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  1. lostandalone, I would suggest you get down to your local CAB as soon as you can, or phone them, and ask them for help and debt advice. At first glance i'd say you'd be referred to one of their specialist debt advisors after a genealist advisor has worked through your Income/Expenditure and debts owed. to speed things up it helps them if you can take any and all financial information you have (bank statements, benefit letters, debt letters, loan/CCD agreements, bills, everything!!!) It's one of the things CAB is there for and they will be happy to help you I'm sure.
  2. Hi. I've just requested Judgement in a Small Claims Case I have against a Government Department for non-payment of a debt to me. How long should I expect it to take for Judgement to be made and issued through Moneyclaim and Northampton County Court? Agi
  3. That is a complete lie on the part of PayPal, It's your account, DPA has no bearing upon it as you are requesting information from your own account not that of a third party. Speak to someone more senior at Paypal
  4. Yay me. Sucessfully sued Comet today in the Small Claims Court for breach of Sales of Goods act. I was awarded £399 cost of goods plus costs Below is my plaintiff statement to the court and it sums up the case, the judge found for me and that I had the right to reject the laptop involved despite Comet protesting that they be allowed to reinspect it following failure of a repair to a manufacturig fault that occured within 6 months of purchase. Judge also told comet off for not responding to any of my letters, and for emailing their only response to me to the wrong email addre
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