs, since they have rang me and refused, they threatened me with imprisonment (the amounts owed are £74.85 and £170.15). Such a rude lady, when i stated i was on benefits and they could not pursue me the tart on the phone said "dont get clever with me miss *******...puh!!! the cheek of it, i told her that whatever she had to say i wanted it in writing because she had no right calling me and being disrespectful....so anyway what shall i do?? make an offer of payment again and just try to pay them, even if they refuse? HOPE THIS MAKES SENSE
  5. Thanx for your help, i have been in touch with my housing officer, who advised me i can get some help from housing aid " I would reccommend that you go to Housing Advice at Bedford Borough Council and take with you the income and expenditure sheet. They can help you to book a hearing to ask to suspend the eviction and will discuss with you an amount to suggest for repayment" i spent the entire day in the waiting room at CAB today, and they really were not helpful, so i will be visiting housing advice tomorrow.
  7. I have been in contact with them and told then i was waiting on my HB claim to go through,so my housing officerwas in the picture with what was happening.....in the last letter where she says she has applied to the County Court Bailiff she states " Further from my previous letter (which would be 10/01/07 and telephone message???"....i did not receive a telephone message!!
  8. Yes ...i havent kept to the suspended posession order granted. ...i didnt receive a notice seeking posession (sorry about that) on 10/01/07 i received a letter which stated because i have not kept to the suspended posession order, my tenancy had terminated and i am no longer the legal tenant. Future payment are for use and occupation of the property only. The acceptance of rent or any reference to a tenancy by the Association should not be regarded as created a new periodic tenancy. If you do no contact me, i will have no option but to apply to thew County Court Bailiff for your eviction.
  9. IM SORRY... A couple of years ago Bedfordshire Pilgrims Housing Association my landlord took me to court due to the level of my rent arrears, on the same property i live in now. The judge went in my favour, i was told to pay £2.50 per week rent arrears deducted from my income support. I went back to work last year, lost my job and started temping for agencies, fell behind on my rent again i received a notice of seeking posesssion from bpha and kept them informed i was waiting on a hb and ct benefit claim to go through as far as i was concerned my income was low so i should be entitled it has taken 2 1/2 months to try and explain my circumstances to bedford borough counil iid send wages slips and letters and ring two weeks later it still hasn't been looked at. Bedford Borough Council have decided i earnt too much to receive benefit (earnings shown in previous post)....whi ch leaves me where i am with a county court posession and 2000 rent arrears. I have stopped work and i have an appointment with jobcentre tomorrow to make a claim for income support so my rent will be paid in full and my council tax will be paid...but thats only if i can remain in my home......I definitely have not received a letter to go to court. I hope this is clearer Thanx
  10. Hi Thanks for your help. No there wasn't a hearing recently There was a hearing two years ago which i attended
  11. They say my income was too high, but i know that it wasn't i was working for an agency and my income was varied i.e these are the weekly payslips 24/11/06 £212.97 01/12/06 £49.00 05/12/06 £30.42 08/12/06 £37.50 15/12/06 £112.24 29/12/06 £69.85 04-17/01/07 £236 17-31/01/07 £166 I was also in receipt of tax credits £180 per week my nursery fees were £125 per week
  12. Hi recent communication from BPHA states "I have now applied to the County Court Bailiff for your eviction. I will contact you again once i have a time and date for your eviction." I am continuing to pay my arrears, at this point can i come to an agreement with my housing officer? What is the next step after this letter, will i be taken back to court or will they send me a date to leave the property?
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