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  1. Hi, Please bare with me, Its like War & Peace..... The wife and i are currently on a Interest Only mortgage, we have bad credit and have been trying to re-mortgage to try and get some of the mortgage paid off, We have two young children & no-one will touch us. We have around 80k equity in the Property at the moment. I'll do my situation first.... I have been on a DMP with Step change for nearly 10 years, started early 2007.....at first i owed around 27k but now it is down to just over 8k. After some great advice on here , I CCA'd all my original creditors a few years ago now & came back with the agreements in place, so i just kept paying step change £200pm to divide up between my Six creditors., now i pay them £100pm due to more expense on home life. So I've been plodding along paying £100PM to six creditors. The Creditors have sold five of the six debts on.... All Credit cards apart from the Yorkshire one , which was an O/D. I've rounded the Monthly Payments up. Halifax - Cabot - £2,900 - paying £22 Barclays - Cabot - £218 - paying £5 MBNA - Link - £1,963 - paying £19 RBS - Wescot - £1981 - paying £31 Lloyds £1,218 - £1,218 - paying £14 Yorkshire - Apex £16.53 - £9 When i've checked my Noddle and Experian , none of the above debts show up on my file ? Is it because any Defaults i had are now spent ? Any explanations to this please ? I rang Cabot up yesterday for a F&F and they knocked £600 of the £2.9 straight away, they say they'll ring me back nxt week to see if i can raise the funds ?? I am looking to make them all offers and can hopefully ?? knock it in half ?? Could anyone please advise..... We have now been advised to get second charge loan to pay off our outstanding debts , so nxt year we will be able to get on a low interest repayment plan in the future..... Even if we get this second loan to pay all the debt off , then consolidate the loan into a low interest mortgage , Would that be possible ? After all the debt we currently have, would it all be wiped off our files nxt yr ? I haven't CCA'd the Agencies that have bought my debts as i know it could take months with all the games they play...... the Second Charge lending company want a decision regarding their loan asap & my financial advisor says no one will touch us for the remortgage in the future if i don't clear this 10 year debt up. Also i know the Lenders are trying to get people off the Interest Only Mortgages...... My wife is in an agreement to two creditors for around 16k in total, of which one of the accounts is in Default. Of which one has just been sold onto Cabot. She will F&F them too, would that do any good ? One last point, the Lender of the offer of the second loan , was really keen on my DMP , it seemed to all boil down to a couple of missed payments in the past, i just found it strange how my wife debt agreements, default didn't seem to matter, it seemed to be all about my DMP ? Thanks again..... I know its very long winded and wrote a bit confusing but we really want to start paying the mortgage off as we are both in our mid 40s and want to think of the kids...... I understand that there are a host of questions here but Any help on our situation would be greatly appreciated.... Thanks again.
  2. Hi, My Dmp Is with Step Change. Do i need a template for the SAR ? Thanks
  3. Hi, I am currently on DMP with 5 creditors, which i have been on for 7 years. I would like to check if i had any ppi owed to me. Has anyone got any templates i could put my details into & send off. I don't really want to pay anyone to follow them up. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for the advice ims. I can only find around fourteen of my statements. Yes from what i've read on here i think it was Barclays.
  5. Hi, While searching through some old paper work i have found some old credit card statements from 2001. They all have PPI payments on and are with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. I am after some advice to see if i could make a claim on them ? Any help or advice would be greatly appriciated. Thanks.
  6. Hi Dx100uk, I have already recieved my signed CCA agreement which i followed up at an earlier time. To my knowledge i havent had any late fees etc..... So any further avice would be greatly appriciated. thanks again.
  7. Hi, I am searching for help concerning my credit card debt. I have a credit card with Lloyds where the interest they are charging is £300 per month. I have other debt with a car loan, and Next store card. My monthly outgoings for debt is £700 ( not including the mortgage payments and utility bills) , which really is becoming unmanagable . I have tried to get a loan/transfer my balance across to reduce my monthly payments and to reduce my debt, but I am rejected due to my "credit history". I am registered with Experian and having looked today it looks fine (all satisfactory,no late charges etc), but as my husband is still on a debt management programme from 2007, I think it is because I am linked to him. I spoke with Citizens advise today who put me in touch with a company and they advised that I go down an IVA route. I really dont want to go down the same route as my husband. We have been trying to sell the house for over a year ,to release some equity to pay off the debt. I would prefer not to go into bad debt, but I guess I already am if no-one is willing to lend me anything for me to reduce my debt and get a better interest rate etc. I have also spoken with my credit card company, who are willing to agree to an "arrangement with them" to pay 5.9% and no charges will be added onto the account and the card will no longer be in use. I am asking for advise as i am totally confused at which road to go down. - Do i continue to pay massive interest each month until we sell the house ? ( which looks highly unlikely if the last 12 months is anything to go by , as we have already lowered the asking price by 20k ) - Do I go down the IVA route ? - Do I come to an agreement with my credit card company ....? I am sorry it all seems a bit long winded but i have tried the best to explain the situation i am in. Any advice on which way to turn will be greatly appriciated. Thanks.
