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  1. Thanks Saintly. Do you have any advice re: emails received in June indicating that Barclays were originally intending on settling out of court? Can we send a copy of these to the court and ask for them to somehow enforce it?
  2. Can anyone please explain in simple terms what it actually means if your claim is stayed? Does it mean that the claim is effectively 'on hold' until the high court case result (eventually) and then gets judged on depending on the result of the high court? Or more worryingly is the case more or less dismissed? Also, anyone got any advice if you have an email indicating that they were originally intending to settle prior to court? Thanks.
  3. Hi Welshcakes, My fiance has already replied to the Court and Barclays with the 'standard' draft directions letters as per the first page of this thread. However, she also received a similar email to the one aloofy(?) got indicating that Barclays were initially intending to settle prior to 14th August. Do you (or any other learned reader) have any suggestions of a way of presenting this to the court now, in light of the recent situation? Cheers, Mark.
  4. Hi everybodiesmum, The 2 documents you need to send are as per post #10 on the 1st page of this thread. Cheers, Mark.
  5. As far as I know we only need to send 2 letters to the court and Barclays for the directions hearing on 14th. The draft directions order and the covering letter. It seems as though the settlements are not happening like they used to for some reason. Just our luck We'd be very interested to hear if anyone who is scheduled for the hearing on 14th August at Cardiff has had a settlement recently?
  6. Thanks. Another positive response from Dino then! Wish he was dealing with our claim
  7. Could you also let us know who was dealing with the claim please? My fiancee finally got hold of Tom last week and he said that offer letters should be going out at the end of this month? That's cutting it a bit fine, so the directions letters will be produced this week then Incidentally, could someone please let us know which Barclays address the directions letters should be copied to (as well as the Courts obviously)? Ta.
  8. Congrats Poppy My fiancee has tried ringing and emailing Tom but isn't getting anywhere She's now tried emailing Dino because he seems to be the only one that consistently replies to people!
  9. Any more news from 14th August at Cardiff?
  10. Nice one Out of interest, when was your court date due?
  11. Sorry for that, assumed people knew that one
  12. Sorry guys, I'm under strict instructions from the gf not to 'mess about' with her claim until it's been settled. I do think that if we use the specific email that Tom sent through it could certainly annoy him enough that he could decide not to settle early! More than willing for it to be used after that though.
  13. I did think about that, but to be honest we're just looking to get the settlement and don't want to jeopardize that by faffing about if it's going to happen anyway :-|
  14. Email response received from Tom: Basically it states that they will be looking to do a settlement, but not until mid-July. Roll on mid-July Hopefully we wont have to pull the bundle together now
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