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  1. i have 2 accounts, i am claiming for the 6 years from 2001 to 2006 and i have half on one of my accounts which i printed off online with online banking and then they closed my account while i was half way through printing it out so i phoned up hsbc and asked them to send the rest of my statements from both the accounts and only the other half of the account of statement turned up on my door step so i am nissing 3 months of statements on the first account and i have never got the statements on the second account, in this i have phoned up hsbc to get these statements, i dont have a clue whats going on!!!or how to get them before i send off the court bundle on the 23rd july as i have the court date for the 6th august many thanks
  2. i was thinking of it but i think that would just wind dg up so im not going for it but i dont know what i should do about my statements
  3. yeah but i did from year 2001 to year 2004 and when i was trying to get my other account printed off they closed my account so i could not view them or print it off i am now going to send off a n244 application order to get their defence struck out and see where that goes what do u say ?
  4. i am a bit stuck on the court bundle i printed it all out but i cant get all my statements in with the bundle because hsbc havent sent me all of my statements they have only sent me 4 years worth and nothing else and what do i need to do to get this court bundle up together? please help
  5. hi sorry ppl but im a bit stuck which t&c on hsbc do i add to the court bundle? help would be kind thanks
  6. oh yeah my letter from the courts sataes: notice of allocation to the small claims track (hearing) district judge rowe has considered of case and allocation questionaires/files and allocated the claim to the small claims track. the hearing of the claim will take place at 11:30 on the 6 august 2007 at bristol **** and should thake no longer than 5 minuites each party shalldeliver to every other party and to the court office copies of all documents an which he intends to rely at the hearing no later than 23 july 2007 can any one help what do i do now to get the case up to scratch im a bit thick lol
  7. my court in bristol is not despencing the allication questionaire and they said that i dont need to pay the fee for it because i never filed one and the court had said that my letter to get hsbc defence struck out has now been seen my the district judge and they would let me know soon i have a long way to go now to wait it's annoying!!! so can any one help on what i need for the courts and things i have also phoned up hsbc asking for my statements but they havent come through yet and also i have sent dg a email saying that im still here and wont go away kinda thing many thanks
  8. bristol county court dont seem to be despencing one
  9. and take no longer than 5 minuites is this right? but i never had a aq sent to me nor did i did it they say i would need to send one
  10. i have now had a letter come through the post from the courts it says district judge has considered the statements of case and allocation questionare filed and allocated the claim to the small claims track on 6th august 2007 in bristol county court
  11. hi i have had the defence come through my door they put thir defence at the last second crafty bankers now i have had my claim sent to my own court just waiting till my aq comes in if there is one !! i hope not as i have no money left untill the end of the month and to make matters worse i have had my account closed becasue i wont pay the 500 pounds back that i owe them because i said that they owe me £3500 first and that i actually had to broworow the money because hsbc pushed me to have it becasue of the charges
  12. well the 28 days is up for hscb (dg) as of tommorow and they havent filed for a defence yet so i will click the defult judgment and see who gets there first!! i hope they dont do it tommorow fingers cross or i will be waiting ages
  13. ok thanks i am going to be patient now and just wait for them to make thir move!!!
  14. i havent had a letter back from hsbc and the dead line was last thursday so i have now done mcol online today at 330pm so do i have to send off the charges to the courts?
  15. thanks i have been looking at this site for 6 months now and only just bucked up the currage to do some thing about my bank i have sent my lba letter hand delivered to the bank and even got it signed!! cant trust the bank ppl let see what happens now !!!
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