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  1. Thanks, Should I threaten them with some sort of repercussion? I feal they will keep hiding behind "we have repaired it"
  2. *** UPDATE *** I recived a response. Thank you for your recent letter dated the 24th July 2007, regarding a wheel barrow purchased from the store in Harwich. I was sorry to read of the issues that you had experienced with the barrow. Having spoken to Alan Hughes the general store manager at the store, he has advised me that he has now resolved the issues with the wheel on the barrow, and that he has contacted yourself to advise that the item is awaiting your collection from the store. Thank you once again for bringing this matter to my attention and if I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me again. Yours sincerely Simon Heath (customer services) I have just called him saying that a repair was not satisfactory as I had lost all faith in the product and that I would accept no less than a full refund. He said that if I was not happy I should write back to him. Notice the letter makes no appologies for the rudeness of the store!!! What should I write in my return letter? they are saying that a repair is all they have to do? (thats the line they are sticking to!)
  3. Thanks all... I think I will try and hold out for a full refund, I do not need two wheel barrows!
  4. Well I went in yesterday and the manager was standing at the desk as I went in... Manager: Come to collect your Wheelbarrow then Me: Not right now Manager: well your not getting a refund (said as he was walking away!) Me: please don't walk away I would like to speek to you Manager: I have nothing to say to you, you are not haveing a refund and I'm not going to start an argument with you (still walking away!) Me: No I don't want an argument, I also don't want to talk to your back! Manager: faceing me now) What do you want Me: I would like to give you one last chance to refund me, and to remind you that if you don't refund me you are breach of the "sale of goods act" Manager: For the last time you are not haveing a refund Me: ok, then please take this letter and I have another to send to your head office, I also gave him a copy of the "sale of goods act" (all 40 odd pages LOL) Manager: (snatched the letter then walked of!) This morning I recived a call for the manager, he has repaired the wheel and said that was all he had to do (he obviously read the "sale of goods act" I left him) I had already sent the copy letter to head office (recorded) I suppose I have to accept the repair but I look at it as a simi victory It will be interseting to see what head office send me as a response? (I gave them 7 days to respond) Thanks for all your help people
  5. Well I am going to hand deliver the letter to the manager tonight, giving him a last chance to refund me. I also have a Copy of the letter to send to head office. I let you know how it goes later. Like you said £30 is £30! That will feed me and my family for nearly a week!
  6. ************ ******** ESSEX CO12 *** 07********* 24/07/07 The Manager Focus Units A to F Harwich Gateway Retail Park Iconfield Park Freshfields Road Parkston Harwich CO12 4EN Dear Sir/Madam Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) On 20/07/07, I bought a Wheel Barrow from you for £29.99 which is faulty. The problem is the Tyre and inner tube have come of the wheel after no more than 10 minutes of light use. This is not through any misuse or abuse. I was simply moving some stones (shingle) from the path in front of my house to the drive. (No more than 10ft away) I had only managed two trips before the problem arose. I believe the wheel or tyre had a problem that was not visible when I purchased it. I complained about this to you, the manager in the store, and your customer services on the phone on 23/07/07 and did not receive a satisfactory response. In fact the response from you was quite rude. Apparently you were late for an important call and did not want to discuss my problem any further, (you actually walked away whilst I was still talking to you!) I wish to reject the goods and claim a full refund. Should you wish to view the product, it is currently at the customer services desk at the Harwich store. Please respond to my complaint within seven days. Yours sincerely, Mr K Dalby CC - Focus (DIY) Limited Gawsworth House Westmere Drive Crewe Cheshire CW1 6XB This is the letter I will be taking to the store tonight.
  7. Does any one have a few good qoutes I could use? The manager seemed very rude and unaprochable! He would not see reason. I can't just go in there and say what I have already said.
  8. Hi, I have a small problem that I could do with a bit of help to solve. On Friday 20/07/07 at 17:10 a bought a wheel barrow from Focus in Harwich. At 17:30 I started to use it to move 20mm stone about 8ft (from path to driveway) this was all on level ground. By 17:40 the tyre had come away from the wheel and the innertube was showing. The store clossed at 18:00 therefore I had to go to a B&Q store to buy another (They are open till 20:00) I needed to finnish my drive that night! Anyway... I don't have a car over the weekend (my wife uses it) I took the wheelbarrow back to the store 23/07/07 17:00 The manager refused a refund (I have the receipt) he claims the wheelbarrow has been used! (how else would it have broke!) I have spoken to CS and they just back the managers desision! Can someone please tell what to do now? (its only £30, but it is mine!) Thanks again
  9. I was short of the £120 for the Claim so decided to give them the 8 weeks. The sent me a letter saying they were not going to pay. Got the money now so the claim is going in very soon.
  10. I can see you are a very busy person! May be you should use a third party (I don't know any) I think I'd rather have a "no win no fee" conpany have 25% than the bank keeping 100%
  11. I can understand you are busy but... It won't take you more than 1 hour to tot up the charges and fill in the templates. You sister needs you!
  12. I was looking at getting a leather sofa because I always thought they were more hard wearing! If you can't sit on them with a slightly damp ass I think I'll think again. P.S - I hope you get it sorted!
  13. I called 08457253519 and after being told "thankyou for your patience, your call will be answered shortly" for 38 minutes!!! I got through to a young lady, she explained that no offer had been made and they are currently working on cases from mid febuary. I explained that I would be sticking to my timetable and my N1 would be going in on Monday. She said "Ok - can I give you the address to send the court stuff to" She confirmed that it was Trinity Road. It looks like Halifax have made my mind up for me - I will be going to court and getting Xtra
  14. Thats great! Well done for standimg your ground! When you are looking for a new garage remember that trust is more important than cheaper prices . I have an excelent relationship with my local garage, if he says something needs doing I know that he is telling the truth. I will always use them even though they may be a few quid more than others.
  15. S0D it... I am going to phone them tomorrow.
  16. Well my LBA went totally ignored I have a dilema... Do I phone them and hope for a full settlement or do I just go ahead and file the N1 and get the extra 8%. Its a hard one because I need the money now but £600-700 (the 8%) is a lot of money. Another thing... £120 is gonna be hard to find right now, also the court date is likely to be months away.
  17. "brake cleaner £3.82" It Really hate when garages charge for stupid things! A few squirts of brake cleaner cost more than the brake fluid! I once got charged £11+vat for "sundries" - 1 pair of latex gloves & a throw away seat cover!!! (I did not pay ) You are right not to pay for the work you never asked for. They should have contacted you 1st. Also... Why weld the CAT! they are cheap enough to replace nowdays, the weld will not last long!
  18. Well I sent my LBA on 28/03/2007... Roll on the 11/04/2007
  19. I was thinking the same thing. "What else can we do!" It would appear that we have to use a bank... therefore who or what is the best bank / account? I have come to the conclusion that all banks are bad... but who is the best bad bank (if you know what I mean)
  20. I got my [edit]-of letter today "please allow us 100.000.000 years to look into your complaint." Strange thing... I got the letter twice ?!?! LOL
  21. I would recomend phoning them! I did... they did not charge me and I got them 5 days later. Have they taken the £10 from your account?
  22. say no, but if you are open to offers be over polite, he may put you on hold to "see what he can do" Me personaly I would accept no less than 3k
  23. Nice one! Could you do the survey to please.
  24. WELL DONE! donation to CAG?
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