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  1. I agree, I mailed them last night for a complaints contact and they have just got back to me. I will send them a mail when i get a moment and give them hell! >:o) Thanks for your help
  2. Hi All, I need some advice... My fiancé and booked our honeymoon through our travel agent with Cosmos. We have the paperwork indicating that we are flying to the Maldives with Emirates. We since received a call saying that we have to stop off at Gatwick on our return so our MONACH flight would be delayed?! After all the who-har and numerous phone calls that have been made from our travel agent (who have been really supportive) to cosmos, cosmos have claimed responsibility for the booking error. However in order for us to now get on the Emirates flight we need to pay £220. As a good will gesture Cosmos are willing to pay half but i need to pay this today to secure the flight. I am wanting to pay it and get everything sorted after which i can get onto them about reimbursing me. I was wondering if anyone knew of any kind of legislation that i could quote in a letter or something to back me up. I have documentation with flight numbers indicating the flight details with Emirates as the airline. Hope you can help. Cheers Matt
  3. oh yes, can someone put this into the successful claim section, ive been wanting to go there for a while!
  4. Hi all, Today i sent a request for my statements, this follows on from my HSBC settlement! I am looking to get back the charges from my credit card with the Halifax & IF Here we go again!!
  5. cheers nettyg, and thanks to everyone for the help and support; ive just sent of my prim letter for halifax credit cards! bring it on!
  6. Absolutley shocked! They have offered me a settlement already?!!? The figures i gave them £1368 they have offered me £1129.50 the difference is what the bank credited me when i went in a few times last year! So basically its a full settlement!! I had originally gone about it all wrong before i heard of this site, sent a letter got my statements; they said no i complained the the financial ombudsman! Got the letter this morning! Absolutely shocked! And VERY HAPPY!!!! CLAIM WON!!!!!
  7. when i was working at barclays i was a loan advosor, you know general part time whilst in uni. Im now in my final year and was working in barclaycard as dare i say it; a debt collector!! Horrible job, truely is! i do know some payment tricks of the trade though! >;o)
  8. excellent, cheers mate; i think i will send the letter with number unknown ive been online to the card and can see part of it so ill see how it works. i used to work for barclays and barclaycard and you can do name searches so it shouldnt be an issue!
  9. In my case, my card was cancelled last year do to me hammering it! i ended up paying it off in full with a loan of just under 4k! Its scary to think of the amount of charges i had at £25 a go! Due to me not having a card anymore is there anyway in which i can get my card details?
  10. Hi guys, Im looking to redeem charges on my halifax card, first of all i dont know if it is possible and secondly is there a section on the forum regarding this?! Cheers Blue
  11. Thats the bad boy my friend! fingers crossed we will have some progress! im skint!
  12. Right folks im just about to send the letter! I say 'the' as im not so sure of its name! its the one i send with the break down of charges! Anyway its sent and they will ahve 14days b4 another one is sent! I want my £1600!
  13. I gave in! well i spoke to a manager at the place who stated they couldnt budge at £630. So i accepted it just to end it all now im happy as ive near enough an extra £300 to play with! Glenn, thanks alot for your help mate, youve been a legend!
  14. Cheers glad, I think i will give them a bell and see what happens. Is it recommended to pay over the phone with my debit card or with a cheque (dont no were no my book is)
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