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  1. Exactly - especially when you think the money's gone forever:o We're waiting for Caroline's bank statements back and then we'll start all over again but not be too hasty in the way we do our adding up next time:)
  2. Thanks Nattie,your advice on here is invaluable! I read lot's of your posts to help me out yesterday.
  3. We filed a claim yesterday and this morning an offer was recieved from the Natwest for £1,1011.00 (I'd made a mistake and included the advantage gold service charges in with my original amount of £1,628.00) after subtracting these it's about £500.00 less than our request but we think it's a fair amount and are going to settle out of court this time:p Thankyou Andy for the encouragement!
  4. After lots of reading I've found the form it's a N244:) I'll pop it in to the court today
  5. Hmmm after reading some of the Poc's on here ours doesn't seem very good at all We filed our claim today is there a downloadable form I can fill in from HMCS that lets you change your POC's if it's not too late? If so could somebody tell me which one that'd be great:D
  6. Thanks Andy I'll be reading and researching every day to try and let it all sink in! It's good that all you winners have stayed on the site to help everyone else through the maze of legal bits and bobs - it does all look quite mind blowing at first but the encouragement really helps!
  7. Hi ya Andy ( it's Caroline Dean's missus ) I just read your case WOW! you did so well to hang in there. I'm just feeling really bewildered at all the court procedures but it's glad to know someones read the thread and that help might be out there cos I know I'll definately need it when it comes to filling in all the forms:o it all looks so confusing!
  8. Hi ya Andy The amount's £1,628.00 but I suppose 5 months will be long enough to read everything on here and get a good case together if they send a big defence:D
  9. Hi we're new members to the group and just want to say Hi first to everyone In late December I decided to try and reclaim all my bank charges back from the Natwest & sent the relevant letters and recieved my statements within a week (although the envelope was just hanging on to them) I was amazed at how quick they were sent back so my partner Caroline decided to send off for hers (using me has at Natwest guinea pig first). Lol she is still waiting - after two letters and a payment of £10 - almost 8 weeks now! Anyhow my claim progressed and after 4 seperate letters and one solemn reply to say they were investigating the matter and would be back in touch ( whilst the bank is happily charging me £70 a month while I wait) I decided to go to small claims court in Derby to file a claim. We did this today and it was simpler than I thought (the hardest part was actually finding the building)! Anyway I filled in the claim and now have to wait for the wheels to go in motion , it's a bit scary so we need all your support and advice and no doubt we'll be popping on and off here daily
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