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  1. Thanks DM. I spoke to the card processor but it appears there is only skeleton staff after 6pm. Expecting a call back tomorrow morning with some who has more expertise to deal with the query. Sent CardOneBanking a complaints e-mail stating the card processor states it isn't fraud, so guess need to await their fraud department reply. If they close my account, I want to take action against them for unfair closure and reclaim all the fees I have paid them.
  2. That is basically the crux of it yes. CardOneBanking stating they were notified of fraud by the card processor on this date and they have closed the account.
  3. Hi All, I am looking for some experience or advice from anyone around cardonebanking. I set-up my business with them back in July and although their charges are high, they have been reasonable enough. Today I have been informed by their customer services team my account has been closed due to 'ATM Abuse' and must transfer the funds to another account. They have stated I have commited no actual fraud but they received a fraud flag from a card processor company on Tuesday 13th March. On this day, I had issues with an ATM which I tried on 3 occasions but there was a dispenser issues and the money come out. I subsequently, withdraw money from a halifax ATM some 30 minutes later. I just can;t get my head around how they can juse close my account with no reason. It will be an absolute pain to transfer business accounts and now my invoices are now held up as can't pay it in. Can anyone offer any advice, it just seems the worst customer service ever. I feel so helpless. Thanks, Willo53
  4. Hi All, I have had a recent devleopment on the debt with Close Brothers. A letter was received yesterday from a companyt called 'CARS' who are demanding the full and final payment of £327.00 to cover the Professional indemity insurance. I cancelled the insurance months ago and I am no longer insured. It feels like they the next step will be for them to issue proceedings against myself, does anyone have any advice on the best tactics to respond with?
  5. Thanks. If the DCA buy the debt from Premium Finance, would they not be legal owners of the debt in their own right? I will send them a letter via the PO with proof of sending. Is there any recommended template to send?
  6. Thanks DX100UK, Close Brothers are just refusing to reply to my initial e-mail. I have today e-mailed Kingsbridge to ask them what the status is from their side and why I am getting hounded by Premium Finance. Do I need to send any kind of correspondence to Close Brothers, wary they will pass to a DCA who may issue proceedings against myself.
  7. Thanks Both. So if I was to re-enter the payment plan with CB would I covered for Insurance again? Looks like Kingsbridge have a win win situation, they have been paid in full and no longer have any insurer liabilities.
  8. Thanks Dx100uk. I would love to ignore them, but trying to get my credit history improved, so fear this will be antoher bad marker and will reduce my points scoring. Maybe an option is to offer than a settlement figure perhaps.
  9. Hi All, I am hoping someone can share experience or offer some advise. I set up an IT contractor insurance with Kingsbridge back in June when I was about to start my first contract role. The policy covered me for Professional Indemity insurance and I was quoted £45.00 a month. I agreed to the Insurance plan, two months later I got a better deal through my Accountancy firm I was dealing with. I cancelled the direct debit and notified Kingsbridge. I have now received a letter from Close Brothers Premium Insurance stating I owe them £384.00 for the full insurance policy and it is required upfront. If not, they have threatened to send the debt to a third party collection agency. My insurance cover is now cancelled, so unsure what services the payment is meant to be covering! I have e-mailed them last week on the customer services account, but I have heard no response, it feels like they are just ignoring. Do I have any rights in this matter? What would be the best course of action, bow down and agree a payment plan or dispute the debt. Thanks & regards, David
  10. Admission is the first part of the recovery process -well done. You may like to use the grasp reform webiste *type grasp reform into google* Gamcare is charity which funded by the gambling industry and there is far too many hidden agendas unfortunately. Can you believe they even tell you as part of your recovery you could actually gamble again in the future! Get onto the Grasp website and you will see what I mean. What was your biggest vice with gambling - horses, machines, sports betting, FOBTs?
