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  1. Sorry about the long absence Have just got a reply from my prelim letter from rbs and it states that that they belive the charges they levied from my account are for providing servicies not charges for defult!!!!! Does anyone know of any bank services that cost £714.00 for a year of my account being open???? Also in the letter they are offering to give back the £714.00 as a geusture of goodwill...... What i need to know is how to incorparate this rubbish into my lba, also i have old statments to prove otherwise!!!! want to take them for all the money i can get as that is what they did to me Any help anyone
  2. have used mindzai's spreadsheet v1.9 No its a royalties gold account from 2002 on the advice and charges page sent out each month with my statments it say's "the current unauthorised* rate applicable is 2.45% per month, effictive annual rate 33.7%" another question can they sell you account ???
  3. its the unauthorized lending rate as stated in the summary of my statements another question can i only charge interest for the time the account was open or can i go to the date my of my claim??
  4. so the new totals Charges £1,265.00 what they charged me Compounded interest £1,497.54 what i am charging them for taking my money right????? TOTAL £2,762.54
  5. right i get that, using compounded interest what about interest that is taken from my acc each month can that be claimed back with interest?
  6. so i can only use the first two in the first letter? a little bamboozled any clarification is a great help!
  7. Right then, got the spreadsheet in order i think Claim period 30/04/2001-30/04/2007 Charges £1,265.00 Compounded interest £1,497.54 Intrest on penalties £406.31 Compounded intrest on interest £270.61 GRAND TOTAL £3,439.46
  8. Ok thanks wil keep posting on progress
  9. thanks for the reply. another question i am also seeking for RBOS charges if i claim for these charges will they(or can they) stop my overdraft with natwest as they are one and the same??
  10. Just starting my claim against Natwest, sent for all my statements with the £10.00 payment Got this reply just before my statements came through from the Senior Compliance Manager: Dear Mr XXX XXXX DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 Thank you for requesting your copy statements held by the bank. Any information that is required to be provided to you under section 7 of the data protection act will be forwarded to you as soon as possible. In the meantime we acknowledge receipt of the payment for £10.00 in respect of the fee. Manual Intervention With reference to your request of any "manual intervention" to the administrative charges debited, these charges have been processed in accordance with the terms and conditions of our current agreement with you as a result of the activity on your account. In the event that you breech the terms and conditions , we will take the appropriate action, contacting customers when appropriate, or handling customer inquiries regarding their account status. When a customer has raised a concern in relation to this process, the decision will be communicated to the customer and where appropriate noted on the account. If you have any queries relating to this matter please do not hesitate to contact me at the address shown above. "Retail Regulatory Risk" is at the top left of the letter in bold Is this normal?? any help in assisting me would be very helpful Jeckle
  11. just starting my claim against rbos not sure if i got this right?? filled in the spreadsheet for compounded interest Claim period 18 march 2002 - 21 august 2003 account closed! loan offered(declined), sent to a debt collection agency Charges total £714.00 Compounded interest £1798.85 @33.7% Overdraft interest £22.62 Compounded interest £49.21 @33.7% Grand total £2,584.68 Does this sound right or am i missing something!!!!! Anybodies help in bringing light on the situation will be greatly appreciated!!! Jeckle
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