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  1. Do I send the letter to Trent house? or is that just for court papers????????
  2. Cheers Liz....... Do we use the same initial request letter as we do for bank account charges, if so, nearly done, just need the address, which I believe is in one of the stikies somewhere...
  3. Right peeps, Just done my spreadsheet, (comes to £616 without interest.....£725.47 with.) My brains just numbed up (the wife would claim it did that years ago) has anyone got the link to the initial letter I have to send (not S.A.R) as I can't find it.........
  4. Cheers peeps, sounds simply enough compaired to Abbey, I suppose with interest it'll come to about a grand... It'll pay for another 2 weeks in Oz:D (Abbey have paid for the flights:D ) Anyway you lot keep up the good work, we'll get 'em in the end......... Chels p.s....... I'll keep you posted.......
  5. Sorry Ice, can't help you with that one....... sounds like fun though!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hi peeps...... just done Abbey for over 5k... now to the smaller one of the two!!!!! Capital one have had about £800 in late payment charges/over limit charges:mad: I know that they now don't charge more than £12 because the oft told them that's the top wack they could charge without them getting involved, (think i'm right so far) does the oft test case affect credit cards or are you lot carrying on anyway? to be honest i'm not sure if I can be bothered with all the palarva again!!! Am soooo tempted to send 'em a letter saying if you give us £400 i'll call it quits!!!!!!!!! Do you rekon it'll work? Chels (rather anebreated!!!!!)
  7. Bonus........Great news........ Hows it go? Zip a de do daa, zip a de ya, my oh my what a wonderful day..............
  8. Sorry to hear it Cheese, & I have to agree with you that the system is a joke & your hearing was irrelevant in that the decision was already made. The bit that annoys me and most other people is that if this is the case, get rid of all the bollox of a hearing and just send a letter out stating the fact! If the decision has already been made to stay the case, just say so and get rid of all the crap, they say it's clogging up the system and then they carry on with these pointless hearings anyway! I mean Logic & lack of come to mind... it's exactly why I posted what I did about being quite blunt...... Anyway back to the point, I'm afraid i'd have to agree with Lula and an appeal would be worthless... chels...
  9. Sorry Lisa, not been on for a few days, I'm sure your ok with what you did, I think it was a case of Mrs Chelseaboy wanting to be triple sure we gave them enough information therefore basically put in the whole bundle, kit and kaboodle, though if I got a court date i'd have added even more!!!!!! Anyway, if there wasn't enough info i'd have thought the court would have informed you as such before now so I wouldn't worry about it..... With a bit of luck it's irrelevent anyway and you'll be sorted soon.
  10. Hi Lisa, I take it you put your bundle in on time ect, It looks exactly the same as what I had with Judge Murdoch @ Northampton, all I did was sit tight, wait for their deadlines to run out then when the time came, I applied to have them struck out, I won (Money cleared today:D ) due to their non-compliance, I got lucky and never went to court (though I was prepared too) Read the Chelseaboy vs Abbey thread, you should be able to tally up where you are, but basically, If they apply for a stay, I'd expect they will get it, but if you get through to Judgement in default then basically you've won.
  11. Are we gone yet?? Mrs Chelseaboy wants me to go and get some chocolate and wine......... I know, I know, who, Wears & trousers come to mind!!!!!!
  12. Hi Cheese, Regarding the court tomorrow, from what I have read alot of people (understadably) get intimidated, I think the trick is, Don't be, alot of people are coming back and saying they got me with this and that and the judge agreed with my case but said "I'm still going to stay it". if your brave enough, ask him/her why, and try your best to get a strate forward answer. I never needed to but believe me, I'm quite brash and would have argued the case because i'm pi$$ed off with the whole saga (dodgy deals with the banks, OFT & Courts ect). read the following post to get an idea of what I mean.......... I got it!!!!!!! When the Abbey numpty tries to refer to the OFT case i'll point out that isn't this hearing because you've not adheared to the Judges orders & therefore you have been struck out for NON-Compliance and this hearing is to hear your reasons Why you didn't comply? That if you wanted to apply for a stay on the grounds of the OFT case you had ample time to do that within the Judges guidelines/orders, If the tables were reversed would the Judge be as leinient with me? We know the answer to that because I WAS struck out, only to be re-instated because it was a clerical error by the court & not myself, If you've not replied to the orders due to your incompetance then tough, you should get the same treatment as me, infact, the Judge must be SEEN to be fair to both parties, therefore he has no option to award the case DUE TO NON-COMPLIANCE!!!!!!!!!!! As Elvis said...... "Thank you very much":grin: As you can see, rather brash, but it's a different approach, and at the minute, being a reasonable puppy isn't working, it might be worth a try...All i'm doing is giving you another angle to try, good luck, I hope it goes well whatever way you see fit....... Keep smiling, Chels.....
  13. Hi Harv, Just letting you know that we recieved a cheque today so you should be recieving one too as your in the same situation as we were. if you haven't heard anything by tomorrow i'd get on to Ashursts....... But then again you could be out celebrating and haven't got around to posting yet!!!!
  14. As well as the shirt, Tie & Blazer....... I'm still not allowed to go to Shalke, (European game in 2 weeks time.) It's only when I realised that the passport has run out that I couldn't put up an argument anymore!!!!! Still I was getting beat hands down anyway.......
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