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  1. Not too sure what to say Tuckus, it's a tricky problem. If you resubmit the request yes it can take up to 40 days as per regulation, but you could always call the data protection team (01604 855060) and try to get them to hurry it along? They are snowed under at the moment, but if you press them they can normally get the info sent out pretty quick. Either that or you could rely on the spreadsheet in your defence and state that you have resubmitted the SRA request, but haven't received the info yet, but this would be pretty risky especially considering that Lloyds have just had another case won because the claimant hadn't completed their papework properly. Don't know what else to advise, sorry. Squall
  2. I hope so too Willow, i'll just have to wait and see. I might send a quick letter to nationwide with a photocopy of the breakdown they sent me, just to be nice and give them a hand , it doesn't do any harm! Squall
  3. Oh and congratualtions as well!!! Always good to chalk up another win!
  4. Hey Willow, If that's the case then mine should be back soon as well, I rang the FSO a few days later than you Nationwide have until the 12th of July to reply. I wasn't advised to sent a similar letter to the LBA though, just wondering if I should do that now and see what happens. Either way seemslike the FSO is a good route if you don't mind missing out on the 8% The Squall
  5. There's 2 ways to do it. You can either file buy using the MCOL system which is entirely online or you can fill in an N1 form and submit it, along with your pack, at you lock county court. Whichever you choose there's plenty of help in the library to guide you. The Squall
  6. If the letter's sent recorded delivery then you know when it's been received, if it's sent first class then you allow 2 working days, thats the timescale that Royal Mail say 98% of their letters are delivered in. Although the reply does say that you're getting nothing back, it's a standard response letter. You should stick to your timescales and not be dictated to by the bank. Besides any additional time you allow from their response can only count in your favour - you were allowing them time to reconsider etc The Squall
  7. Congrats Cuddles, another victory! Just out of curiosity, how long did it take going via the Ombudsman? I'm just waiting on my statements coming through at the moment and i'm not too sure which route I want to take. The Squall
  8. Best wait till then Busa, if it's up on the 16th, wait till then. If it does get to court (which it won't) you want it to look like you've given every reasonable chance for them to comply and resolve the situation. If you go early it could be argued you're being unreasonable (even though we know you're not) and the bank could move for the case to be struck out (worse case scenario obviously!) The Squall
  9. I wouldn't worry about it too much Julien, yes the banks are registering a defense against claims, but so far this has been a stalling tactic. I'm in the process of claiming back from Nationwide myself and from what I've read on the forum Nationwide are always registering that they'll defend, but settle mid-way through your wait. Don't think you'll have any troubles, it's just typical of the banks to try and convince you to back down! The Squall
  10. In it's purest form the SAR entitles you to everything that any data controller (in this case the bank) has on you. There are very few reasons that this information cannot be disclosed under the data protection act (and even then why they haven't disclosed anything needs to be stated) If Nationwide haven't disclosed all the information you've requested within 40 days then they are in breach of European Directive 95/46/EC and the Data Protection Act 1998. I'd suggest giving the Nationwide Data Protection team a call (their number is 01604 855060), follow this request up in writing (deleivered by registered post) and if they still don't comply report them to the Information Commisioners Office or (if you're feeling brave) get a court order to get the information requested (there's a couple of good threads on this in the library by alanfromderby) The Squall
  11. Well Royal Mail seem to have cocked up the delivery of my SAR - I sent it recorded on the 1st just so I could track it and it hasn't been delivered yet! Thankfully, I've just spoken to the Nationwide DP team and because they can't be bothered to sort through all the requests they've been receiving (thanks to all of us here no doubt) to make sure mine's there, they're going ahead and ordering it for me today regardless. Who knows, if the letter's returned to sender I may even get my £10 back! The Squall
  12. Yeah tell me about it!! I think a few of the banks and stores have been trying to get cheques pulled because they make more money of credit / debit cards, but believe it or not the great british public didn't want any of it, so it looks like they're here to stay!! The Squall
  13. I know what you mean Remus, kinda gets you down doesn't it? In short: 1) Yes they can, but just add this to the charges that you're currently claiming back and get it back that way. 2) No, to them all customers are faceless slugs who they don't care about. You're sadly just caught in the middle, like all of is 3) Yes they are 4) Why does it take 5 days for a cheque to clear anyway? They hold them back because they make money on the interest from that cash, simply put. The Squall
  14. I'd agree with C_Allen on that Jenkers - if a letter has already been sent indicating that you're acting on your partner's behalf that means they can't fall back on any Data Protection excuses to try and stall. Plus if your name was on the account anyway you're an authorised and known account holder. Just sit back from here The Squall
  15. Hi Siberianhusky, In all honesty it depends on the company, i've only just submitted my SAR so i'm waiting as well, but from reading the other threads on here it does tend to take Nationwide a fair bit of time to reply. As well as that they do have 40 days from when they received the request to get the info to you, allowing for RM delivery times if you sent the request on the 5th, that gives them roughly until the 18/5/07 to get everything back. Basically it's a waiting game that we're all stuck playing!! The Squall
  16. and i've just read that back and realised it made no sense! The last sentence should read "Asking for all negative references that are on there because of the charges to be removed?" I think it's because it's first thing in the morning!!!
  17. Morning All, Just a thought, I know it's possible for defaults because of bank charges to be removed, but has anyone tried doing the same for their credit rating? Asking for all negative references that are on there because if the charges to be removed? The Squall
  18. Unless it's an agreed overdraft I imagine they'd let you withdraw however much you're into the positive (maybe an extra £20 or so, but they you'd ironically end up geting a charge!!), but if you really want a cheque i'd suggest filing using an N1 instead of MCOL. Maybe view it that you're saving money in the long run by not having to pay back the overdraft over time? The Squall
  19. Of course if you really want a cheque you can state so on the N1 and file it in person at your local county court
  20. Unless your account is closed the bank won't normally send out a cheque, they'll just put in straight back in. MCOL doesn't have enough characters for you to request it, best thing to do is let them put it back in and then withdraw it. As for account closures, no they seem to have stopped doing them since Abbey got a slap for trying that and had to pay out compensation. The Squall
  21. It appears to be normal practice with Nationwide to do that now, don't worry about it, just stick to your guns, follow the step by step on here and you'll soon have your cash back - normally they settle a day or two before the due date. The Squall
  22. And the game begins!! For me this is the last part of a trilogy, Barclays and Baclaycard settled in full without ever having to file at MCOL, I doubt Nationwide will do the same, but we'll see!! SAR went off today, lets see how they react! Just like to wish Tom Brennan well also, the Judge may have ajourned it till a later date, but I get the feeling this could be interesting! The Squall
  23. I'm assuming that the 11/4 is the date you filed the claim online? If it is then there's nothing to worry about, this is just standard practice for the banks, normally they'll settle a few days before the actual court date.
  24. hmmm thought as much - I had a little fun with barclaycard over some DPA issues, when it came to Barclays they settled right off the bat even though it was about six months later - must have a bit of a name for myself there lol Ah well, we'll have to see what happens! Thanks PPMan
  25. Hi All, Just a quick question, I'm just about to start a claim against Nationwide, but it's not for too much, ony a couple of hundred - in peoples expereince, do they normally settle for that quite quickly or am I going to have to go down the heavy handed court route?
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