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  1. the solicitors have sent a letter explaining that Lloyds TSB are to settle in full, plus interest and costs. £2049.77!!!! WINNER!!!!!!! :lol: many thanks everyone for your help here! i would have been lost without you all.
  2. as per my last post - they tried to sell me loans and home insurance..... since then, i've had my court hearing date set: 10th september 2007. it states in the literature that the claimant must send to the court and to the defendant copies of all the documents he intends to rely upon at the final hearing. what documents does that entail? i have already sent copies of my schedule of charges etc....:-?
  3. lloyds rang me last night and said if i would like to go into the branch on monday at 10:00am to discuss some things...... maybe they will make an offer before it goes to court? maybe they will try to scare me into giving up as they have had 2 victories...... maybe they will try to sell me things like loans, house insurance etc and none of the above......
  4. i checked my claim on MCOL and it says that as Lloyds are defending the entire amount, the claim is being transferred to a court and that i shall be notified of the date. do i have to put in a defence etc? i'm ****ting it now to be honest as i live in Dudley and fear i may have to go to the same court and judge in birmingham who ruled in their favour the other week.......:o
  5. i messed up - had not had a reply and decided to check up with the claim on moneyclaim. they suspended the claim and i have to resubmit a claim and claim a refund on the old claim. regards the particulars of the claim that i submitted, do i have to put a figure in the folowing section (in red): '(b) Interest per S.69 County Courts Act 1984 of 8% - £359.21 continuing at 8% until judgment or settlement at a daily rate of £0.xx; '
  6. i submitted my claim through MCOL and sent paper copies of my charges. how long is it before i hear from them/get a date?
  7. when submitting my schedules of charges to the court manager at moneyclaim, do i include the cost of the legal action (£120.00) to the claim sum (£1849.31) or do they do that automatically?
  8. hi all, the time has come to file a claim as i have not had areply from the bank following the letter before charges. is there anything i should do now before i make the claim? do i have to send any more letters?
  9. thanks folks, on the case now ready for friday!
  10. this coming friday is my 14 day deadline regards my request for repayment of charges. no sign of a reply as yet...... where do i go from here if the bank does not reply?
  11. hi all - i've tallied up all my charges after getting all my info from the bank and have arrived at £1560.00. after makining a shedule of charges using the simple excel calculator, i noticed there is a 8% interest field. do i include that ammount (£338.35) to the original £1560.00 when sending the request for repayment of charges letter? Or do i just ask for the original figure and ask for interest at a later date? help!!!!! James
  12. hi all - i'm new around here. please be gentle with me.... i want to start claiming back my overdraft excess charges and unpaid DD charges and have applied for all of my charges from my bank (lloyds tsb). the charges info arrived tday and i added it all up for the last 6 years to: £1560.00. now i know i should have run a better account but i am **** with money and now the wife handles things. i'm now a lot better........ i was wondering where i go from here. (don't worry, i'll study the info on the site - i'm not being lazy) but if anyone has any help/advice beyond the stuff on the site i'd be more than welcome but i stop at sexual favours.......
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