  8. Hiya, just wondering if anyone can give me some much needed advice? In June 2009 I took out a claim against Lloyds TSB for my credit card through an agency to supply me with my credit card agreement. I was told that if my creditor couldn't find my CCA then the debt could be written off. In February 2010 still not really getting anywhere after many calls from myself I was told it was being passed onto an another agent called Total Care. The reason they gave that it was being passed on was that the law had changed and Monster Claim (who had dealt with it previously, couldn't handle this claim anymore). The process then started from scratch again, requesting from Lloyds my CCA. After the time requested for Lloyds to reply I was told they still hadn't sent anything and from July to November 2010 I was told that as they still hadn't had a reply from Lloyds they would then send default notices to them - after 3 which, the last one was issued apparently in early December 2010 they could then do something about it. I have been ringing every month to get this dealt with because of the huge interest being charged on a monthly basis. I have rang Total Care today to be told that a letter was sent to me in mid December (which I have never received) telling me that my claim was unforcable. I have been on the telephone for at least 30 minutes today trying to find out why and they said because they have had sighting of the CCA that no further action would be taken towards Lloyds TSB??. I asked for a copy of the agreement and they said that because the claim was closed they had distroyed the agreement? If they had distroyed all my notes they still have me and my details on the system how can that be?. They have told me that I should go back to the creditor for my CCA when it has taken 2 years of which I have paid for this service (and huge monthly interest) for them to tell me they have had sighting of this but they can't issue me with it. I felt that I needed to start this link to get some advise as I feel that from the confidence that I have been getting from the agency in them saying that we will issue another default to then suddenly be told that mid December a letter has been sent saying it has been unforcable and they can't issue me with my agreement seems a little strange? I have had no proof that they have or haven't sent these default letters to Llyods. I would appreciate any feedback asap that anyone can give me as they have given me another person for me to contact tomorrow and I want to know where I stand with what they have told me and there is any other action I can take before calling a close to play. Many thanks
  9. Thanks for the template. The letters are typed and will be on their way tommorow Thanks again.
  10. Postggj & Bankfodder, Thanks for all your advice. Postggj, Ive got all my statements out, the spreadsheets are ready, so i'm gonna crack on with it first thing tommorow. Thanks for taking the time out to reply, i'll let you know how i'm getting on. Sorry to have been a bit of a pest, just wanted to know the correct procedure to follow. Bankfodder, this website is a god send & has helped me and loads of others sleep better at night. May the donations continue.
  11. hi, sorry only just replying. Oneofakind, i currently pay Link £40pm (through the CCCS). I've kept up the monthly payments since Link took the debt on. I don't know if thats a good thing really? Its just a case of wanting to know what to do next as i really want to keep things as simple as possible. There again what could be more simple than forwarding a CCA on to me that i have requested ??? Seminole, thanks for taking the time out to give me your more than welcome advice... The thing is with Link, they tried it on big time down the phone, ie, take me to court, threaten to put charging orders on my property (as you mentioned above) etc etc . Not nice at all. Its funny though as soon as i mentioned i was recording their phone calls all the nastiness stopped. The phone cals totally stopped after the CCA i requested in September 2007 !!! The balance sheet they have just sent me through is the 1st thing i have heard since their letter at the end of Sept 2007 stating that they were going to send the CCA out as soon as they could trace it ??? Obviously (in my mind) if they had the CCA they would have sent it out & surely followed the up their threats that we have both mentioned above. I know its a tricky one. But i am just wanting a general opionion of which path to take now. Thanks for all your replies.
  12. hi, thanks for the quick reply, its oh so much appriciated. Can you post me a few pointers on how to go about it and i will get staright away. ie templates etc. Sorry for being a pain but bit out of touch with it all alately. cheers again.
  13. hi, I am currently in a DMP from Jan 2007. One of my creditors are the Yokshire Bank for an overdraft of £1700 that i had to put in my DMP. The thing is i paid to get all my statements in 2007, to find YB owed me well over a £1000 in charges. I didnt follow it up as the banks had put everybody on hold ( I now know i should have followed it up anyway). In June of this year YB sold the debt of £1300 onto Apex Credit Management. Is the debt legal ? I am wondering if i could still claim the charges back as i still hold all the six year statements that they sent me out. Any advice would be much, much appriciated as it would nearly clear the debt i owe to YB ( sorry , Apex now ). Any templates for follow up letters would help enormously. Sorry for being/ sounding so naive. look forward to any advice given. Thanks.
  14. hi, I'm looking to send CCA letters to a two collection agencies & Lloyds TSB. Can anybody advise or send me an upto date template please. thanks.
  15. hi, I hope someone can give me some much needed advice. Link Financial took over my debt from MBNA in August 2007. I got the welcome calls from them saying i was going to lose my house etc etc if i didnt pay the full amount off. I asked for help off this website and i was given the advice to CCA them. I sent the CCA letter off to them on the 18th September 2007, they sent a letter back saying they would be back in touch with the CCA in so many days. Its August 2009 now and they have just sent me a balance out to me with the amounts ive paid through the cccs taken out, but still no sign of the CCA ? I started a new thread around Xmas time 2007 asking members on here asking what to do next, they gave me the advice just to sit and wait, which i have done. But for how long ? The thing is i am currently going through the CCCS and have kept paying Link through my agreement with the CCCS (because i have 4 more creditors to pay, all of whom havent been much of a problem). I havent told the CCCS i requested a CCA from Link as i didnt want to put my agreements with my other creditors in danger. Could someone please advise me what to do next. SORRY , its long winded but don't know what path to take now. Many thanks.
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