  11. Hi Slick, There t + cs are: C. expressions Health and Fitness membership sales 1. This package is offered for a minimum of 12 months. Members can pay either by annual subscription in advance, or pay monthly by Direct Debit. For granting this credit, members pay an additional 10% charge which is incorporated in the Direct Debit payments. 2. If you wish to terminate your Direct Debit membership agreement during the first 12 months you must do so in writing to the Centre where you joined the expressions membership scheme. A single cancellation fee equivalent to 2 monthly payments will be required. Annual memberships are non refundable. 3. Direct Debit Payments will continue beyond 12 months until such time as you advise us in writing of your intention to cancel. Please notify us at least 14 days before I am moving down south in less than 3 weeks and I still have 9 months on my contract to run. Is there nothing I can do to force their hands considering I signed no contract and was not briefed on the conditions before I parted with my cheque? All suggestions all very welcome. Thanks, W
  12. Hi, I am finding it really hard to agree a full and final settlement with the below collection companies - I thought it would be easy to agree a partial settlement but they all seem hellbent on collecting the full amount, even though my offer would cover the oringial loan and would miss out the interest. My debtors are: Chantry collections - remaing balance £290 (£200 offered as settlement) Clarity - Remaining balance £243 (£180 offered) Wonga - Remaining balance £180 (£110 offfered) Does anyone know why they are being so difficult to agree a settlement, when the offers I am makng on paper look quite generous. Should I just persist and say I am out of work and can only afford to pay £5 a month to try and get them to accept?
  13. Thanks, It was verbal conversation with the receptionist on the desk over the phone. They asked their manager how much I would need to write a cheque for years membership and £370 was given as the total. The monthly subscriptions was roughly £35, so I gatehered I was getting a small discount. I then joined and paid the cheque over the counter. I was then issued with a membership card and that was that.
  14. Hi All, I recently paid a cheque for £370 for 12 months member at Parkwood leisure which is owned by the local council but Parkwood run the business. Now when I asked to pay for 12 montsh they didn't really know the process or the cost (so I gather its not the norm) and I signed no contract either. Now I recently received flyers through my door offering the same gym for only £26.00 a month which works out cheaper than my full 12 months payment! In short, I want to cancel anyway as the gym is not very good and its open to public for 'free days' for kids and OAPS which if fine but it just makes it very overcrowded. Can someone advise what my rights are before I wade in and request for a refund for what months I still have remaining??
  15. Hi All, I have been on a payment plan with Chantry Collections with almost 18 months and have managed to reduce the overall balance from £900 to almost £300. The debt was based on 7 cheques cashed in Abermale and Bond which meant I was given £602 after the interest was taken from each cheque. I have missed the last months payment and I advised I would pay on the 25th and re-commence my monhtly payments. They have now advised a 'default' notice has been issued and to contact them by telephone to discuss in more detail. Can anyone guess that stating 'default' does this mean they are about to issue proceedings against for the remaining balance? Or is just their terminlogy to state that the account has failed to receive a payment and a 'default' will register on my credit file? If they did go down the litigation route I would be happy to enter a defence as charges probably make up the oustanding balance. All advice welcomed.
  16. Anyone know what these are like to agree payment plans with?
  17. 32 views and no-one can offer a bit of advice? Please.....
  18. Hi All, These lot really do take the proverbial dont they? I have an account with Halifax and after no communiction or confirmation they have frozen my account and say I need to go to branch with ID to re-activate it. I went into the branch yesterday and spoke to a woman on the main desk. She did not take me into a office or room and basically said with no sensitivity that my account had a suspected fraud marker on it. Know as I understand it 'Fraud' is a seriously assertion and you should never use this term unless it has been confirmed and especially not infront of the general public. It turns out my Mother (Old dear) stupidly and in error applied for an online loan but typed in my sort code and account number. My mother has reading difficulties and picked up my card instead of hers as it was on the desk by the computer. We both have halifax cards so she wasn't to know any different. Know when the loan company did their checks they found an unmatching name on the accounts and alerted Halifax fraud team. Complete and utter tripe.The first I knew about it was that my online access was disabled and I coudn't draw money out of the machine. For nearly 3 weeks I have been left without access to my funds. Does anyone know what my position is on this as I am very unhappy about Halifaxs conduct throughout this in both communication and defamation regarding fraud. I am due to speak to them tomorrow so would really appreciate some guidance.
