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  1. I hope so. A friend of mine didnt get a phone call but a letter offering half of what was owed... I think she is going to phone them to nudge them into her way of thinking. Ive just received their letter with the offer so that will be on its way back later and faxed later also just to 'help' them along
  2. That LBA must have panicked them is all I can say
  3. The clock stopped ticking They have just phoned me and offered £4,998.00 which out of the goodness of my heart I will be accepting. Im sure a donation will be forwarded to help the running of the site as soon as the funds are transferred. Thanks for your advice and encouragement. Now for the HSBC
  4. thanks for your support.... I will keep you informed of my progress
  5. LBA received by the Halifax 13/03/2007 14 days to go
  6. LBA going off now. More info as it happens
  7. Hi jaxadx thanks for your support, I've read enough to know to stick to my timetable and not theirs, and Im quite looking forwards to see how things progress. I'll keep you informed via this thread, and don't worry... any problems and I'll shout loudly for some help
  8. OK its on its way. Further news as it happens.
  9. Thanks for your help crashbandicoot Ive taken a look at both spreadsheets and I think I will have to go with the easier one. At least that way there is less chance of me messing up. Prelim on its way in the morning and Ill post any response and further actions. Thanks again
  10. Hi all, first timer so please dont hurt me I asked for and received all my statements within 3 days of paying £5 via my Halifax account. I have highlighted all 'Charges As Notified' along with all 'Interest Debited - notified last month' I have been on the forum trying to research my claim but seem to be getting more and more confused with regard to interest. I have an authorised overdraft which I have constantly exceeded over the years, resulting in the following charges: Charges As Notified: £4,881.00 Interest Debited: £543.15 My confusion arises when I read about 'Cumulative Interest', 'Overdraft Interest' etc. Do I simply complete my prelim with the above figures or am I even more confused than I think? Thanks in advance for your help.
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