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  1. I'd be extremely surprised if it was a [problem] in the sense described above - the company involved have been trading for a few years now, and are a successful, well known and very well respected (within the railway industry anyway) limited company. On-board raffles happen on virtually every charter train operated (I've been on over a dozen, each have held a raffle). Besides, they already had the name, address and card details of everyone of the 800 or so passengers. I personally think it's a case of them trying to avoid giving away a (legitimately won) prize which they would otherwise sell for around £300. And may I also say, as much as I appreciate people taking the time to reply to my post, I object to the inference of being careless / silly / thick etc.
  2. Hi Folks. Long time since I posted anything on here. My battle with Lloyds TSB didn't go too well, but that's another story..... Anyway..... Getting on for 2 years ago now, I bought a raffle ticket on-board a charter train, and won the first prize (a pair of First Class tickets, including breakfast & dinner on any future train of my choice with the company). The on board host / guard / member of staff for the company took down full contact details, and said the prize would be in the post. As I have said, almost 2 years have past, and despite several attempts to contact the company by letter, email, phone, and via another organisation I am involved with which has close commercial ties to the firm who owe the prize, I have heard nothing, with all attempts at communication being completely ignored. The company in question is most definatley still trading as a charter train operator, and from my knowledge as a railway enthusiast / ties with the other organisation, I know they are doing rather well. The only proof that I purchased the ticket and won the prize would be the person I was travelling with, as the ticket had to be surrendered at the time my contact details were taken down. Given that the prize would be worth over £300, I am still keen to pursue this. The next course of action I am thinking of is a recorded delivery letter, and I was wondering if anyone could offer guidance as to anything I can use / quote etc in order to get them to respond. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks Gary
  3. Hi All. Had a letter from Brighton today... "Unfortunatley, we have mislaid your file, and therefore, we are unable to investigate your complaint. Please send copies of your correspondance in the pre-paid envelope provided" - there is no pre-paid envelope provided! Has anyone else had this? Seems like a cop-out to me. Cheers Gary
  4. Again, apologies for the delay in reply - still having numerous health issues, and some recent dental surgery has really knocked the stuffing out of me! I haven't (yet) sent a CCA or SAR request, mostly to do with the fact that every last penny of my incapacity benefit is being swallowed up at the moment. I certainly can't afford the £10 stat fee for an SAR, and I would honestly struggle to find £1 to post anything. I've also had a lot of my plate health wise - I'll spare the details, but I'm in an awful lot of pain, and really struggle to concentrate on much. As it happens, I had yet another letter on the 12th Sept, from thier Credit Operations Service Recovery Center, acknowledging it had been 4 weeks since I sent my complaint, and advising me they hadn't resolved it yet. Interestingly, I have now had three letters with a copy of 'What to do if you can't pay your Mortgage' booklet. I've never had a mortgage, and never mentioned mortgatges in my letters. No idea why they insist on sending me these booklets, as they are totally useless to me. Apologies if I appear to be rambling - I am full of some rather powerful painkillers at the moment, and conversational incontinence seems to be a side effect! Cheers Gary
  5. And another small update - Received a letter on Saturday - from a slightly different department, this time it was the CREDIT operations service recovery team. It appears to be the same letter, with the same address. The only difference is that it gives me an 0845 phone number as a contact, rather than the geographic (Brighton) number on the previous letter. I assume this is just a 4 week 'update' that they promised to send. Cheers Gary
  6. Do we get to grumble about banks and debt recovery firms all night? If so, I might hop on the tram and gatecrash this do for a few beers In case anyone didn't know - the Old Market Square tram stop is outside of this pub (literally - the back end of the trams are adjacent to the pub door when they stop!). In case it is of any use, there are two Premier Inns on the tram route. Goldsmith Street (next to Trent Uni stop) and there is one at Phoenix Park. Cheers Gaz
  7. Just another small update - Received a letter from Card Operations Customer Service Recovery in Brighton, assuing me of an 'immediate investigation' and saying because of the issues I have raised, it may take time to gather all of the relevent information. A standard letter I assume, but at least it would seem I am 'in the system' now. Cheers Gary
  8. Well, I had an ackowledgment letter from the Birmingham customer service center this morning, saying they will forward it on to a specific card complaints center. The strange thing is, according to Royal Mail, there is no confirmation of delivery! Oh well - it seems they got my complaint, and somebody has actually read it this time!
  9. Hi. My apologies for the lack of information - I have been rather unwell as of late, so have only just got back to dealing with this issue. I have sent a complaint letter (as, suprise suprise, I had no response to my first letter) to thier registered address (Gresham Street, London) by first class recorded delivery. Hopefully I will hear something within the next 8 weeks! Cheers Gary
  10. Right. CCA request, and SAR done as per templates. Need to wait till next week to send them though (can't remember the last time I had a spare £10!). I just hope I know what I'm doing. I'll spare the boring details, but my health problems are mostly to do with mental health. It can be very tough keeping track of whats happening with this sort of thing. Thanks again for your help so far - I really do appreciate it. Cheers Gary
  11. The card account is fairly old (it's an Asset Advance - probably had it for about 7 years or so now). To begin with, they continued to charge the PPI even though they wouldn't let me claim. They did eventually stop charging for it, but ignored my requests for a refund of the premiums. There won't be a lot of late charges, as I've been out of work for 4 years now. I always paid my bills properly when I was in work, and had my credit limit increased (not by request) several times. They only thing they are doing is adding interest (although its quite funny that I'm always offered a better card each time I pay my £10 over the bank counter!) Thanks for your help so far. I've tried several times to speak to the CAB, but never managed to get to the end of the queue before the drop-in sessions finished. Cheers Gary
  12. Hi All. This has been ongoing for over a year, and I've yet to get anything of use from Lloyds TSB. Short version - Lost my job due to ill health, PPI was paying. Had incapacity benefit taken off me, went on jobseekers, offered work, had to take it or loose benefit, hence PPI stopped. Won back incapacity on appeal after loosing my job again through ill health. Firstly, they wont entertain my claim for PPI as it's the same condition I had claimed for before. I had a payment arrangement set up with them for £5 a month, which they terminated without notice. Ever since, I've been trying to set up another arrangement. My credit card statement shows minimum payment of £5 (I always pay £10) but they are adding around £80 a month in interest. I have informed them several times that I am on incapacity benefit, and in financial difficulty. Every one of my other creditors have come to an arrangement with me, but TSB credit card are ignoring my letters, and thier collections call centre in India are incomprehsnsible, and usually just keep asking if I can settle the balance today. My last letter was sent recorded delivery to thier PO Box in Brighton, which has been signed for (I checked online, and it was definatley received). Any advice would be greatly appreciated - at the current rate, I'm getting further into debt each month, even though they know I have no way of paying it! Many Thanks Gary
  13. Hi All. Just printed my SAR ready to send to Lloyds TSB. I managed to find an old statement with my account details, which actually has £60 overdraft excess, and a warning that next month there is £40 overdraft excess and £60 unpaid DD - perfect example of what I want back! Will keep you posted on how things go. Cheers Gaz
  14. Hi Lucid. Thanks for the tips Gaz
  15. Hi All. This is my first post here, so my apologies if this information is already available. My current account with Lloyds TSB was closed some time ago (around 2 years). Since I can't locate any statements from that account, I have no record of my old account number. Could anyone give some advice on how I would sent the initial letter, asking the bank to give details of charges under the DPA? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Gaz
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