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  1. hi i hope someone can help? i had a 12 month contract with o2 that ended in jun 2006 with no problems; chaged supplier as i was orffered a better deal. when i cancelled my account o2 offered me a 1 year retention deal in which they paid all my line rental for 12 months with 25 minutes a month.....they did this as they said it would put me in a better position when i came to renew my contract in 2007. i kept the sim card they sent me (which is still sealed) and did not use the free minutes everyhting was fine until april when i got a call from o2 saying i owed them £14...i explained the above, the robot in the call centre said i still owed them money....so i closed the account; they neglected to tell me that i would be liable for a disconection fee; the final bill is around £60 now!!! i have called o2 several times and asked how a contract that hasn't been used with a still sealed sim card can run up a bill of £14, no one can tell me, i have asked to log that i dispute the bill and i am refusing to pay anything until someone can give me a written breakdown of where this charge has come from......................nothing this week when they have sent me a debt collection letter for £60 i have spoken again to o2 ....still no help i have made an online compliant to o2.....what can i do about the debt collection i am fuming!!! :mad: cheers
  2. me and my partner had the same letter from lloyds, stating three weeks, by the time the three weeks were up it was over 6 weeks, still no statements. threatened them with court action, and just ignored. we put in an estimated mcol claim, for £5,000 for 2 accounts last week, and there are defending it (Really?????). It will be interesting to see what the defence will be And how they are going to wriggle out of non compliance.
  3. hi all, After getting all my charges back from natwest, and ge money i am now helping my partner reclaim her charges from lloyds...this is proving more stressful than previously anticipated. to cut a long story short we requested her statements for 2 accounts, got no reply so rang them. Spoke to an advisor who said that the request may have been lost and they would resubmit the requset (got reference and name from advisor). a week later we recieved a letter staing that they had recieved our request and the statements would be sent out in three weeks.....three weeks passed, then four, then six etc......no statements. Sent another letter stating they were in breach of data protection act and we wanted the statements in 7 days, or we wouldp proceed with court action with an estimated ammount.....no reply....no statements. Sent the claim through mcol bank has acknowledged claim and is defending. we are awaiting defence. my main concerns are as follows and can anyone help? 1. what are our chances with an estimated claim? this has had to be done as the bank as ignored our requests. 2.we have estimate £5000 for both accounts plus the 8% do you think this a reasonable amount...more importanly will the judge deem this reasonable? 3. has anyone else had a similar experience? how long did it take? thanks j
  4. hi all, i have sent a second letter 7 days ago to NatWest claiming £1311 in total charges over 4 years, giving 14 days to respond before court action I did not calculate interest on top of that. just charges.... i have a few questions.... what interest can i claim? is it to late to add interest on top of specified claim? if an offer is sent for full ammount can i acccept it and then persue claim for interest of that ammount? anyone else had experience of this? cheers j
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