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  1. The Customer Relations Office Egg plc Riverside Road Pride Park Derby DE99 3GG Dear Gugu Dlamini, Re. Account number: Thank you for your recent letter dated 09/01/08. I have great respect for Egg's Genuine Pre-estimate of £20.I have great respect for Egg's Genuine Pre-estimate of £16.I have great respect for all future Genuine Pre-estimates. As a cardholder you cannot help wondering, if after 15 years in business Egg has ever tried to reconcile Pre-estimates against Post-event audits. I am confident that a company devoted to justice and truth like Egg will not withhold evidence from the cardholder, that Egg will present evidence in court to show after-the-event costs, as well as before-the-event Genuine Pre-estimates I am afraid I must decline your offer to reduce the penalty charges levied on my account to £12 and the credit of £xx to my account. In your letter you say that you do not agree with my legal analysis in regards to the penalty charges you have levied from my account, yet you have given no reason as to why. I have explained clearly the views of both myself and the law regarding penalty charges. Once again I invite you to show me that the charges imposed on my account are a true reflection of your costs. I require a detailed breakdown of what actions are necessary to make up such costs & how you arrive at the sum charged. I will not accept any goodwill payment that is less than the full amount requested. To make my position clear, I refuse to accept £xx as settlement in any way in relation to my request. I will continue to pursue the full amount of £xx as originally requested through a court if necessary. If you would like to pay the outstanding amount of £xx, within the next 7 days, I will consider the matter closed. Should you choose to ignore or refuse this final request, I ask you not to credit my account with £xx or any other amount, and to withdraw it if you have already done so. I will then take the matter to a county court without further notice where the legalities can be properly examined and a just resolution can be obtained. Yours sincerely
  2. Hiya EGG Credit Card - Won - £900 - 22days from data protection to money in account. Well, cant believe it but i Won, changed the letters a bit using the MOC template and another all in one, seemed to have worked, money in my account this morning!!!! No MCOL, no FOS, just letters....... So keep it up everybody Andy
  3. Hi everyone, Well I received a partial offer £56, claim is for £800, I have sent the MOC template by secure messaging, but will also send a letter to them today. My question, as everything keeps evolving, what the best template response is from previous people in this situation. Thanks in advance Andrew
  4. Hi Out of interest has anyone tried sending request of SAR through egg's secure messaging service? As a record is kept of communications on system, would this work? Andy:-|
  5. A huge thankyou to all the mods and helpful advice!!! Could not have done it without your tireless effort..... Now moving on to credit cards and reclaiming them ...lol needless to say when money materialises from NW will be donating to site!
  6. Well.........Ive just spoken to FOS, it was a normal flexaccount of mine. However, apparantley I rejected the offer before test case announcment and teh chap said that some cases went through anyway to be investigated and mine was one of them! So a few slipped through........does not seem to be any real reason as to why, other than luck. I hope some of you guys are included in this batch as well!!! Andy
  7. Hi Went down the FOS route, got a rubbish offer from bank, rejected it, FOS said they would go back to them (together with evidence why). Anyway, the Test case scenario happened and I gave up all hope thinking it would be stayed until further notice. Saturday morning, letter from FOS, saying bank has revised offer and Im getting the whole lot back, over £5,000!!! How and why this happened when I though everything is on ice is anyones guess...but obviously over the moon Andy
  8. Wanted to try the FO before proceding with the LBA (so filled in their form, got a reply and they said wait for the offer to be made) and an offer was made by NW of £1500, however my charges are over £6000. FO has suggested sending detailed spreadsheet of charges (as per pre-lim) so they can pusue. Has this happened to anyone? If no better offer is presented, then will continue to LBA and courts. Thanks Andy
  9. Or you could try sending them an email through their secure messaging service....i just copied and paste my SAR request and told them to take £10...they hardly need id confirmation this way...try, may work for you as well! Andy
  10. ethical? my friend when you see these you will understand my haste to dump them and kick himout haha Good links my friend, appreciate it, I for one will be claiming every penny in every way from NWide...... and will remember a contribution to maintain this site and people like you who put time and effort into helping everyone.........Im off to the Triumph showroom to view a new motorbike which NW will be buying for me:D
  11. hey Milk Tray, on a total of £6,000 plus claim, how much would Contractual Interest top it up by........can always post you one of my flatmates DVD's as thanks:)
  12. Damn.......need to buy a flat:)
  13. Thanks mate appreciate it....was only suggesting writing on spreadsheets as my computer wont even switch on, so was going to print them out and write on them, adding it up myself. As for the porn, god knows, although he did leave a DVD once on the player and it had some poeple on it who apparantley could not find the toilet in time......anyway am kicking his arse out of flat......so if there are any fellow CAG members preferbly training in medicine/dancing please email me
  14. Am sending off pre-lim as have waited months for statements, which finally arrived yesterday! Have seen various addresses to send this to and was wondering if someone had the most uptodate one for me. As my flatmate has decided to indulge in midnight sessions on the computer, (looking at dodgy german sites) the hard drive is strewn with viruses....hopefully he will catch some himself....so I will have to print out blank speadsheets at work and fill them in by hand over the weekend...assume it is fine to do this. Thanks for reading and help
  15. Hi Marce, Great news! One thing, how long from sending FO, the complaint form and prelim response from NW to the point that NW sent you the above response. Am going to do the same as well........Cant wait to see next stage by them to you, if all goes well, it should by like many others and read we have decided to refund you the balance, sign here, do not be bad again etc etc Andy
  16. Hi Thanks for quick reply MJ! Certainly sounds interesting, especially in the aim of getting money back quicker if he is successful..... Would really appreciate it if you could keep this thread updated so i can see how it progresses.... Good Luck! Andy
  17. Hi MJ 2 things.....How much is your claim for? Also, did you send a letter to Nwide requesting them paying you back your charges, before you contacted the FO. Did they put anything in the letter, like closing your account etc that warranted a complaint? Thanks Andy
  18. Hi Just to update, my friend has successfully followed the FO, route, apparantly, it is very effective, since the sheer numbers of unhappy customers complaining. Everytime they file a complaint Nwide are fined £500 anyway....so it would seem this route may be an amternative to avoid their usual court/letter delaying tactics....food for thought! Andy
  19. Hi That is interesting , there are several articles in the press today, stating that the FO is now getting involved as the tactics used by banks for stalling payment and forcing court, then not turning up etc etc are wasting everyones time. Prehaps your situation is testemont to that fact and now the route is shorter to the final conclusion..... Andy
  20. Hey mate, let me know how it goes...like you , sent mine off in the envelope provided.......cant wait to finally get them!!! Andy
  21. Hi Z How funny mine was highlighted in yellow! over some code.....I wonder if they are already logging our names and getting it ready! Andy
  22. hey mate, i got the same pre-paid envelope as well at the weekend (i made mistake on first SAR letter) but are you going to use it or go with recorded delivery. My envelope is complete with a ref code...so dont know if they are expecting it and have my details on file already Andy
  23. Good luck dude.... At what point did they ask for your overdraft back?
  24. Hi Have read a few, with members who had overdrafts, being asked to repay them with immediate effect when they are going through this process, overdrafts are a grey area and many people have advised other members here to pay them off, then claim. The closing of accounts seems to have stopped, as they was blatantly retailtory. However, this overdraft situation seems to still be happening.....just needed to know what stage it generally occurs....thanks for help!
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