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  1. thank you all for taking the time to help, my mum has been with littlewoods for years since she was in her 20's so a good 30 years. My friend is more than willing to pay but cant make the payments asked thats why they both want to 'pass over' but none of us knew where to start, where my mum stands or how to go about it. My friend owe's around £900 in all but this about 2/3 months behind my mums credit limit has been dropped down from 1000's to 0 in the space of 2 months. So, bookworm would my mum need to phone or put it in writing? thanks x
  2. hello sorry if I have placed this in the wrong thread. My friend has been buying off my mums catalogue for years always made payments on time and always paid well over the lowest payment amount. Every order that has been placed on this catalogue has been for my friend, has always been sent to her address and the payments have always been made by my friend using her card over the phone. Now my friend has spilt up with her partner and can nolonger pay the minimum payments and my mum is being 'hounded' can can nolonger use her other catalogues because they are 'sister' catalogues. My friend has asked my mum if together they could write a letter to the catalogue saying what has happened and that the monies owed is that of my friend and not my mum. They want to know if they both sign this letter can the debt be transferred into my friends name at her address, it will state that my friend is sorting out debt management and will pay this debt. Does any body know where they stand on this matter? thank you x:-?
  3. The thing is I already live in my o/d I have 3 children and we are living on a very low income, I dont know how I over looked this but by them taking this money it will leave me with charges on going and also unable to pay other bills. Into my account I have about 700 a month from child tax working tax and child benifit. I dont know what to do?
  4. Hello, Please help, I've just opened a letter from NatWest:- "I am writing to you regarding a credit of £350 which was incorrectly deposited in to your account on the 8th of september. This was an unfortunate error on our part but as the funds were not your own we will need to debit the funds from your account ASAP. To this effect we will be debiting your account in seven days time on the 22nd of september to correct this error." At the moment I dont have any money in my account nor will I come the 22nd. I had a child tax payment put to in to my account around about the same time as this error, I didnt know that the money that was not mine. Can they just take this money out, do I have to pay it back and if so does it have to be in one go? Please help, where do I stand?
  5. kelly!

    kelly v natwest

    thanks sally. i have one more question, do the woolwich use the same shoddy envelopes as netwest?
  6. kelly!

    kelly v natwest

    As you can tell also taking on natwest, title should have been kelly v woolwich. that's me all over:lol:
  7. hello, I'm going to take on the woolwich on behalf of my other half I have a few questions if any one can help. *how much do the woolwich charge for statements? *how long are they taking to post them out? *what are they like for closing accounts? *at which point are the woolwich making offers/refunds or are they taking as long as they can? thank you for any help, kelly:lol:
  8. I phoned on a monday to ask for all of my statements, the 1st envelope came on the monday after but the 2nd envelope came about 3 weeks later. What dates are you missing?
  9. hi, my statements came in 2 lots, had to make 4 phone calls (1 a week) to get the 2nd lot. make that call, good luck:)
  10. hi, this is my question does a outstanding balance get writen off after x amount of years does any body know?
  11. Hi, your cousin needs to put every thing into writing (letters). She needs to phone/go to the office and get a customer complaints form, it will then be investigated by some one 'higher' up. Would also tell her to make sure that she adds to the complaint why she has been told that the repairs are not being done and that the arrears are being paid off!! They have to do the repairs! Things tend to get lost with ha's so if she can tell her to take letters in by hand and always get a receipt plus to keep a copy of any letters. which ha is she with? keep me posted
  12. so when do you start the 14 days?
  13. Was told by natwest that they would need to order the missing statements separately which should have been done by now. watch this space! Is there another way that I can find out what the charges are for the dates?
  14. missing statement dates are from 28/08/01 to 03/10/02. have been told that it's because of 'the change over', but why is it taking so long?
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