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  1. Back in November 2001 I defaulted on a credit card with Egg. The default amount was paid off in full years ago, and all this is correctly recorded in my credit file as 'Satisfied' (think it's only listed on the Experian one though) All I wanted to check, and apologies if this is listed anywhere else, is when this info will no longer appear on my file as it's a pretty big roadblock to mainstream credit. As I understand it, the agencies keep the info for 6 years. So if I request my file in December this year will it magically be clean again? Or will I need to do some chasing with the lender to get the details off my record? Also is this '6 year' timescale everyone quotes a regulatory thing, e.g. is it stipulated in the CCA etc.? Or is 6 years merely a guideline and they'll round to removing the info eventually?
  2. I'm going to submit MCOL, but before I do I wanted to check I've completed the complex interest spreadsheet correctly. Is there anyone who has already done this for cc charges and could take a look? I'm just not 100% that I've completed it correctly for the months where there have been a late payment and an overlimit charge applied.
  3. Hi, I've had a response to my LBA stating that the bank have already given their final response. I didn't really want the court hassle so I wrote another LBA, this time adding in interest and a 'without prejudice' offer (deviation from the CAG process I know, but it's worked before for HSBC and NatWest bank) - this only got a 'we've given our final response' letter too. NatWest credit cards also keep trying to send me of to the Financial Ombudsman. I just wondered if anyone else has had any experience with this Financial Ombudsman Scheme process? Or would it be quicker just to file an MCOL? If so, I'll need some help with the complex interest spreadsheet! Thanks, Andy
  4. Recieved a letter from Abbey on 2nd May stating that they wish to settle in full before going to court, 'In view of the quantum of my claim..."! Recieved cheque today for the staggering amount of £246.16. Why did they ever let it get this far???
  5. Hi hedgey, The response I got yesterday was from my prelim letter. will get started on LBA now!
  6. just want to know if the natwest will now keep fobbing me off on the ombudsman or if they'll actually deal with my issues themselves. can i send them the 'standard' letters still?
  7. Hi, Yesterday I received an offer from NatWest Cards Customer Service, stating that they'll refund the difference between my £20 overlimit/late payment fee charges. The letter goes on to say that this should be treated as their final response and if I don't like it I need to go to the Financial Ombudsman Scheme. I haven't had this with any other banks, they've ust paid up qquickly or after a few letters (other than shAbbey that is!) Just wondered if going through the ombudsman is going to take ages and ages, or if I can keep writing to the NatWest directly? Cheers
  8. thanks. i haven't heard anything from the court regarding a stay. will they inform me if they're going to allow abbey a further month to resolve this out of court? also what is this 'draft order for directions' all about?
  9. thanks. just wondered if they'd delay for a further month before setting a date. how long does it normally take to get a court date? also abbey sent me a 'draft order for directions' stating the case will be allocated to the small claims track, and not be heard before 15th june, and that within 28 days i have to send them schedule and copies of statements etc. i thought the court would set dates like this and request info?
  10. The closing date for return of Allocation Questionnaires has now passed, and the Abbey have kindly sent me a copy of their allocation questionnaire (was I supposed to send them a copy of mine?) - they're asking for 1 month to resolve this outside court. I ticked 'No' for this question on my form - what will the court do?
  11. thanks lula - my claim is only for £213 + court costs of £30. i can't believe they're being so difficult. surely the time of the little man in their legal team has cost more than this so far??? i filled in mcol as per moneysavingexpert advice and did the aq as per faq's on this site. abbey did write to me stating that i should have filed info on how i calculated my charges at mcol stage, but there was no option to do this. i've already posted this info to abbey god knows how many times, but sent it to them again anyway. one other thing - let's say for example abbey settle out of court and refund all charges plus interest. would the interest they owe me be what i put on mcol, or interest to the date they agree to refund?
  12. Hi, I'm a bit concerned I may have made a major mistake claiming back charges from Abbey. Originally I had sent the template letters from moneysavingexpert.com and followed advice on there - i.e. I sent my first letter to Abbey and Smile.co.uk asking for interest. This was fine with Smile, as I'd put in a 'without compromise' offer so they settled after one letter only. However, as they Abbey have really annoyed me over the years and caused untold damage to my credit record for years to come (my own fault I know!) I wasn't interested in anything less than every penny plus interest in recompense since they've been stealing from me for years! When it became clear Abbey weren't going to pay and I had to do moneyclaim, the advice on moneysavingexpert.com ran out, hence my turning to this site. I've filed my Allocation Questionnaire, but my main concern is whether my original letters claiming interest will have done any damage to my case. Also, how long does it tend to take from filing the AQ to getting a court date?
  13. Hi, Just wanted to you know my success story getting charges back from a FCUK storecard account run by Style Financial Services/RBS. Sent DPA request and received statements back to 2004 within days (forget to enclsoe the £10 fee, they sent them anyway!), estimated charges pre 2004 based on 2005/6 charges, and asked for £546.20 back. Within in a matter of days received a letter stating that they view their £15 late payment/overlimit charges as legal, however they offered to refund the full amount! One letter only and a full refund! Thanks for your excellent advice and template letters CAG
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