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  1. well! after all my moaning i`ve finally had a reply from barclays, they offered me £1225 as a good will gesture, my actual claim was for £1635. if this is thier god will gesture i think i`ll reject it and go for the whole lot! yes it does sound greedy but it is my money and with interest i would get around £2000. am i doing the right thing....?
  2. thanks i`ll read your thread with interest!!
  3. one more question lottie, did you have to go to court?
  4. hi lottie, yes i know he didn`t get the whole amount, but i was just shocked as how easily they paid up!! and the offer of £3000 was so high?
  5. Hi all, i just don`t believe this, myself and a friend recently applied for bank charges at more or less the same time! after 14 days i received a letter saying they would get back to me no later than 29 march. well!! that day came & went with not a word! i`m now in the process of going to court to reclaim £1660+ interest. At the same time my friend who was claiming £3600 was offered £3000 after the prelim letter, he accepted and received a cheque last monday. in all it only took 5 weeks from start to finish! he just ask them for the money and they gave it him. Has anyone else been so lucky! or are barclays begining to give in...? (i`m so ****ed off! why don`t they just pay up!!) B******s.
  6. Hi everyone, sent letter asking for statements for past 6 yrs, received a reply today explaining that it was my fault for going overdrawn and the charges were for the extra work they do for bounced cheques ect. ect. They also said they would send me copies of statements within the next 3 weeks! but basicly said i`m waisting my time in claiming refunds as they are lawful and in the banks terms and conditions, then went on to say was there anything else they could help me with? (cheeky b******s) all i did was request 6 yrs bank statements, didn`t ask for any charges to be returned what so ever!!! but i will be now!! £6000 + interest and £660 since christmas. i`m so mad!!! is this the mormal way they treat thier customers..?
  7. thanks all for your help! will retry again.
  8. thanks for your help micheal, ive done exactly as you said, and left the last two columns to be calculated automatictly, but nothing is happening, am i thick or something, the 8% only calculates when i manually enter the days since!!!
  9. Hi all, I`m in the process of calculating interest using the simple english spreadsheet! can anyone tell me if there is a quick way of working out the days since offence column, as many of my claims date back to 2001 and there is about 70 of them it`s gonna take me forever to work out!! (its doing my ******* head in) any help appreciated. thanks.
  10. hi everyone, can anyone help me to work out the interest rate! i`m claiming £1635 plus 8% =£130 been looking at some of the threads and some people are claiming 4-5 times this amount, what am i doing wrong...? thanks
  11. thanks all! LBA will be sent tomorrow, just one more thing....? not sure where to send it? sent the prelim to my main branch in leicester, do i do the same with this one! thanks again,
  12. can anyone advise me as what to do next....? sent a prelim letter to barclays asking them to repay charges etc. got a reply today and it goes like this! (we are sorry you have had to contact us about the level of service you have received from barclays. thank you for taking the time to do so. we are looking into your concerns and will let you have an answer or update as quickly as possible, but no later than 29 march. i have enclosed a leaflet explaining how barclays works to resolve complaints. i hope you find this useful.) so do i just send LBA or wait until 29 march? is this just another delaying tactic by barclays.....? thanks if anyone can help!!
  13. hi parky, can i join your race...? i`m at the same stage as yourself, sent my prelim with no responce! LBA goes to barclays tomorrow. they`ve kindly saved £1635 for me over the last 6 years! good luck with your claim.
  14. thanks paul, can relax now! thanks.
  15. hi everyone, just need a little advice....? sent letter to barclays last week requesting refund for charges ect, sent it to the main branch in leicester, just been told i should have sent it to head office in cheshire, is this right? and will i have to send another one?
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