  19. PDE are the most awkard of all Pay loan companies to agree a payment plan. They will guide you down a few blind alleys such as asking for personal information such as I + E forms and most recent wageslips which they are certainly not entitled to. Only if the case went to court and the judge agreed to an attachment of earnings would you have to by law provide such information. I defaulted back in August and offered £75 monthly payments but they refuted all attempts. It got to the point were the debt collection department of PDE would not reply to my several e-mails and stated that the account will have to naturally wait until it gets passed to a DCA. It ended up going to Castlebridge Debt collection in the end which is a arm of the money shop, surprise,surprise! They agreed a payment plan of £50 a month but the dastardly crooks put almost £250 interest and charges on top of an original loan of £400. I don't have the time or the energy to argue against this at present, but I will be after two payments already, I highly doubt I will pay the full £750 back. I will miss payments deliberately if needs be and this will force them to agree a reduced settlement as the debt risk will increase. I can provide e-mail addresses for PDE but in my honest opinion it will be pointless as it seems their processes are completely against payment plans.
  20. Hi All, Rather unexpectedly and poorly timed I received a £2,500 tax demand from Inland Rev at the beginning of December. The tax years in question seem to be 2008/09 and 2009/10. Now I did have two jobs for this period and finished my part time (2nd job) in August 2010. The issue I have is that I have always instructed my employers that I have two jobs and as far as I believed this information should have been provided to the tax office. I know that the Inland Revenue have been widely known to have botched the data on the system and their data is unreliable. I am in a poor financial situation at present and there is no way I have the spare cash to pay it. I would really appreciate some advice on my below questions: What should be first official response to the Inland Reveneue in that I want to dispute the underpayment? What are the chances that I will be able to get them to wipe the payment completely? If a payment plan has to be agreed whats the lowest they will agree to? It seems completely unfair that they can just drop £2500 bill on my doorsteps - what actual rights do I have to defend against this? Apologies if the questiosn may appear quite basic, but I am literally coming into this with very minimunal knowledge and a headstart with advice from erudiate members would be warmly appreciated. Best W
  21. Thanks for the support Glo. They are ubelievable for communication. Can't you believe I have been waiting for nearly 4 weeks for a response on my offer of £160. Txtloan have told me via e-mail they will accept this figure but have demanded that this has to come from Fredricksons. When I speak to Fredricksons they say the offer is too low for the settlement fee on their system. They have now gone back to txtloan with the offer - but they are still awaiting a response from them and its nearly 4 weeks! Crazy, crazy antics. To think they could have the money wired to their account in a day but there incompetence is delaying matters.
  22. Thanks Kayleigh for your judgemental views. As noted by a couple of posters you don't know my circumstances so I would keep your outrageous and unreasonable thoughts to yourself. I've got an GCSE, A-level and 2:1 honours in business studies so I guess I poo poo your business studies acumen I am afraid. If you think that a couple of people defaulting their loans creates a market force to increase their interest rates your gravely mistaken. I think you need to go back and study a bit more about market forces and economics my love. 6 months is quite a long time I agree - such a shame they have refused to give bank details to resolve this issue and it would have been more like a month. I refuse to. The forum is for advice and positive comments - keep your self-righteousness to yourself for future reference you troll.
  23. Hi, Does anyone have the collections address for the Money shop. The loan is not via Payday Express but direct through one of their shops. It was due to be paid yesterday and I am know receiving phonecalls. I want to send them an e-mail to communicate a payment plan with them. Any addresses would be really good. Thanks W
  24. Hi Guys, These two firms: Freds and Txtloan personify incompetence! After receiving an update on the support interface with Txtloan that they had passed the debt to Freds and they would settle for £160. I waited until Freds got in touch and they said the debt figure was at £247 and a settlement of £160 was far too insignificant and £198 was lowest they could go. I then cited the e-mail received from txtloan about £160, in which the operator asked for a copy to be e-mailed to Freds. Completed this and after two days of no response, I decided to give them a call. The operator this time, said he has a note on the system to say that Txtloan have to confirm with Freds that this is an offer they would be happy with!! I arugued the case, saying surely they should communicate all offers to their client and not the other way around, after all thats what they are paid for. In the end I hung up, but emphasised that I thought it was both companies failing to admit responsibility. I dropped a note to Txtloan confirming the conversation today and that they needed to speak to Freds and surprise, surprise they said that Freds must confirm the offer to them. You really couldn't make this stuff up. Any ideas how I can get through all this density from both sides and get the account settled??
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