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  1. I want to start a new case against Barclays - I'm up to the point in the process to submit my claim form to the courts. Can I do this now or do I have to wait for the test case to be over? Presumably I can submit it, and then it will be stayed, but that's still one step forward when a judgment is finally given. Is this correct?
  2. Slightly different case here, though will reclaim the usual way if necessary. Woolwich increased my mortgage payments without my having been informed of the rise. This led to me being charged by Barclays for the returned direct debit on my linked current account, and also being charged again by Woolwich for the direct debit being returned on my mortgage account. Barclays have been suprisingly helpful and have refunded their £30 charge and given me a goodwill gesture to cover the phone calls, which had me on hold for 2 1/4 hours. The Woolwich told me their charge of £27.50 would also be refunded, and apologised saying they have had trouble with the post. Today I have received another letter from the Woolwich however saying I had received a letter informing me of the rise (so am I lying now?) and so they would not be refunding the charge. How should I proceed? I feel the charge is unfair in and of itself, and last week the Woolwich agreed. Now they are calling me dishonest, and charging me for the privilege. Do I claim just on the basis of the level of charge as usual, or is there a way to refute the absolutely dismissive way they have responded to my complaint? Help!
  3. Please don't feel thereatened or overwhelmed because of your age. It is a big deal for anyone, and I wasn't looking forward to court either - I've never done anything remotely like this, but was so disgusted with their actions I went ahead. the step by step instructions mentioned above take you through every move. If it does come to court, you can arrange someone to attend with you through this site - see court buddy. It is worth it all.
  4. Money is in the bank - but on its way out again! Not that I don't trust them, of course... HURRAH!!!!
  5. Received the settlement letter today for full amount - £871 plus £80 court fee. HURRAH!!!!! Not got the money yet, obviously, but off to celebrate...
  6. I've just got word for word the same letter, and won't be phoning my local manager. It was his lack of response that got me in this mess in the first place...
  7. Two things have happened today. Firstly after the case was tranferred by MCOL we were told it would be heard at our local court in Harrogate. I have now received a letter saying that after a judge has read through the papers it has been tranferred to Leeds. Why is this? And can we ask for it to be heard in Harrogate? Also I have received a letter from SC&M asking me to phone my local branch to ask for a review of my account, and saying they are now waiting to hear I've done this. Surely they can't make me do this, or delay the case if I don't?
  8. They have entered a defence today. Do we have to do anything different in the light of the Birmingham case? I have been reading about using the terms and conditions to counter their 'account fee' defence, but don't have my t & c's. Is there anywhere I can get these from for a Lloyds TSB current account? Are they the same for all current accounts, or do they vary depending on when the account was opened? Help please!
  9. It was issued on 2nd May, and so deemed to have been served on 7th May, so they had until 21st May for the 14 day deadline to respond. Today they have acknowledged the claim. I think now they have 28 days from the date of service to enter a defence. Is this correct?
  10. Today my claim at Money Claim Online is showing lloyds have finally acknowledged the claim. They have until Monday to enter a defence before I can request for the case to be awarded in my favour by default. I am presuming their acknowledging the claim doesn't affect this, and unless they get in the defence I can still go ahead? I know they probably will enter the defence, but can I still hope?
  11. Well, claim issued 2nd May, and so begins the waiting game! Issues claim by Moneyclaim Online, and sent in another copy of charges, this time with interest today. Never thought I'd be suing a bank!
  12. One condition of the mortgage is I have an 'Open Plan' account with them. When this was held at the Woolwich I wasn't worried, but this account is now being transferred to the barclays branch I'm about to claim against. If they shut my account, is there a risk they could shut both, which would put me in breach of the agreement for my mortgage? Thanks again.
  13. I want to go ahead with a claim against barclays for charges, but am very worried about this affecting my mortgage held with the Woolwich. My account with the Woolwich that's linked to the mortgage is in the process of being moved to our Barclays branch. Does anyone have any idea what is likely to happen? Thanks.
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